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SBTRKT – Hold On

SBTRKT (feat. Sampha) - Hold On / / / / Directed by Sam Pillling / / Produced by Jo-Jo Ellison / / Edited by Ben Boullier

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Taken from the album "SBTRKT"
Absolutely amazing, this shall be in my music library forever maybe my kids will appreciate it one day. Enjoy and support the artists by checking out the links below.



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SBTRKT is Aaron Jerome, a producer based in London. Graciously allowing the music to speak for itself - even going to the length of performing behind a mask every time he plays out. Having just wrapped up remixes for Basement Jaxx ('Scars') and Franz Ferdinand ('Send Him Away'), he's got the airwaves in a stir with Benji B, Mary Anne Hobbs and Gilles Peterson singing his praises. With releases on the equally anonymous Brainmath label, Ramp and the ever fun Young Turks.

5 things about SBTRKT:
1) His live show includes his main collaborator Sampha on vocals and keyboards.
I do not own these songs , for inspirational purposes only
Song :SBTRKT- "Hold On"

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м. ул. 1905 года. Стрельбищенский пер. 21 от метро ходит маршрутка № 318 до остановки «ул. Литвина Седого»)
тел: +7 (499) 259-99-77

I do not own these song , for inspirational purposes only
Song :SBTRKT- "Hold On"
Robyn Sherwell - Vocals
Ric Elsworth - Vibes and Electronics

Directed by Soren Munk
Filmed at Press Play Recording Studios, Bermondsey with kind permission from Andy Ramsey.

Original composition by SBTRKT
Remix by Ric Elsworth
Video Edit by Ric Elsworth

Here's my own take on 'Hold On' that I've gigged quite a few times now, thought it was worth a video! Enjoy :)
SBTRKT feat. Sampha - Hold On

Dropout UK caught up with the incredible talent that is Shakka for his debut appearance. In this, he performs an amazing cover of SBTRKT's 'Hold On', with assistance from his guitarist.
We've been a fan of this guy for a long while now, and we're sure you'll be seeing a lot more Shakka x Dropout UK collaborations! Enjoy!

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08.09.2012 SBTRKT live - Hangar 5 Stage - Berlin Festival @ Tempelhof

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Siavash-a Vancouver based DJ/Producer-shows us how to spice up a track.
SBTRKT - "Hold On" ||| iTunes Festival London - July 14th 2011

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Цени Стиль!!!
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Lovely remix of SBTRKT's 'Hold On' from Burnski. Funny to think we had SBTRKT play at Chew The Fat early last year and now he's touring the world! You can download this remix for free over at Burnski's Soundcloud page -

hey Guys hope you enjoy my latest combo...

Olya Dibrova,lead-singer of GORCHITZA, performing Hold On by SBTRKT @Small Opera,Kiev during charity event.

Оля Диброва, вокалистка группы GORCHITZA исполняет песню Нold On [SBTRKT] в киевской Малой Опере во время благотворительного концерта.


Contemporary choreography in Dance Centre Myway. DANCESHOT 27, October 26, 2014. Kiev, Ukraine.
Choreography by Lesha Kucherenko (Леша Кучеренко).
Music: Haim - Go Slow.
Contemporary choreography in Dance Centre Myway. DANCESHOT 27, October 26, 2014. Kiev, Ukraine.
Choreography by Lesha Kucherenko (Леша Кучеренко).
Music: Haim - Go Slow.
Watch SBTRKT perform a live track as part of 6 Music's 10th birthday celebrations at the BBC's Maida Vale studios. Get details of more live music to celebrate 6 Music's big anniversary:
Dance Life in Ukraine --->
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'Hold On' features Sampha

Photographer: Dan Wilton
Masks: A Hidden Place

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Made this cover of this cool song in my kitchen, with everything I could find to play on. The bass drum is the cardboard box from my sound card..(!) Mixed home on my lap top in Abelton Live
В основе клипа «Hold On» лондонского продюсера SBTRKT — мистическая история в духе Дэвида Линча.
Music: SBTRKT - Hold On (feat.Sampha)
Choreo: Mira Danko
Dancers: Mira Danko, Katya Serzhenko
D.side dance studio; Kyiv: Ukraine


*Caution: There is subtle nudity in this piece.*

SBTRKT has the illest beats. Sampha has the illest voice. I heard this song one late night and knew I wanted to set visuals to this track. Here it is. I hope you all enjoy. :)

Many thanks to Laura, who laid on her apartment's cold hardwood floors for over 3 hours in nothing but her undies and Yesenia, who met up for a reshoot of the glasses, even though I decided to go with the originals.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor: Melinda J