Right above it: ABDC Season 6 Week 1- IaMmE Right Above It, I aM mE - Right Above it - Lil Wayne Challenge, ***ABDC Season 6 Week 1- I.aM.mE Right Above It

Right above it

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ABDC Season 6 Episode 1 "Lil Wayne" -- The season of the superstars kicks off with an episode devoted to Lil Wayne -- and five crews hungry to move on in the competition.

Phillip "PacMan Chbeeb: http://www.youtube.com/user/pacman
Di "Moon" Zhang: http://www.youtube.com/user/marvelousmoon
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I aM mE - Week 1 - Right Above it - Lil Wayne Challenge - ABDC6
Week 1: The Lil Wayne Challenge [Episode 1]:
Eclectic Gentleman
Phunk Phenomenon
Street Kingdom

Bottom 2:
Eclectic Gentlemanz & ReQuest

Eclectic Gentleman

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I aM mE week 1

Right Above it by Lil Wayne featuring Drake. enjoy :)

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Who really tryna fuck with Hollywood Cole? I'm with Marley Gee, bro
Flying Holly Grove chicks to my Hollywood shows
And I want to tell you something that you prolly should know
This that Slumdog Millionaire Bollywood flow
And ahhh My real friends never hearin' from me
Fake friends write the wrong answers on the mirror for me
That's why I pick and choose, I don't get
Skills, goals and best moments 2010/2011.
Lil' Wayne Ft.Drake - Right above it. ( official video + lyrics on screen ! )

an amazing song by lil' Wayne, and drake, called right above it.
i just added the lyrics, i didnt sing anything, and i have no participation in the video.

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Fan made Video clip lil wayne right above it single.
With some dutch information about lil wayne.
Made with cuts of older lil wayne music video's and a live preformance.

Фока Денис : http://vkontakte.ru/foka_boy
A music video i made for the hit HBO show "Ballers". video contains clips from all 10 episodes of Season 1. I had so much fun making this and i cant wait for season 2! i will make another edit at the end of season 2.

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I do not own the rights to the song and video footage used in this edit.

Russ doing what he does best
Lil Wayne - Right Above It<br/><br/>
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Highlights of this star Point Guard Rajon Rondo. Full of assists, dunks and layups.

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Anyone who has ever flown on a plane, has had the experience of looking out the window and seeing the clouds below. The only problem is, the window is so darn small. With that said, if you ever get a chance to hike up into the mountains and stand on top of the clouds, take it. It will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. July 10-12th, 2013, I had the opportunity to stand above the clouds with a 360 degree view of that plane seat window. A marine layer had move in over Puget Sound,
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READ DESCRIPTION: A video about one of the hottest propert
DISCLAIMER: i do not own any music rights. this is for inspirational purposes only.

Choreography that i taught at Dance Space in Shanghai China

big thanks to gina :)
Our interpretation of the US #1 single ''Right Above It'' by Lil' Wayne and Drake, from the album ''I Am Not A Human Being'' played on piano.
The guy playing the upright piano is my good friend Ian.

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This video was recorded with a Panasonic HDC-SD750.

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Lil Wayne ft. Drake - Right Above It

Lil Wayne - Right Above It
Lil Wayne - Right Above It
Lil Wayne - Right Above It
Lil Wayne - Right Above It
Lil Wayne ft. Drake - Right Above It (Music Video) 2010 Lil Wayne ft. Drake - Right Above It (Music Video) 2010 Lil Wayne ft. Drake - Right Above It (Music Video) 2010 Lil Wayne ft. Drake - Right Above It (Music Video) 2010 Lil Wayne ft. Drake - Right Above It (Music Video) 2010

All Credit Goes to District 78, performed by I.aM.mE. Crew Week 1: Lil Wayne Challenge (America's Best Dance Crew Season 6)
Ben faustino choreograph
Song : Drake - Right above it!
Dancer - Michelle Griffith
Thank you for watching!
Email : lil_shadow0013@yahoo.com

Paul George - Right Above it ᴴᴰ
Song - Right Above it By Lil Wayne Featuring Drake

Лучшие баскетбольные группы.
Музыка из видео: Lil Wayne - Right Above It (Feat. Drake)
Right above it by Z.E.U.S Filming/Editing by CHUKEY

24 сентября Lil Wayne выступил в рамках тура «I Am Still Music» в Honolulu, Hawaii.

Lil Wayne - Right Above It feat. Drake (Lyrics)

[Lil Wayne]
Now tell me how you love it
You know you at the top when only heaven's right above it
We onnnn
'Cause we onnnn

Who else really tryna fuck with Hollywood Cole? I'm with Marley G, bro
Flying Hollygrove chicks to my Hollywood shows
And I wanna tell you something that you prolly should know
This that Slumdog Millionaire Bollywood flow
And uh, my real friends never hearin' from me
Fake friends write the wrong answers on the mirro

the video has been mirrored to avoid being taken down. no copyright infringement intended!! ... beast way to start off 2011, love you weezy no homo.

группа: http://vkontakte.ru/lilwaynegroup
страница: http://vkontakte.ru/lilwaynepublic
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Here is I.aM.mE on ABDC6 for there first week they have to dance to a smash hit by Lil Wayne.
Eminem Ft Rihanna Love The Way You Lie Lyrics Lil Wayne Right Above It Ft Drake Over Music Video Drizzy Young Weezy Taylor Swift Mine Lyrics Kanye West Power Kanye West See Me Now Ft Beyonce Eminem Not Afraid Eminem Recovery Lil Wayne Right Above it Ft Drake Lyrics Eminem no Love Ft Lil Wayne Michael Jackson Live Song
Eminem writes the most amazing lyrics ! Here are his new songs Lil Wayne Ft Drake Right Above It Remix Freestyle 2010 JourneyOfBrokenHeart
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Группа Lil Wayne: http://vkontakte.ru/ymcmbfan

We just practice it for a day I think, so after few days. We'll improve our dance
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Machine - James Arvin

Wind - Jhan Rotciv
Water - Jumar

Electricity - Lawrence
Earth - Miko
Fire - Victor

Shadow - Wapo
Light - Jumar (the 2nd)

i.aM.Me.Crew pacman JaJaVANCOVA iamemiliodosal chachi gonzales 747 brandon marvelousmoon motion crew i am me crew abdc season 6 champions
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no copyright needed. made by mckenna.

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this is a video with the lyrics of the the new song of lil wayne featuring Drake, right above it in HD!!!

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Выступление с концерта в рамках тура Eminem «Lose Yourself»
Австралия, Сидней, 2 декабря 2011.
Me, Kieran and Wink doing our choreo to Right Above It by Lil Wayne. Its a little old but we decided to film it anyways. Enjoy and Subscribe!! I DO NOT OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THIS SONG. PS... My email is Adamackerman04@aol.com*
Official instrumental w. hook!!

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Ballers Intro HD Lil Wayne - Right Above It feat. Drake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHZtMNbrmWE
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Страница YMCMB: http://vkontakte.ru/ymcmb_news
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“resistance band workout done from home! Tie a band together place it right above your knees. 30 seconds each leg x 5 the heavier the resistance the harder…”
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Music: Lil Wayne Ft. Drake - Right Above It

Song:Right Above It-Lil Wayne Ft.Drake(Clean)
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2011 Grammy Afterparty with Young Moneyyyyyyyyy

Here is I.aM.mE's first week on ABDC 6



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P.L. - Right Above It Freestyle VIDEO (In Studio Performance)

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