Ringo Starr in "Alice in Wonderland": Ringo Starr в фильме Alice in Wonderland , Ringo Starr as The Mock Turtle - Nonsense (Alice in Wonderland - 1985), Ringo

Ringo Starr in "Alice in Wonderland"


Young lady, just what is so good
About never once being misunderstood.
There's far too much accurate communication,
And if it continues, I fear for the nation.

Nonsense, nonsense,
That's what we're terribly short of.
Don't you love nonsense?

We're getting lethargic
From aiming at logic,
Let's put a stop to that,
If you don't love nonsense,
I'll knock off your hat!

Nonsense, nonsense,
Simply can't do without it.

And sing us a song about it.

Let young master billy
Be hopelessly silly
Until h
The Mock Turtle

" we call him Tortoise because he taught us!"
A clip of Ringo Starr (of The Beatles and The All-Star Band) as the Mock Turtle in the 1985 film "Alice in Wonderland", singing the wonderful song "Nonsense". Adorable Natalie Gregory, as Alice, joins in the fun song-and-dance number.

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