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Album: The Power of the Dollar (2000)
Song Title: The Repercussions

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Christian Core Music, metal, Metalcore, EmoCore, GrindCore, Post-Hardcore, Deathcore, Alternative, Progressive
Armin van Buuren - A State Of Trance 680 (11-09-2014)

[00:00] 01. A State of Trance - Intro (00:54)
[00:53] 02. Alexander Metzger - Helicopter Start Intro Engine Mix (01:51)
[02:45] 03. Yahel - Dune (03:15)
[05:59] 04. Yahel & Activa - Samsana (02:47)
[08:46] 05. Critical Choice - Roots (03:43)
[12:29] 06. Ghost Rider - Be Focused (04:17)
[16:46] 07. Liquid Soul & DJ Dream - Liquid Dream (03:50)
[20:36] 08. Transwave - Land Of Freedom (Liquid Soul Remix) (02

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видео от того же автора)))
audio used with permission by CaptainComedy:
visual style shamelessly ripped off, without permission, from Djy1991:

Used gmod and photoshop to make the video, editing and effects done in Vegas 8.

DOOM: Repercussions of evil
By: Peter Chimaera
John Stalvern waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There
were demons in the base. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. His
An epilogue to this:

So what does this mean?

Sam Benenati (​user1395606)
Courtney Seymour (

Many many thanks to everyone who watched the original music video. Much appreciation to the tumblr community!
Animation by Phobotech in newgrounds (NOT ME)

History by Peter Chimaera.

Special version for russian DooM fans.
Текст перевода взят с сайта Lurkmore. Озвучивал AquapunK, звукорежиссер - DeXiaZ. Автор самого произведения - Peter Chimaera. Автор мультфильма - Phobotech.

Специально для группы
REVENGE ∞ МЕСТЬ ∞ ВОЗМЕЗДИЕ ∞ РЕВАНШ - вот тема для обсуждения!
Приятного просмотра!
Эмили: Где, чёрт возьми, мой отец?
В следующее воскресенье:
Виктория: Ты когда-нибудь задумывалась, что будет, когда ты расскажешь ему, сколько смертей произошло по твоей вине?
Эмили Торн столкнётся со своим прошлым
Дэвид: Я выясню, что на самом деле случилось с моей девочкой.
И с последствиями своей мести.
Виктория: Дэвид!
«Месть» - новая серия в следующее воскресенье на ABC.
Edinburgh Samba School funking it up Tremendao style in Monléon Mognoac, at Samba Repercussion 2008.

Big thanks to Antonio and the Italian massive Afroeira for the clip!
Made by Oscar Johansson -
Russian dub -
Author:Oscar Johansson

A Bird's Awakening. The second episode of Castle Repercussions. Made in 2007/2008.

All Credits to Oscar Johansson.

This is his website :

Lloyd (My favourite character , the only one with sword ):

Freaky Lloyd:

Full movie playlist:

Made by Oscar Johansson -
Russian dub -
Author:Oscar Johansson

The third installment of Castle Repercussions follows Sergeant John Mullins as he fights to survive and locate the other members of his team.

All Credits to Oscar Johansson.

Made by Oscar Johansson -
Russian dub -
Author:Oscar Johansson

P.S. All credit to Oscar Johansson. I didn't make this flash. I just want more people know how awesome this flash movie is!!

A Private's Dread. The first episode of Castle Repercussions. Made in 2007/2008.

Наш басист от скуки по выступлениям учится играть на гитаре).
Music video by 50 Cent performing Da Repercussions. (C) 1999 Trackmasters Entertainment/Columbia
Made by Oscar Johansson -
Russian dub -
Author:Oscar Johansson

The fourth and final installment of Castle Repercussions follows Boomer's exciting escape! Be sure to check out the second part of the finale!

All Credits to Oscar Johansson.

This is his website :

Lloyd (My favourite character , the only one with sword ):

Freaky Lloyd:

Full movie playlist:
Science Dept. – Persuasion / Repercussion (Unreleased Remixes)

Label: Bedrock Records – BED 2X
Format: Vinyl, 12", Limited Edition
Country: UK
Released: 2000
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House, Progressive Trance

I do not own the rights to this song. This video is just a tribute to the original artist and the remixer.

Buy this song here:

Label: Bedrock Records
Catalogue Number: BEDRCDS 002
Country: UK
Released: 28 Feb 2000
Style: Progressive House
Written by: Danny Howells, Dick Trevor
Vocals: Sophie Barker
Remix by: Lucien Foort


Sometimes you are so bad, you're good.
Track 15, I think I'm only gonna give personal info for songs/stages I remember lol
Released in 1958 by Mercury Records.

Expand to view this album in its entirety. . .

A1) Chinatown, my Chinatown 0:00
A2) La paloma 1:42
A3) Bells and little bells 4:18
A4.1) West Side Story Medley: Prologue 6:15
A4.2) West Side Story Medley: Maria Cha Cha 8:11
A4.3) West Side Story Medley: Cool 9:26

B1) Dizzy fingers 11:29
B2) Cymbalism (Fury of the seas) 13:02
B3) George Washington slept here 15:08
B4) The bells of St. Mary’s 17:31
B5) The peanut vendor 20:01
B6) First call (In
For the lulz.

Topic: The Repercussions of Lust and Anger
Speaker: Sri Srimad Gour Govinda Swami Maharaja
Date: 27 October 1990
Location: ISKCON Temple, Brisbane, Australia
Courtesy of: Gopal Jiu Publications (
Channel Masters Of Hardkruaine:
This channel and music are tracks that are mixed by Hardstyle and Hardcore ...
But we have invented a way to give freedom to Ukraine .
Then we administrators of these songs ... We just decided to do for the country of Ukraine and the Gherb symbol of Ukraine .
If anyone wants to know more is obliged to contact us at our email :
So to know the name we put " Hardkruaine "
Is merged w
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Cat #: MPURE012
Release Date: 28/07/2014
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Format: CD / Download / Stream

After wowing the masses for many years now with epic releases such as 'Mana' and 'Divine' under his Selu Vibra alias and more recently 'Overture' on John O'Callaghan's Subculture, we're over the moon that
Author:Oscar Johansson

The fourth and final installment of Castle Repercussions follows Boomer's exciting escape! Be sure to check out the second part of the finale!

The noted fanfic Doom: Repercussions of Evil, ponified.

The narration is by Vorhias:
De "Dsr.Slit" - (Phaserprone, 2011)

Фильм посвящен 20-ой годовщине народно-освободительного движения Карабаха.

Год: 2008. Продолжительность: 25 минут.
Классный альбом)))))
00. Foreword (feat. Don Lafontaine)
01. Rusher – Blood Theme [Unsigned]
02. Cause 4 Concern – Pendemic [C4CUK]
03. Catacomb – Farewell [Syndrome Audio]
04. Optiv – Brainworm [BSE]
05. Noisia & Phace – Levitation [Vision]
06. Rregula – Shits Dope [Shadybrain]
07. Psidream – Spirit Quest [Cymbalism LTD]
08. Inside Info – Angel Way [Terrarfunk]
09. Malsum – Geogotu [CALIBRATE]
10. NoMoney – Sylar [Close2Death]
11. Axiom – Soulcavenger [Renegade Hardware]
12. Psidream – Cypher [Uprising]
13. Spor & Phace – Dying of the Light [Lifted]
14. Noisia & Phace – Cannonball [Vision]
15. Lifted Crew – Dirge [Lifted]
16. Jade – The Prey [Citrus]
17. Lifted Crew – Levitate [Lifted]
18. Jade – Bitch (Audio Remix) [Citrus]
19. Axiom – Phalanx [Close2Death]
20. Phace & Misanthrop – Off Center [Shadow Law]
21. Catacomb – Blood Muscle [Symptom]
22. Malsum – Teorema [MELTING POT]
23. The Upbeats – Craven Raven [Bad Taste]
24. Phace – Hot Rock VIP [Subtitles]
25. Malsum – Nature Infest [Unsigned]
26. N-Phonix – Ephyra (Dose RMX) [Full Force]
27. Rusher & Malsum – The Beginning TEASER [Unsigned]
Donald Hodgkinson 2013
Werrd Hour (3a) and Fruiture (1a)
The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: Growing anti-government sentiment in Macedonia, charges for organizers of Burundi's failed coup, Libya detains hundreds of African migrants near Tripoli, and Seattle protesters take to the water to protest against Shell's Arctic drilling plans.

Protesters Urge Prime Minister to Step Down
The government is mired in a wiretapping scandal which the opposition claims is evidence of high-level corruption.


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August 10, 2015 - The Middle East Institute was pleased to host a discussion of expectations across the region following Iran's agreement with the P5+1 on its nuclear program. The historic deal may end Iran's status as a pariah state, particularly in capitals outside the region. How have leaders in Tehran indicated they may proceed? How do the Arab states and Turkey view the implications of an Iran empowered by sanctions relief and diplomatic normalization? How might regional states react if Iran steps up i
Author:Oscar Johansson

P.S. All credit to Oscar Johansson. I didn't make this flash. I just want more people know how awesome this flash movie is!!

The fourth and final installment of Castle Repercussions follows Boomer's exciting escape! Be sure to check out the second part of the finale!

Go to learn more about booking rePercussion drumming comedy show and The Grable Group | *Disclaimer: I do not own this art & music. All art & music belongs to their respectfull owners. I do not earn any money with this video. This video is for enjoyment or information purposes only. Thank you*
Track off of the sophomore full length from Beware The Neverending entitled "Times of War"!

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Konstantin Batoszky, Political Analyst At Azov Region Development Agency .

Mariupol and Krasnoarmiisk, two major towns in Donetsk region, are unable to vote, and that's a big problem says Oleh Rybachuk from the civil movement Chesno.
We still have nomenclatura party in charge, and it's not surprising many people from Party of Regions now in Poroshenko party, but it means many people don’t trust the system anymore.

The Sunday Show is the only English-language TV show based in Ukraine explaining the easte
November 28th, 2015 - The Angerfist event "RAISE & REVOLT"
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WDR - один из лучших биг бэндов Европы на сегодня. Есть еще один SWR.
In English -
This round, the boys lost, so they had to crawl under our legs.
A do-over of an old classic. Budapest, Hungary
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Генеральная репетиция WDR биг-бэнда к концерту на фестивале 2015 Piano: Мишель Камило играет вместе с WDR биг-бэндом под руководством Майкла Моссмана пьесы «Отзвуки» Мишеля Камило. Специальные гости: Линкольн Goines, бас, Клифф Алмонд на барабанах и Елиел Лазо, Percussion. Soli играли Йохан Хорлен и Шеннон Барнетт. Аранжировку написал Майкл Моссман.

WDR Big Band в сети
John Stalvern must kill the demons.

Fan Fiction by: Peter Chimaera
Narration by: Facechild
Buy His Book:
Starring Taylor Tai, Marshall Bingham, Cassandra Ebner, Ieisha Auyeung, Andrei Kovski, Nathan Ozee, Sid Joshi.

Choreographed / Shot / Edited by Tanay Genco Ulgen.

Produced by Nathan Ozee.

Makeup by Kathryn Munroe (Vancouver FX Studio).

Special thanks to Maple Auto Glass and Darryl Ahye.
A short breakdown of 2 shots, from which I removed/replaced several objects: 1 - Shop logo, shop menu, customer in front of a window, old people on bench (8 sec). 2 - Microphone, placed with sticker on woman's chest (13 sec). Both shots were cleaned up in "Nuke". "Repercussion" is a feature-length film directed by Alisher Hamdamov screened in film-festivals now. Music: jesper Kyd - Ezio in Florence [Assassin's Creed II] 2009 Короткий разбор двух кадров, где я убрала/заменила несколько объектов: 1
In English -
A video interpretation of the magnum opus of Peter Chimaera.
Drew Scheuer and Vince Romanelli putz around Southeast Asia.
This is what happens.
An awesome band, breakdown after breakdown!
-Feel guilty about what you watch 8 hours a day every sunday?
---vid and aud belong to rightful owners

Song: Eminem Go To Sleep Instrumental

WDR Big Band featuring Michel Camilo - Michael Mossman - Lincoln Goines - Eliel Lazo - Johan Hörlen - Shannon Barnett.
...more Videos here at DRUMMERWORLD:

My version of the story 'DOOM: Repercussions of Evil' with the musical version 'John Stalvern The Zombie: Be Kill By Demons'. The video was made using 'The Movies'.
Enjoy :D<br/><br/>
North Sea Jazz Festival - 2008
Michel Camilo (piano); Charles Flores (bass); Dafnis Prieto (drums).
Made by Oscar Johansson -
Russian dub -

Milla Jovovich with her daughter, Ever Gabo Anderson! 2012
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