Robert Hagan: Speed Painting - 'Charge' Oil on Canvas by Robert Hagan, ROBERT HAGAN - 1947 - PART 2 - AUSTRALIAN PAINTER - A C -, A Maritime Painting - Live

Robert Hagan

Timelapse speed painting by Australian Artist Robert Hagan.
'Charge' - 40" x 30" Oil on Canvas

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Hi folks, I have started doing live streams, this is a great way to watch me in action and ask questions and get immediate answers.

These are being broadcasted on my facebook:

This type of painting I love to do. Its where I started painting 30 years ago. I dont do many these days but this one just flowed off the end of my brush. I didnt have to force anything. The figures sit well together and the colors are bright and summerish. Its really a lot like I remember the beach in my own early years. Top little painting if I say so myself.

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Artist: Robert Hagan (Murwillumbah - Australia, born 1947) Paintings.

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Speed painting time lapse with Robert Hagan. Learn and watch how easy Robert paints this scene. Time has been sped up to to show the full time-lapse from beginning to end.

There are times when its best to be alone or with someone with whom we can relate with. This is one such scene of togetherness set in an idyllic location beside a gently passing stream, surrounded with the colors of spring and a few passerbys happily wa

30 x 40 inch painting jammed into a 2:12 minute video! Backlight painting are a delight to do, says Robert. But they must be sneaked up on-like catching a monkey, otherwise they just get away from you. The secret in painting this type of painting is patience. Its working from the middle tones up and then down, then up and down again a few more tones, until the full range of tones from light to dark is covered. When they are done with care and flair they can be stunning. The fall colors against the soft blue

The Aspen Valley in Colorado in Fall is stunning. The red rock bluffs drop vertically to the small river valley floor and are the perfect backdrop to the Aspen trees as they switch color from green to yellow to orange during September. Some change earlier than others so there is inevitably a mix of these colors for the sort 3 week period of transformation.
Well add a river and then some horses running loose and we have a painting that should get everyones attention.-especially if they are mid stream and
Австралийский художник-импрессионист Роберт Хаган (Robert Hagan) родился в 1947 году. Получил образование в Университете Ньюкасла.
После окончания университета много путешествовал по миру и посещал студии различных художников.
Хаган не отдает предпочтение одному жанру, он пишет на разные темы: пейзажи, красивые морские виды, портреты.
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47 x 36 inch painting jammed into a 2:22 minute video! Robert describes the painting as a slice of nature as one would imagine a young lady lost in her own world of thought and reflection whilst wandering in Mother natures. The pink dress drapes uninterrupted from the head and shoulders to the water where it spreads and trails her slow movement giving a soft interlude with the body and Natures water .The folds in the dress add interest and femininity while the ponds green lilies and yellow stems break up

Like Art? Why not create your own. Australian artist Robert Hagan teaches you how to paint the fun way. Learn Step by step how to paint!


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Австралийский художник-импрессионист Роберт Хаган (Robert Hagan)