Relics of a world war: SS in the fields смотреть онлайн

Relics of a world war: SS in the fields

So many things found, so few I can show you. Here is a video of recent work we have been doing after we got a tip from a local village. We do not dig without permission from local authorities and the owner of the land. Live ordnance is reported, holes are filled and no garbage left behind (as it should be!).

An eyewitness report from the late 1970's tells the story that this was a machinegun group of three men, supported by several other riflemen and an 'Ofenrohr Gruppe' facing a group of Americans supported by two Sherman tanks. One was killed by an American handgrenade, the two others surrendered and survived the war. Both have since passed away.

For those interested this is where the music comes from (with permission of author)

For those of you who are asking me questions about where I search, where can I find helmets and guns, can you please take me with you? etc. I am sorry but I only search with a select group of friends