Russian Rap - Po Russki (по русски): RUSSIAN RAP - PO RUSSKI (по русски) , SuperED86.Russian Rap - Po Russki (по русски), RUSSIAN RAP - PO RUSSKI (по русски).

Russian Rap - Po Russki (по русски)

A gangster rap about Russian stereotypes.
Короче я вахуе сморите 35 секунда и дальше ппц просто!
A gangster rap about Russian stereotypes.
!!Осторожно МАТ!!

I will tell you everything.. life of Russian gangster..
In Russian, I speak
Ass, whore, pussy
I will kill you
I drive home and smoke grass
Mom I'm hungry, give me potatoes.
Screw your tea, I came to drink vodka
Give me 5 dollars, I'll buy salty fish
We'll make meat patties and eat carrots
And salami

Fuck your mom
Don't whistle in the house
Gotta make a lot of money
How much can you bitch?
I eat
Cottage cheese and sour cream
Borcsht and sour cream
Sour cream and sour cream
Everyday.. I we
парродия на стереотипы о России его канал на YouTube
Сметану со сметаной xD
Это коренной американец, который поразил меня своим знанием нашего языка и при том практически без акцента :D

A gangster rap about Russian stereotypes.