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Reel Zombies

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Постановщики низкобюджетных и малоуспешных ужастиков про зомби “Ночь зомби” и “Ночь зомби 2
All field footage from this fan video was captured from the second round of play at Apocalypse Paintball in Wisconsin for the fourth annual Operation Plague airsoft event. The camera is a head-mounted GoPro HD used by airsoft and boating enthusiast "nightwalker".

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Fun notes:
Nightwalker is fielding a Tanaka P08 luger replica and a KSC G26C
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Una compilación de algunas escenas de nuestro trabajo.
Visual Effects Supervisor for the production, based upon the bestselling book by Seth Grahame-Smith, was Cinesite’s own Simon Stanley-Clamp, who oversaw around 200 shots for the production, ranging from environments to digital make-up enhancement, crowds of computer generated zombies, decapitations and limb removal. Work was shared across Cinesite’s London and Montréal teams. For more information please visit
Сообщество "Типичный геймер":
Chan Sung Jung a.k.a The Korean Zombie has taken the mixed martial arts world by storm. Starting out a ferocious brawler he has recently displayed jiu jitsu skills to make him one of the most feared fighters in the featherweight class. His 2012 fight with Dustin Poirier was declared fight of the year by no less than four publications.

DISCLAIMER: This footage is not owned by me but by the UFC (