Ride The Tiger: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Ride The Tiger (2011), Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Ride The Tiger, Doug Hream Blunt - Ride The

Ride The Tiger

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Keith Buckley from Every Time I Die rides his new Harley Davidson from Los Angeles to San Diego to Chula Vista to Pomona.

'New Junk Aesthetic' in stores everywhere!

Shot and Directed by Doug Spangenberg Written and Narrated by Keith Buckley Edited by Anderson Bradshaw Keith's Iron 883 provided by Harley-Davidson Special thanks to Chris Lisk, Susanne Dawursk, Gene Thomason and Harley-Davidson.

Live '83 Definitive Concert (dvd)
The NEW Triumph Tiger 800 is available in a range of four models. The off-road biased XCX and road-going XRX models both feature all new switchable riding modes - enabling you to tailor your Tiger to perfectly suit the climate and conditions. Find out more - search "No ordinary adventure bike".
The complete Bernie Taupin solo album, "He Who Rides The Tiger". Released in 1980.

0:01 Monkey On My Back (The Last Run)
4:04 Born On The Fourth Of July
8:51 Venezuela
12:58 Approaching Armageddon
18:29 Lover's Cross
23:07 Blitz Babies
27:28 Valley Nights
31:48 Love (The Barren Desert)
37:17 The Whores Of Paris
Here's a quick clip from atop the Bovington Tiger at the 2008 Tankfest. See http://www.tankmuseum.co.uk/home.html
and http://www.tiger-tank.com/ for vehicle and museum details
In memorandum of Julius Evola Born May 19, 1898

"When a civilisation is reaching its end, it is difficult to achieve anything by resisting it and by directly opposing the forces in motion. The current is too strong; one would be over-whelmed. The essential thing is not to let oneself be impressed by the omnipotence and apparent triumph of the forces of the epoch. These forces, devoid of connection with any higher principle, are in fact on a short chain. One should not become fixated on the present an
Yes, I am actually singing in this video...
To be released on October 16, 2015 (Luaka Bop)
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Vancouver Canucks Tiger Williams goes for ride on his brand new hockey stick. Check out some of the craziest goal celebrations of all time.

Ein kleines Tribute zu Julius Evola und dessen Werk(e).

Music: Ostara - Ride the Tiger