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We had the pleasure of hanging out with Reggie of Circuit Soul in Gastown this Sunday. It's not uncommon for Gastown to be full of tourists, but today they were admiring more than just our steamclock and the architecture. It was hard to get a shot without someone stopping to look at the car. But that's why you buy a Rocket Bunny kit isn't it? Keys and Krates - Dreamyness
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We at JDMhub could not wait for this to come out public as BoxOne showed a little preview of it on facebook and we were in awe with the car and the cleanness of the edit. So when it came out we were on it like a fucking car bonnet! They always leave me amazed and thinking how do they do it ;p

"We had the pleasure of hanging out with Reggie of Circuit Soul in Gastown this Sunday.
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История "Rockets" началась в 1972 году в Париже, где они под вывеской "Crystal" играли в клубах. На сцене появлялись в обычном человеческом обличье - в нормальной одежде и с длинными волосами. В 1974 году "Crystal" изменили название на "Rocket men", и вот пять пришельцев с зелеными глазами (контактные линзы), серебряной кожей и в "космической" одежде впервые появились перед европейской публикой, записав сингл "Rocket Man".
01. Ballade Sur Mars
02. Galactica
03. Atomic
04. Electric Delight
05. Ideomatic
06. Radio Station
07. Last Space Train
08. Future Game
09. Some Other Place
10. Cosmic Race
11. On The Road Again
12. Astrolights
13. Space Rock
14. Venus Rapsody
15. Galactica
16. Atomic
17. Future Game
18. Under The Sun
19. Don' t Stop
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We were fortunate enough to be able to make this beautiful script come alive. The awesome people over at Lowe and Partners Cape Town gave us creative freedom and entrusted us with creating something special. The film is about a farmer, his son and their family dog. Together they live and farm as a family, and with the help of GWK, they strive to produce the best agricultural products. The piece is a combination of stop frame, miniature sets, CG and a lot of patience. Production took 4 months from pitch
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Get carried away with us as we explore our Fall 2013 Collection of romantic boots, borrow a look from the boys with oxfords and menswear inspired flats, keep it neutral in grey flats with loads of metal details and finally kick back in the latest sneakers that are anything but boring.

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All of the boss themes from Rex Rocket, a Retraux 2D shooter.
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Adapted from the book THE WES ANDERSON COLLECTION by Matt Zoller Seitz. Written & Narrated by Matt Zoller Seitz Edited by Steven Santos
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