SIX HOURS: Genesis -"The Musical Box-(Belgian TV -Six Hours Live)", Genesis "The Musical Box" (Belgian TV - Six Hours Live), Genesis - The Musical Box ,


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"Jekyll & Hyde", первое видео Six Hour Sundown, британской группы, в состав которой входит дочка басиста Iron Maiden Lauren Harris. Трек уже выпущен синглом и доступен для покупки на iTunes.
New lauren harris stuff-'JEKYLL & HYDE' is SIX HOUR SUNDOWN's foot-to-the-floor debut release.
Check out Lauren and the guys on their Facebook page:
Six Hour Sundown - "Jekyll Hyde" - Debut single and music video
Six Hour Sundown -- "Jekyll Hyde" Official Music Video

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Transcend Music proudly present the debut single and Official Music Video from Six Hour Sundown -- "Jekyll Hyde".

Video by John McMurtrie at Millennium Studios.

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Six Hour Sundown on Twitter; @SixHourSundown

Six Hour Sundown are Lauren Harris, Tom Gentry, Olly Smith, James Bennett and Mitch Witham.

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Six Hour Sundown - Jekyll and Hyde (2011)
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Официальная группа Вконтакте -
The unpiloted ISS Progress 50 cargo craft docked to the International Space Station at 3:35 p.m. EST Monday, less than six hours after launching from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.
Spa Six Hours 2009 Qualifying in traffic with the Duel Motorsport prepared Porsche 911 2,0L
Видео группы˙·٠• ☆ ♔Diva of Metal♔ ☆ •٠·˙
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From Album "Dirty Diamonds" 2005

This is the only existing version with The Cinema Show from the beginning with original radio soundboard broadcast audio restored.
Live from Montreal - April 21, 1974
And where is the only place to find this show with this type of quality? Six Hours Live double DVD!
This song is also available on the Live at Montreal, 1974 2-CD set!
This audio CD set has the entire concert un-edited. Check out the play
FIA WEC 2016. Six Hours Of Silverstone. Race [Part 2/3]
FIA WEC 2016. Six Hours Of Silverstone. Race [Part 1/3]
Skirt – In The Meadow Under The Stars
Label: Horizontal Ground
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My 2 most recent Genesis 1970s classic concert reclamation projects on DVD:
- The Lamb Comes Alive! 1975 2DVD set! check out clips here -
and here -
- Genesis In Concert 1974 40th Anniversary Selling England Tour 2DVD set -
final results after 6 hours racing:

1st Ferraro (P) / Stretton (GB) - Ford GT40
2nd Voyazides (GR) / Hadfield (GB) - Ford GT40
3rd Wills (GB) / Littlejohn (GB) - Ford GT40
4th Glasel (GER) / Brack (SWE) - Ford GT40
5th Graf (GER) / Adorf (GER) - Jaguar E-type

Event: Spa Six Hours
Date: 2014-09-20
track: Spa-Francorchamps

Filmed with Canon Legria HF M46

More pictures at

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“From launch to docking, the Expedition 47-48 crew made it to the International Space Station in less than six hours. Astronaut Jeff Williams (IG:…”
Model-turned-director duo Kristell Chenut and Vincent Lacrocq’s surreal narrative short starring male models Clément Chabernaud and Jon Kortajarena and shot in Lanzarote. Read the feature on NOWNESS -
A dreamlike island encounter starring models Jon Kortajarena and Clément Chabernaud
Directed by Vincent Lacrocq and Kristell Chenut
The Egyptian victory at October war 1973 is one of the most important events in the Egyptian modern history.

Despite the israeli claims that they won that war , their Zionist false media propaganda will never change the fact that they were defeated in that war (Yom Kippur DEFEAT) , the brave Egyptian soldiers destroyed Bar-Lev line which was the most powerful fortification in the world in only 6 hours , the Egyptian army destroyed what was named as "invincible army" , Egypt fought , won , got back Sinai

This version of Firth Of Fifth, Live In Dallas 1977 from the Seconds Out Promo. On Genesis - Six Hours Live 1972-1980 2DVD set.

A fun video made by Antarctic Pictures Ltd for If Dreams which has interest for dental technicians, made with in an old style black and white format. Runs for 12 minutes.

Part of the If Dreams educational videos providing free education and commercial activities to a global network within the dental industry. To see more dental videos go to
numb3rs.s05e08.Thirty Six Hours
FIA WEC 2015. Round 1. Six Hours Of Silverstone [Part 2]
Check out the sights and sounds from the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship at the 2016 Sahlen's Six Hours of The Glen, Round 3 of the Tequila Patrón North American Endurance Cup.
DJ Kayper at Six Lounge during SXSW 2010. We brought in award-winning DJ Kayper to take some of the tension off during an exciting week of South by Southwest here in Austin, TX. After entertaining the crowd all night with her wicked spinning skills, she treated the staff to an awesome scratching session along with a few other guest and resident DJs...Awesome!
FIA WEC 2015. Round 1. Six Hours Of Silverstone [Part 3]

From the 'now famous' Genesis Six Hours Live 1972-1980 2DVD set - read more at our website:

Disc 1
Belgian TV - March 20th, 1972
~ The Fountain Of Salmacis
~ Twilight Alehouse
~ The Musical Box
~ The Return Of The Giant Hogweed
Total time: 29:21

Pop Deux TV Programm recorded at Bataclan, France - January 10, 1973
~ The Musical Box (in progress)
~ Interview
~ Supper's Ready (edited)
~ Interview
~ The Return Of The Giant Hogwe
Если вам наравится спонтанность вы любите людей и хотите сниматься в моих клипах - добавляйтесь в друзья!!!
Это совершенно бесплатно!
Lauren Harris' new band Six Hour Sundown performing live on the jagermeister stage at Sonisphere 2011, Knebworth

Yoji Biomehanika And Romeo - Six Hours [DJ Blank Remix]
Scorn - Six Hours One Week
Scorn Recordings 1995


The score is by Abel Korzeniowski for the film "W./E." No copyright infringement intended.
In just six hours, a MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) can prepare and launch a ship-to-shore operation. By hour 6, aircraft and landing craft launch the first wave of Marines ashore. Our videos are provided by the Department of Defense, and NATO TV. They are all Public Domain and not able to be copyrighted as products of the US Government. Please visit our homepage at

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all Movie Action-Adventure thirty six hours to die
Clips from some design and animation I did last year for a pharma client.
Reggie Rock Bythewood sits down and shares a candid discussion with Sanaa Lathan, DeWanda Wise, Mack Wilds, Aisha Hinds, and Gina Prince-Bythewood....
This ought to cheer you up.

The song is Vengaboys - We like to party! (instrumental).
Cplc Bastille survived a six hour dive in cold water to recce a shoreline. Combat Divers are the first to be sent to the front in order to clear an...
Music from the Motion Picture "W.E." - (all rights belongs to the composer and production company, not the uploader)

Usually when you agree to a off-road race that lasts six hours late into Fall, fun isn't always the first thing that comes to mind. Luckily for Brett Cue keeping it fresh and trying something different is what it's all about for these guys. Check out what 2 strokes and almost 20 laps looks like in smiles for Brett Cue, Joel Ard and Josh Gray.

Song: Them Kids By: Sam Roberts<br/><br/>
Engine: NA / 2000cc 4 cylinder
Driver: Tony Absolom (ENG)

Event: Spa Six Hours
Race series: Historic Sports Car Club
Date: 18th to 20th of september 2015
Track: Spa-Francorchamps

qualified 30th from 67 entries
race 1 result: finished 18th overall from 62 finishers
race 2 result: DNF

FIA WEC 2016. Six Hours Of Spa-Francorchamps. Race [Part 5]
FIA WEC 2015. Six Hours Of Spa-Francorchamps p1
FIA WEC 2015. Six Hours Of Spa-Francorchamps p2
FIA WEC 2015. Six Hours Of Spa-Francorchamps p3
FIA WEC 2015. Six Hours Of Spa-Francorchamps p4
Soyuz Commander Fyodor Yurchikhin of the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos), NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg and European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Luca Parmitano launched to the International Space Station on May 28th, 2013.

WEC 2016. Round 1. Six Hours Of Silverstone. Qualifying
FP8b - Six Cars, 48 Hours / presentation Well, five cars actually. The STi was omitted due to insufficient footage. Bummer.

FIA WEC 2016. Six Hours Of Silverstone. Race [Part 3/3]
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Fan made video for "Blow Out The Candle" by Six Hour Sundown.
Download the full album from Ektoplazm:

Artist: Phone Booth Robbers
Track: Six Hour Holiday
Album: Falling Into One
Track number: 10

Tags: Downtempo
Alice Cooper: Six Hours Album: Dirty Diamonds
Year: 2005 A bluesy ballad which could be about secret lovers or murderer and victim, you choose. Couldn't resist putting a little humor in it however =] lyrics below:
There's only six hours
Left in the day
Time is so precious
And it's slipping away

Got no destination
Got no place to go
And being with you
Is all that I know

Put your head on my pillow
We're finally alone
Wash the dust from your hair - Original commercial - Robot Chicken parody
баян жуткий, но дед, как и мелодия, все равно доставляет)<br/><br/>
fan video for Electric Six

Clips from:

American History X
A Goofy Movie
Office Space
A Nightmare on Elm Street
King Kong
Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn
Troll 2
Fright Night

From the album Zodiac. ATTENTION - DICK VALENTINE SOLO ALBUM "DESTROY THE CHILDREN" OUT MAY 14TH - Available from itunes, spotify, and here on amazon:

Buy Zodiac at:

Michelin Wins at Watkins Glen International - 2016 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship
#Michelin #Motorsport #IMSAWeatherTech SportsCarChampionship
FIA WEC 2015. Round 1. Six Hours Of Silverstone [Part 1]
So, I found a faster way to farm renown which can yield up to 5,000 Renown per Hour. This new method can be done in less than 2 minutes per game, compared to my other farming method "FASTEST RENOWN FARMING?" which was done on Terrorist Hunt Classic and takes between 2-3 minutes per game. This is done by efficiently using the tips and tricks in playing Extract Hostage on House map.

If my math is not mistaken,...
Average 1 minute 20 seconds Per Game = 1.33 minutes
1 hour = 60 minutes
60/1.33 = 45 games

45 1

0:00 - ASHITAKA(アシタカ) - N I G H T C L U B G L A N C E S(ナイトクラブの視線)
5:53 - haircuts for men - ポップは、それ自体を食べます
12:01 - 「サンセット Network❾❶」 - MALIBU日没
17:48 - USER32 - .dll
23:59 - waterfront dining - summer love/sugar
30:03 - Phoenix #2772 - Farewell
36:04 - Late Night Simulator - 海のミッドナイト
41:58 - Hong Kong Express - Exit HK (ft. OSCOB)
Coyote Kisses - Six Shooter 1 HOUR! Give the video a like if you enjoyed :)

Coyote Kisses:
SIX HOURS: Marines Answer The Call

The United States Marine Corps can launch a full-scale mission anywhere in the world in just six hours. Visit to see how a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) prepares for a rapid response mission, and for more information about becoming a Marine, visit

With remastered LPCM Dolby Digital audio and improved video quality. This is disc 2 of Six Hours Live 1972-1980 2DVD set


01. Introduction 1:14
02. Deep In The Motherlode 5:37
03. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (opening section) 1:50
04. The Carpet Crawlers 5:36
05. Squonk 6:44
06. One For The Vine 11:16
07. Behind The Lines 5:26
08. Duchess 6:52
09. Guide Vocal 1:41
10. Turn It On Again 4:45
11. Duke’s Travels 7:15
12. Duke’s End 2:41
13. Say It’s Alright J