Regina Spektor & Only Son - Call Them Brothers: Regina Spektor & Only Son - Call Them Brothers, Regina Spektor & Jack Dishel (Only Son) - Call Them

Regina Spektor & Only Son - Call Them Brothers

Клипы к альбому What We Saw from the Cheap Seats
релиз - апрель 2012
режиссёр - James Holland
Произошла утечка информации, и видео было загружено на YouTube гораздо раньше официальной премьеры. Возможно, что Регина и Джек, имеющие русские корни хотели красивой символичной премьеры, которая и состоялась 9-го мая 2012 года.
31 авг.12 Категория видео: Музыка. Смотреть онлайн видео > Немного о России в ретро-клипе Онли Сон (Only Son) и Регины Спектор (Regina Spektor).

Трогательное видео от Regina Spektor & Only Son на кого-то может навеять воспоминания... незаметно подкрадется состояние меланхолии. Если у вас за окном пасмурно, - это видео особенно попадет в настроение.
© 2012 WMG "Call Them Brothers" was written by Jack Dishel (of Only Son) & Regina Spektor and appears on Only Son's second album, "Searchlight".

The video was directed and photographed by James Holland using Super 8mm film. Additional archival footage was shot by family friend Howard Zuckerman.

Regina and Jack (of Only Son) liked the song so much they recorded a new version of the song (its brother!) with producer Mike Elizondo. It will appear on the digital deluxe edition of Regina's new album "What W
"Call Them Brothers" Official Music Video.
Directed by James Holland.
"What We Saw From the Cheap Seats (Deluxe Version)" by Regina Spektor:
"Searchlight" by Only Son:
© 2012 Only Son, Regina Spektor MRI Records Ltd.

То видео, где кричали "Я хочу от тебя детей"
Here's Only Son performing as a special guest for Regina Spektor's Haiti Relief benefit concert sponsored by Doctors Without Borders at Irving Plaza, NYC on March 23, 2010.

I don't think Regina's voice can ever go wrong when blending with another musician. I don't know if they'll officially record this, but I do hope it ends up in Jack's album.
Regina Spektor Live In Moscow, Russia
"Call Them Brothers" feat. Jack Dishel (Only Son)
"Молитва Франсуа Вийона" авт. Булат Окуджава
"Apres Moi"
"Dance Anthem Of The 80's"
Live In Moscow 15.07.2012, CROCUS CITY HALL

Recorded by Nokia 808 PureView

bobo restaurant -
Only Son took stage at bobo during the Gay Pride Parade, and so he called his girlfriend, the amazing Regina Spektor, up on stage. After claiming she was just "a tranny he had picked up at the parade" they sang a beautiful duet together.