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RETNA and EL MAC have teamed up for another mural, this time in Culver City. Their newest mural, titled Of Our Youth, can be seen on the side of Graphaids art supply store, on La Cienega between Jefferson and Washington. The imagery and text used in this mural was inspired by their time spent at Skid Row, while painting their previous mural.

Фильмы про художников, иллюстраторов, дизайнеров, фотографов.
El Mac, Retna and Kofie were commissioned to create a mural for the Manifest Equality Event held in Hollywood, California in March, 2010.

The mural was painted over in beige three weeks after completion without notice or warning by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Thanks to Tom, the Sergants, FAIR Mid-City Arts.

video shot directed by: Kofie -
Model: Ginalyn McNamara
Music: "Reaction" by Freedom Power
Taking place on November 30, 2015, at Macaya Gallery, "ARTCELERATION" marks the accelerated evolution of street art from walls to luxury car, giving the highly-acclaimed artist, RETNA, the canvas of an art and luxury car collector's ultimate fantasy, a one-of-a-kind Ferrari F430 Challenge, courtesy of Ansa Motorcars.

Known to be influenced by Egyptian hieroglyphics and calligraphy from the Middle East and Asia, RETNA is a world-renowned graffiti artist whose celebrity commissions include Justin Bieber's re
El Mac, Retna and myself were commissioned by Yosi Sergant to create a mural for the Manifest Equality Event held in Hollywood, Calif from March 3-7 of 2010. From February 26 to March 2 we painted day and night using imported spray paint and 3 scissor lifts to create the 20 x 100 foot semi-grayscale mural located in the parking lot of the former Pic-n-save/Big Lots. Many thanks to Tom, the Sergants, FAIR & Mid-City Arts. Thestreetsarecalli - BUY IT NOW on DVD & iTunes
TRAFIK is Global Fixed Gear Culture

World renowned graffiti artist Retna represents for L.A., hooking up featured rider Efrem with a custom painted Aerospoke. One of the many cuts only available on the BONUS FEATURES of the TO LIVE & RIDE IN LA DVD.

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TWITTER World renowned graffiti artist Retna represents for L.A., hooking up featured rider Efrem with a custom painted Aerospoke. This is one of the many BONUS FEATURES only available on the To Live & Ride in L.A. DVD coming 6.21.2011. Get it HERE Follow the TRAFIK blog @ Music: "Correctly Done" Bambu feat. Thurzday Courtesy of Community Kitchen Records
This was a mural painted by Mac & Retna at RVCA headquarters in Costa Mesa, California in 2009. Artwork copyright ©2009 Mac & Retna Video shot by Taylor Sage Music: The Animals Model: Ashley Vera - еще больше интересного!
This collaboration piece was put together by RETNA and The Mac on the walls of RVCA HQ.
Process video of the creation of a large painting for Nick Cassavetes. Artwork copyright ©2010 Mac Retna. Photography: El Mac, Music: "Paz y Alegria" by Adrian Quesada Ocote Soul Sounds
El MAC is part of "SQ Seres Queridos" 2010 Monterrey Lineup - Project by Arto - Art Beyond Museums / Nobulo - Art Culture Projects and MARCO Museum.

Retna teams up with Primary Flight and paints Brimstone in Wynwood District of Miami during Art Basel.


The first installation in the Fairfax Titans series features Los Angeles' own RETNA explaining the inspiration behind his recent installation at FACTORY 413.

The Fairfax Titans project is an ongoing collaboration between FACTORY 413 and Known Gallery in conjunction with Supra Footwear, bringing featured artists to Fairfax Ave. to create custom installations in the 413 display space.

The Fairfax Titans project will continue throughout 2011. Stay tuned for quarterly updates on new artists and installations.

Graffiti Writer RETNA talks about his life, his love, and his motivation to create art.

RETNA is a valiant and innovative unifier of culture. Through his uniquely curated alphabet of old english, hebrew, arab, asian and other calligraphy Retna has created his own universal text by which to translate his emotions, dreams, and poetry. He is also a kind and generous artist whose utmost goal is to share his work and put a smile on the face of those who enjoy and understand his dense rhythmic structures.
Retna, художник из Лос Анджелеса, известный своим фирменным стилем и частыми коллаборациями с ElMac, недавно выставлялся в одной из галерей Нью-Йорка. Процесс подготовки экспозиции был заснят на видео, и позже смонтирован в стильный ролик!
Upper Playground and FIFTY24SF Present:
The new tee from Retna.
Film by Michael Langan
Music by Thomas Dragonette

Retna paints the "Tribute Wall" on the Wynwood Lofts building in Wynwood, Miami during winter 2011. Special thanks to Primary Flight for arranging and making this mural possible and Douglas "Hox" Hoekzema for all of his hard work and support too! Filmed by Peter Vahan with additional footage by Colin Day Timelapses/Editing by Peter Vahan Music : Alchemist - Mamma (Instrumental) Bob Marley - War ----- Вступайте,группа посвящена граффити и стрит-арту,все лучшие работы которые можно найти на просторах интернета.
SullenTV was at Lincoln Park in Los Angeles,CA for the Trece Art Show opening. Plaza De La Raza and the Baurmann Gallery presented artists such as Big Sleeps, Retna, Prime, Estevan Oriol, Chaz Bojorquez, Defer, Germs, Miguel Tripas Felipe, and more.,
Life Love Regret Productions -Anthony Godinez -Josh Mikolaycik Music by William Bancroft-Short -3 and 4
This LA-based street artist is currently on the road with his latest exhibition, the "Halleluja World Tour". Despite hints of Asian calligraphy, Incan and Egyptian hieroglyphics, Hebrew and Arabic script in his work, Retna likens himself more to a typographer rather than inventor of a new language. He talks to about his gang-inspired beginnings, his need to be unhappy and the job that he is here to do. Address: The Old Dairy, 7 Wakefield St, London, WC1N 1PB

Getting down to the track "Today I Got Time Cuz" by Zikomo x Tek.lun. One of my favorite street artists Retna did the backdrop.
In June 2011, after purchasing the property located at 825 Berkeley Street, with his partner, Adam Corlin wanted to bring awareness to the impacts that are occurring in the world's oceans. After much thought, Adam decided that installing a public art display would be a great way to impact the greater community by bringing the vision of Restoring and Protecting the World's Oceans. In doing so, Adam Corlin contacted his friends at Heal the Bay and outlined his thoughts and ideas for the project, which would
Graffiti artist Retna shares the unique technique, vision, and ambition behind his original mural for the West Hollywood Library. Featuring the song "Last Known Surroundings" by Explosions in the Sky.

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Southern California Street Muralists El Mac & Retna
shot cut conceived by viejas del mercado
Фильмы про художников, архитекторов, дизайнеров, фотографов.
Cope 2 and Retna collaborate outdoors in the South Bronx 2012.
Cope2 Page:
Behind the scenes body paint by renowned contemporary artist RETNA.


Makeup Artist: http://www.ChristianTheMUA...

Сотрудничество частного перевозчика и фирмы VistaJet and Bombardier Aerospace, ребята попросили уличного художника Retna сделать ручную работу на хвосте самолета VistaJet Global Express XRS.

This is the RETNA individual video for the "Art in the Streets" project. This project was a collaboration between Vanity Fair, Cadillac and MOCA. I was brought on to direct the short doc videos for each artist as well as a compilation video. This project stemmed from the MOCA museum exhibit. The idea was to take the art out of the museum and put it back on the streets. It was a stellar project with three amazing artists. I'm thrilled to have captured the process of each one. We used the following cams
A rare look inside Retna's Los Angeles studio. In this interview we learn about some unexpected influences in his early work.
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footage/editing by j.hurt
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Louis Vuitton has invited three personalities from the world of street art to give a new look to its emblematic scarves. Under Aiko, Retna, and Os Gemeos' impulsion, the giant silk scarf, the stole and the regular silk scarf devote themselves to a new look, with inscriptions and colors bursting with style.

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