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Room 366 music video

This is the 1080p version of the Room 366 music video video taken by Tillikum and EZWolf. This shows multiple fursuiters dancing throughout the video, along with some quite suggestive positions.

This brings to debate whether things like this should take place in the furry fandom. On the one hand, if it were normal people without the suits on and fully clothed, nobody would have made a stink. The fact that they have fursuits on is the same thing as wearing clothes in my humble opinion. True, some of the positions are quite seductive and make you think that more is going to happen, but thats just the teasing aspect of the video. It is tastefully shot, and shows great camerawork in my opinion.

On the other side are the people who believe that this is stepping over the line. They believe that furries and fursuiters are completely innocent, and things like this -NEVER- happen. I mean, look at all the news coverage at the different conventions around the globe. You never see anything bad going
Room 366 Furry Fursuiting Music Video.

Original creator is Ezwolf.
Music: I Know You Want Me by Pitbull.

I am not the original creator for this video.
Лично мне музон не ахти такой, но клип хороший.
Видео залито в группе "FuRRy LoVerS / Фурри-любители"
Добро пожаловать, мы вас ждем ;З
Очередной ремейк на это видео накрутил мой друг BlueSky :) Ты правда будешь гореть в аду за нарушение авторских прав, но всё равно, спасибо >:D
Room 366 Music Video by Ezwolf.
Music: I Know You Want Me by Pitbull

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