Robotech: The Movie: [AMV] Robotech: The Movie - Call On Me, Роботех: Фильм - Нерасказанная история / Robotech: The Movie - The Untold Story, Роботех - Теневые

Robotech: The Movie

The Harmony Gold dub of the original MEGAZONE 23 was adapted and cut together with footage from SUPER DIMENSION CAVALRY SOUTHERN CROSS, to make ROBOTECH: THE MOVIE. A new ending was produced by the studio who animated MEGAZONE 23 and thus resulted in the first batch of animation created for a ROBOTECH project.

ROBOTECH: THE MOVIE was set for a wide release, but was pulled after a test screening in Texas. The movie saw release in several other countries before Harmony Gold's license to MEGAZONE 23 ran
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