Retouch#1: 3 Saduint - Portrait Retouch Part 1, # 3 Saduint | Portrait Retouch Part 1, # 3 Saduint _ Portrait Retouch Part 1 _ Чистка, # 3 Saduint _ Portrait






Portrait Retouch & Color Grading in Photoshop

Photoshop Post Processing - Atmospheric Urban Photo

Music & Art by Alexandr Tulupov aka Saduint.
# 3 Saduint - Portrait Retouch Part 1
Retoucher: David Neilands (
Photographer: Chris Lambeth (

Techniques used:

Healing and cloning on blank layer
Dodge & Burn using curves
Colour correction via Selective Colour adjustment layers
Curves & Selective Colour for colour toning

Alexander Pavlenko

We are going to be looking at Basic Portrait Retouching this week. This is something that I love to go over. I love photographs that have people in them. Landscapes and HDRs are fun to do, but nothing beats the good old fashion portrait. This photograph was from one of my recent shoot at and abandoned warehouse. I was going for a very classic portrait lighting with a urban feel.

This image was shot at ISO 125, shutter speed 1/160 at f/2.8, at 29mm on a 24-70mm Sigm

In this tutorial series I'll show you several techniques that can be used to retouch and enhance the eyes in a photograph. In part one you will see a quick way using Adobe Lightroom to make the eyes in your photos 'pop' and draw the viewers attention to them. Using simple techniques, it is easy to take your images to the next level. Enjoy!
My Retouching:
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1st video in a three part series of skin retouching where I'll use frequency separation, dodge & burn, and sharpening to enhance my portrait.
This is not intended to be a high end retouch, but more of a step by step tutorial showing the process.

More of my work on my website at where you'll also find links to my facebook page and instagram account.

Thanks for stopping by.
CD Single:

Taken from PT016: Sampler Vol. I

3 previously unavailable full-length extended mixes here from Disc 1 of the Solarstone & Bryan Kearney mixed ‘Pure Trance Vol. III’. Kicking off with Liam Wilson’s uplifting & melodic ‘Set In Stone’, given a retouch by Solarstone, this was one of the most requested tracks from last autumn’s critically acclaimed compilation. Secondly we have the magnificent production of Driftmoo
0:41 why blurring the skin is not good enough
1:56 frequency separation (how to preserve skin details)
13:13 tracking masks with mocha



In this tutorial series for After Effects we use the free plugin Skin Retouch to do professional beauty work in After Effects.

In the first part, we learn how to smooth the skin without destroying the fine details of the skin textur

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In this three part series I will show you a typical workflow for doing a complete photo retouch inside of Photoshop CS5
Индивидуальные Мастер классы по ретуши фото
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Learn how to edit a portrait with this multi-part video tutorial starting with the dodging and burning technique.

Watch part two here: dodging and burning.
Watch part three, Finishing touches:

Visit my portfolio for samples and booking info:
Rabeiro Photography:
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This techniqu -

In this tutorial, I'll show you some non destructive techniques to make eyes pop!
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На панели собраны разные виде частотного разложения, а также Додж енд берн и дополнительные приемы для ретуши портретов.
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A short video about how I determine what to retouch on a photograph.

My second screen-recording tutorial about retouching a beauty and fashion photo where I really wanted to focus in on the eyes and what I do in Photoshop to bring them out. I'm still super-new to this, so forgive your awkward narrator!

Leave a comment and tell me what other techniques you'd like to see me cover!

I understand that being Photoshop there's a million different ways to do anything. This is mine and it works well for me, although I'm constantly loo

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Ретушь, и улучшения качества фотографии.
На фотографии: Валерия Цепелева
Adobe Photoshop CC
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5
Видео создано: Project Ezio
Обработка, и создания Аватара: Project Ezio

Cosplay, Victorian style male character, Camera Raw workflow.
Realistic digital compositing and retouching workflow in Photoshop.
Series of the video tutorials on commercial digital photo retouching and realistic compositing.
Photo taking in studio with 6 light setup: on from the back, rim lights, two from sides, one directly over head, and one on floor as shadow kicker.
Shot on Canon 5d mk3, RAW. 1/125, f11, ISO 100
In camera raw adjusted sharpness, color shift correction. reduced highlights and flatten s

Brand new to Photoshop? Then you're on the right tutorial series: Beginners Basics: Portrait Retouching.

This is Lesson #1: Layers.

Check out Lesson #2 at

Photoshops Layers. You gotta know 'em. Without knowledge of Layers, you are not going to go anywhere in Photoshop, and I mean literally nowhere. I can't think of a more foundational function in the program than Layers. So if you're just starting out, this video series is ideal for you beginners because it discusses the
Krunoslav Stifter | Author and Educator

This is the recording of a Redhead Girl With Freckles retouching workflow and how you might deal with skin retouching and problems like; discolouration of the skin, keeping the skin looking smooth and natural while preserving the Freckles. Also how to do color correction with curves and layer masks and various other tips & tricks. I will be using in this tutorial various techniques like Dodging and Burning, curves and other color correction tools, some intermediate t

In this first of a series of videos we look at the first stage of eye retouching... Repositioning and resizing eyes. This is a cosmetic retouch but can improve the overall beauty retouch.

We show you

how to use the rulers to help as guides
how to enlarge or reduce in size the eyes
how to rotate there position
making fine adjustments easily
making a selection
feathering that selection
how to work non destructively by using its own layer

Using photoshop should not be difficult. This is not the only way
video: Ann SD
ph.: Юся Shutova
music : Three phase machine – Пятиэтажки (2013)

Небольшая вечерняя тренировка. Местами довольно грубо, т.к. не было задачи сделать полностью готовую картинку, было свободное время и желание попрактиковаться.

1. Lance Herbstrong - Finally Moving
2. Disturbia - Dark Matter (Mono.Mental Remix)
3. The Code - Between The Lines (ft. KasFLow)
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Das Retouching Toolkit ist jetzt auch auf deutsch erhältlich und ich habe hier einen kurzen Überblick darüber aufgenommen.
Den ganzen Artikel findet ihr im Blog:
Retouching Timelapse #1 by Jakub Grabarczyk, High-End Retoucher & Trainer based in Poland, Europe - offering retouching-service & coaching worldwide !

Contact me for rates and more information:

Photographer: Jakub Grabarczyk

Model: Izabella Krzan

Music: Keith Kenniff - Everyone Morning

This image was part of a series, so I already created a few "presets" in advance during the first image - this includes skin-, lip- and eyebrow-colour correction, look, RAW-settings and ov
Создание коллажа Photoshop , Ретушь кожи , обтравка объекта, замена фона
Diana Zelenko
photo by Виктор Кальман
Minsk, Belarus

VK page:

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photoshop Tutorials On How To Create Professional Looking Photos And Images. Turn Your Photos Into Magazine Covers By Learning The Secrets Of Color Grading And Photo Manipulation!
Photoshop Tutorial for Portrait Photo Editing
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The Innocence Retouch set is the foundation of The Innocence Collection and is a vital part of the editing process. Our retouch actions are specifi...

Modelo: Rita
Make up: Daida Santana
Profesora Make up: Ana Lidia Alonso
Fotografía, retoque y video: Jonatan JC

Before and after of high-end retouching a fashion photo that I shot. The retouch took me about an hour and half to do in real time. Make sure you check out the PT. 2 video to see the entire retouching process. I do offer retouching services on my website and on my facebook page. Links down below:
Part 2...

Wesley Carter Retouch:

Wesley Carter Photography:
ретушёр - Катерина Михеева
Группа вконтакте -
Инстаграм -
Мой сайт --

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The Phorbes Cover Shoot -- Post Processing
You saw the behind the scenes of our corporate/editorial photo shoot, now we take one of the images into Photoshop to start the retouching. The retouching is being split into 3 parts, be sure to check back to see the entire retouching process.

More Information on this episode:

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Create an old fashioned 1950's pin up poster in Adobe Photoshop using Filters.

This Tutorial is the first one in a Series of PinUp Styles Tutorials.

Replacement for the Oilpaint Filter: GREYCstoratio

Download Link:

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Создатель (Creator) - Толоконников Макс (Tolokonnikov Max)
Музыка (Music) - Swarms - Hostile

Спасибо за просмотр! (Thanks for watching)

Recently, my buddy Ben Von Wong had an epic shoot where everything went seemily wrong. Check out the blog post here:

This image was from that shoot and we teamed up for a special "Retouching in Motion" video.


Before/After detail crop:

Here is a recent retouching timelapse video I made to showcase a non-destructive and simplified wo
Modo render retouched in Photoshop. This is where I adjust the composition, color correct, and add details like fingerprints, scratches and smoke. This additional work helps the image look less like cgi.
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I present you 2,5 hour of work in 5 min. Hope you'll enjoy it. If so, click like ;)

Prezentuję 2,5h pracy skrócone do 5 min. Mam nadzieję że się spodoba. Jeśli tak, kliknij w lajka lub suba ;)

Original photo / Oryginał zdjęcia:

Retouched version in full size / wyretuszowane zdjęcie w pełnym rozmiarze:

The Polish Ambassador "Ritual Revival"
Самое первое мое ретушное видео)
15 ноября 2013)
Photography: Anton Rissi
Retouching: Pavel Rabtsun
MUA: Tamara
Model: nadezhda

Raw convertation
Eye enhance
Clean UP
Dodge Burn

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In this tutorial, A.J. demonstrates how to use Lightroom to retouch a portrait image.

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Замечательные уроки по ретуши автомобилей от фотографа,
ретушера и преподавателя RetutPro - Manfred'a Werner'a
Capture One Pro 8 Tutorial... Download the Raw Image I have provided for you and follow along with my Capture One Pro 8 Tutorial Video Series:

Capture One Pro 8 Discount Code: AMBCRAIG

Download Capture One Pro 8 30 Day Trial Here:

Please respect the copyright and do not post your retouch of this image on the web or in your personal Portfolio. The raw image is for personal retouching practice only.

I will be rele - Học Đồ họa và Nhiếp ảnh
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This is really just a test recording of myself retouching a photo I shot in downtown St. Louis. I've only done a few shots like this using my strobe light and need more practice but I know a few people have been asking me to make one of these so here's the first.

Photo and retouch by Jacob Brcic Photography:

Music is Pharrell ft. Daft Punk - Gust Of Wind (Autograf Remix):

This Video will teach you the way of editing eyes makeup with some simple tools to improve the appearance of the eyelid .

More videos will be released for other face editing tutorials .

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Ever wonder what photo retouching really is? Here's a video that will give you an insight about what goes into retouching and cleaning up a photograph. It's not blurring or airbrushing skin, and there's no magic button. Half of the time, you won't even know an image is retouched when it's done correctly and that's what it should be. It should what a person looks like on their best day, realistic yet natural and full of visible skin texture. This is for people in the industry as well as outside of it, to bri
Индивидуальные Мастер классы по ретуши фото
Please, read the description!

Stuff that I used for retouching this photo:
Adobe Photoshop CS5
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CS5
Genius G-Pen F509

Video edited with Sony Vegas Pro 11

Contact me

Photo is by Stefan B
Retouched by Katerina Dymova
TheBlackParrot - Identity
Chillheimer - Doorstep
la salle couleur - III
Bechance -
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Fini les racines pour Eva Longoria. Un RDV de dernière minute ? Pas de panique, Eva a la solution grâce à Magic Retouch finies les racines. En 3 secondes elles disparaissent et vous voilà prête pour votre RDV galant. #321 Magie
In this video we will start exploring all the new options of Lightroom 4, retouching a photo shot right into the sun.

Lightroom 4 retouching By Serge Ramelli
This is Part 1 in a series that make up a beauty retouch from start to finish

(Action Available To Set Up Layers from the website Basic retouch techniques for female models. Skin cleaning & softening, dodge and burn and basic eye enhancements. This is part one more to follow to include more enhancing techniques.
Онлайн-школа ретуши и обработки фотографий Highlights.

In this Photoshop retouching tutorial, Colin Smith shows how to clean the whites of eyes and remove veins without it looking fake. This is part 1 of a 2 part Ultimate eye retouching tutorial by PhotoshopCAFE.

This is just a little taste of the massive resources that we have available at photoshopCAFE. When you are ready to get serious about your learning, check out our full-length premium training at video

We have been providing the internet with the highest quality training f
A look into the world of retouching, with this special collaborative artist series.
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In this episode, we feature photographer Jenn Collins as I re...
Part 1 of a 5 Part editing series going through a Beauty Retouching Project covering: Removing blemishes, enhancing eyes, skin retouching, enhancing eyelashes, hair highlights and extending the neck.

Part 1 covers: Removing Blemishes & Enhancing Eyes.

In this video. I'll show you how to edit and retouch a low light landscape photo from start to finish in Lightroom and Photoshop. We'll use Lightroom Develop Module to do basic adjustments, sharpening, noise reduction and distortion reduction We'll apply some adjustment brush as well. After that we'll move to photoshop to fix some problem area by using stamp tool.

The first in a two part series where I cover a start to finish, natural outdoor portrait retouch using Adobe Photoshop. This part will cover fixing hair, smoothing skin while retaining texture using frequency separation, and adding depth and sharpness with dodging and burning. Part 2 will focus on details like the eyes and hair, toning the image and adding bokeh and lens flare.

Check out my fashion and beauty photography retouching course:

Part 2 can be fo

Commercial Retail Fashion -- Post Processing

You saw the behind the scenes of our Gap inspired fashion shoot, now we take the images into Photoshop to start the compositing and retouching process. Make sure to check back for part 2 of the post production later this week.
Cutting Your Subject Out

When photographing your subject on a gray seamless it should be relatively easy to cut them out. In today's episode we use the magic wand tool to select out the b
Тестирование спрея Magic retouch от L'Oreal

Hi-end ретушь бьюти снимка. С описанием.

Мой профиль

Рассказываю скучно :-) дальше будет лучше ;-)

This is part 1 of a two part series. This video concentrates on skin retouching and enhancing eyes in photoshop!

Watch Part 2:

follow me

Lance Nicoll takes you through a complete, start to finish, retouch from a fashion editorial shoot. The video will take you through all the steps as Lance edits and retouch the image for the first time. In Part 1 we look at cleaning up the white backdrop, removing distractions, and liquifying to help with the fit of the clothing.

See the full tutorial on Fstoppers:

Goto to see more examples of great headshots. This is part 1 of a 3 part series of retouching for this actor. Please goto my channel to see the rest of the series. In about 20 minutes I'll do some minor enhancements to really make this headshot pop and make it look like the light was perfect on his face when it doesn't start out that way.

In this retouching tutorial I will cover the entire process I went through to create the final effect. The tutorial shows how to:

- Clean Skin
- Smoothen sin with the Mixer Brush tool
- Dodge/Burn
- Eyes enhancement
- Add makeup

- Add more makeup
- Color lips
- General color adjustments
- Global illumination change
- Final light effects

Model stock from Editable Photos. More info here:
Retouching photo | ретушь фото | Zhdanov Dmitry
Ускоренный процесс обработки))
#ретушь #ретушер #обработкафото #портрет
#retouch #photo #retoucher #portrait
Поддержка стрима:

Представляю вашему вниманию видео урок по обработке фотографии в программах Adobe Lightroom и Adobe Photoshop. В этом уроке я покажу Вам цветокоррекцию в лайтруме, и ретушь фотографии в фотошопе. Некоторые моменты в уроке - ускорены, и пройдены поверхностно. Все, что не обьяснил детально в этом уроке - обязательно покажу в следующих;)

Присылайте свои RAW фотографии, а так же интересующую Вас обработку - и мы ее обязательно разберем в следующих видео!

Учебный материал скачать можно тут:

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About This Weeks Tutorial:
In today's video tutorial, I will show you the techniques I use when doing basic hair retouching.
I will create two layers, rename & group them into a group called HC (Healing & Cloning layer). I'll select the Cloning tool and before I start cloning, I'll adjust the tool with a small trick. Afterwards I'll switch over to my healing layer, select the Healing brush and start working on dif
Поддержка стрима:

All rights to their respective owners - Pic Source: - Thanks for that !

Retouching: Me
Photography, Model & MUA: see link above

Music by:

Here I show you how you can improve a simple landscape picture in just a few minutes using Adobe Lightroom.

If this helped you out then leave a Like and comment on what you want to see next!

My Flickr:

My Facebook Photography page:
Поддержка стрима:

Pick up my image retouching tutorial package ($27) right here:

Find the written tutorial here:

In this tutorial we’ll talk about using the Camera RAW editor to edit and begin the long photo retouch in Photoshop CC. I’ll teach you what I look for in terms of the tones in the image, the sharpness, camera profile, creating a smart object, and more! I will also take a moment and cover exactly how I ca
music: Three phase machine
video: AnnSD

Видео обработки фотографии для рубрики Александра Киселева "Dodge & Burn". Видео ускоренно в 4 раза. Это же видео, в 2 раза медленнее можно посмотреть тут:
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Video 1 of 3 going through the entire retouch of one of my images called 'Madame Spooky',

In this particular video we go cover:

Export images from Lightroom as Smart Objects
Double RAW conversion
Removing blemishes
Work on the eyes (Whitening, Brightening, Adding Colour)
Whitening the teeth
Luminosity Contrast
Dodging and Burning

Подписывайтесь на

Будет много интересного. Приятного просмотра :3

Smooth skin and retouch like a pro with this Photoshop Tutorial. Part 2 can be found in Photoshop Essentials for Photographers here: See exactly how to smooth skin, retouch blemishes and more!
Ретушь: [club60660487|Евгений Дашков]
Photo By Sophie Paris - Season 1

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Фотошоп Обработка мужских портретных фотографий man retouch 1
"Фотошоп - это интересное и увлекательное занятие, которым с удовольствием пользуются современные пользователи Интернета. В нем можно ретушировать фотографии, делать персонажи ярче, красочнее, загадочнее или более осмысленнее. Работа в фотошопе позволяет создавать новые и интересные кадры, коллажи, композиции, а украшая их фотоэффектами. Фотографии получаются более необычные и забавные, если добавить м

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HEY GUYS! So in this first in a three part series where I cover a start to finish, retouch using Frequency Separation in Adobe Photoshop. This part i will be covering how to remove dark shadows under the eyes, taking care of spots and bumps on the skin while retaining texture using frequency separation. Part 2 will focus on brightening the eyes and whitening the teeth. Part 3 I willing be finishing off by smoothing the skin, and doing a global sharpening of the image.

Subscribe to my channel here! - http:
If you want to see the other tutorials you can go to

In this series of tutorials we are going to do 5 projects for 5 different landscapes retouching. The first project is free, we are going to retouch a sunset in Paris using mainly camera raw fonctions and a bit of Photoshop tricks.

If you want to have the whole training series, click on this link :

In this tutorial we will look at how to recover lost texture and tone from a retouch that is overdone or has been pushed to far. By using frequency separation on the straight out of camera file we can borrow the original information and bring it back into our edited image.

find more work from Lance Nicoll at
Дізнайся, як правильно наносити наш новий засіб для приховування сивини Magic Retouch!
Прості поради для досягення ідеального ефекту!

Chcesz żeby zdjęcie zrobione przez ciebie było w kolejnym filmie? Wyślij je na speedretouching (at)

Polub na facebooku:
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Autorem obrabianego zdjęcia jest Piotr Zawistowski.

Jakość filmu trochę ucierpiała (rozmycie), bo nagrywałem go w wyższej rozdzielczości, a późn

Learn how to retouch eyes professionally in Photoshop using subtle changes without making it look fake or blurry. In my first tutorial, you will learn how to reduce veins in your eyes and more using non-destructive techniques. This tutorial uses Adobe Photoshop CS5, but should work with older versions too. I am a firm believer that less is more in photo editing!

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Best viewed in HD.

Audio: Locally Sourced (Youtube Audio Library)
Software: Adobe After Effects (CS5.
Ever wonder what photo retouching really is? Here's a video that will give you an insight about what goes into retouching and cleaning up a photograph. It's not blurring or airbrushing skin, and there's no magic button. Half of the time, you won't even know an image is retouched when it's done correctly and that's what it should be. It should what a person looks like on their best day, realistic yet natural and full of visible skin texture. This is for people in the industry as well as outside of it, to bri

I haven't done one of these speed retouches yet so here's my first. Nothing crazy... just something I was working on today. Plus it was my birthday if you couldn't tell from the pop-ups on the side. Enjoy.

Short tutorial for how I clean up skin texture and blemishes.

Photoshop Tutorial by Carrie Beene

Visit my website at
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Beginning of a Retouch workflow that I follow.
Instagram: @jennifermcintyre__
Music: AWOLNATION "Sail"
High End Retouching Process. 90 min in 4:30.

Retoucher: Elena Flamm.

This video illustrates how to use the Healing brush and clone stamp tool to repair skin blemishes.
This tutorial will show you how to retouch photo without overphotoshopping it, so that it looks natural.
Techniques used in this part: High End retouch, Dodge & Burn.
If you are interested in the second part of this tutorial - give the video a thumb up and I'll upload it any time soon!
It explains make-up correction, eues enhancement, color intensifying, photo sharpening.
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Photographer: Lesya Leyman.
Three years before Photoshop 1.0, USSR was already retouching photos with advanced technology

For More Go to
Bonjour à toutes et tous ! Ici le tout premier tutoriel de la chaîne, sur la retouche de peau à l'aide de l'outil correcteur !
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Профессиональная ретушь на заказ

Cette première partie du tutoriel va vous aider à comprendre la mécanique de retouche de la peau à l'aide de l'outil correcteur, élément essentiel pour supprimer les imperfections comme les boutons, rougeurs, etc. que nous complèterons ensuite avec les retouches avancées comme la séparation de fréquence ou le dodge and burn.

N'hésitez pas à vous abonner et à partager cette vidéo,