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Red - Breathe Into Me

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Hi! I`m back! Here is my guitar cover of Breathe Into Me by RED! Check it out! :)


Tuning: Drop C#

Operator - Anastasia Bakhareva

Guitar: Schecter Hellraiser Extreme C-1
Guitar FX: Zoom G3X
Music Recording Software: Sequel 3
Video software: Sony Vegas 12
Camera: Canon PowerShot SX510 HS

Вот что чувствуешь, когда я пропускаю мимо ушей твои слова.
Вот где я теряюсь, когда продолжаю убегать от тебя.
Вот кем я становлюсь, когда перестаю себя узнавать.
Вот что я выбираю, когда выбор за мной.

Вдохни в меня жизнь,
Я чувствую тебя,
Я падаю, падаю всё быстрее...
Вдохни в меня жизнь,
Ты по-прежнему нужна мне.
Я падаю,
Вдохни в меня жизнь,
Вдохни в меня жизнь...

Вот как это выглядит, когда я стою на краю.
Вот как я раскалываюсь на части, когда наконец ударяюсь о землю.
Вот как мне больно, когда я притворяюсь, что не чувствую боли.
Вот как я исчезаю, когда растрачиваю себя впустую.

Вдохни в меня жизнь,
Я чувствую тебя,
Я падаю, падаю всё быстрее...
Вдохни в меня жизнь,
Ты по-прежнему нужна мне.
Я падаю,
Вдохни в меня жизнь,
Вдохни в меня жизнь,
Вдохни в меня жизнь,
Вдохни в меня жизнь...
After uploading this video 7 times so youtube could understand the video was HD i finally got it :D

Clips used for the music video are from episodes 21 22 from Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion Season 2
I created this for Bioware/LucasArts' latest released trailer for Star Wars, The Old Republic. I liked this music video and I hope you do too.

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Смотрела много раз! тыкни сюда!!!!
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клип на сериал Братья по оружию, снятый по реальным событиям второй мровой, история роты "изи" американских вдв, вторжение объелиненных английских и американских войск в европу, конец второй мировой.
Я сделал это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Музыка: Red - Breathe Into Me
AMV Final Fantasy XV RED Breathe into Me
Took me much longer to make this video then I was hoping, but it's finally done and I think it turned out pretty good. Feel free to sub if you like, if you do a lot more like this coming your way.

Series- Band of Brothers
Song- Breathe Into Me by Red

Клип по сериалу Ведьмак

Montage From Seirei No Moribito. Please check out my other Anime Music Vids. Support great bands & musicians!
Music video by Red performing Breathe Into Me. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 15,774


(C) 2006 Essential Records

From Uprise Festival 2016 Shippensburg Fairgrounds Shippensburg,PA 09-17-16
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla ◄╝ТОЛЬКО РОК !!!
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From:End of silence album

Bless to your life.
Bendiciones a tu vida.

"Ignora el correo electrónico"
"Ignore the e-mail"
All copyrights go to the band RED. This video is a NON-profitable video used only for education and entertainment. Hey Guys! I hope you enjoy this new cover! I had a lot of fun playing this song! Its an oldie but still amazing! Hope you enjoy! God bless!

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Original Performer is Red
Ibanez ICT 700
Line 6 POD Farm 2 GX
Red performs Breathe Your Life Into Me
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Официальный Клип Breathe Into Me группы RED — подборка музыкальных видеоклипов из ваших аудиозаписей via

Red - Breathe Into Me, shot live, multi-camera, audible music

Видео предоставила группа "Клипы по Наруто"
Bleach - Red - Breathe into me

Видео предоставила группа "Клипы по Наруто"
Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:
Love Will Leave A Mark
As You Go
Hymn For The Missing (Guillotine remix)
Death of Me (Guillotine remix)
Breathe Into Me (Remix Acústica)

you can buy the album in itunes and their page, link below is provided
by Дмитрий Иваненко
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Intro:"Getting Away With Murder"
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RED performs Breathe Into Me in the Advance Financial Acoustic Den. 102.9 The Buzz, Nashville, TN. February 27, 2013.
RED - Breathe into me in Sullivan Room (Kiev) on 30 April, 2012

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From Lancaster Bible College Lancaster,Pa REDvolution Tour 2015 10-18-15
Простите за качество звука и дерганное или отсутствующее порой изображение. старался как мог.

Red, performing Breathe Into Me in Pittsburgh at the Altar Bar on 02/19/15 at the beginning of their Of Beauty and Rage Tour.
The sound mix in the club was very bad - not the audio of the video.
I do not own the rights to this song.
Exteel - онлайновый такой аниме-mecha шутер с прокачкой
Red tocando breathe into me versao acustica

Drum cover of "Breathe Into Me" From the Band "RED" off the End Of Silence Album. Hope you enjoy.. and remember to Comment....Rate.....And tell your friends.... And if you have not already .....Subscribe....Thanx
Red singing "Breathe Into Me" at SoulFest '07 in Gilford, NH. 8-4-07.
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Warner Brother`s Film "Priest"
And this is how it feels when I ignore the words you spoke to me
And this is where I lose myself when I keep running away from you
And this is who I get when, when I don't know myself anymore
And this is what I choose when it's all left up to me

And this is how it looks when I am standing on the edge
And this is how I break apart when I finally hit the ground
And this is how it hurts when I pretend I don't feel any pain
And this is how I disappear when I throw myself away
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This band kicks ass! I've been planning to cover this song for some time now,
here it is! Enjoy!

I made different distortion sounds to match the radio sound from the intro and verses.

Tuning: Drop Db (C# sharp)
Red performs "Breath Into Me" on the End of Silence 10th Anniversary Tour @ Trees in Dallas, TX.
anime: D. Gray man
song: red brethe to me

please comment hehehhee


Created Under Fair use

Red: Breathe into me

Dead Space 2
Uncharted 3
Gears of war 3
Resistance 3
FFVersus 13
Intersteller Marines
Battlefield 3
Deus Ex Human Revolution
Killzone 3
Starwars the old republic
Eve Online Incursion
Dust 514

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Музыка: Шопен – Мечта
Red – Breathe Into Me
Аниме: Рыцарь вампир
Видео предоставила группа "Клипы по Наруто"
Red performing at Best Buy, Madison, WI. Ozz from WJJO gave it his best lol. 2-17-09
Red - Breathe Into Me (acoustic cover)

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Автор : SadneSs

заготовка , посмотрите как получилось , мне интересно надо что-то переделать или доделать,?
Red performing "Death Of Me" Rock Allegiance Tour 9-23-11 at Mesa Amphitheater in Mesa, AZ
A great song performed by Red, "Breathe Into Me" from the DVD "End Of Silence".

RED performing Breathe into Me Live in Poughkeepsie, NY.
Прошу если не нрава что я вас отметила или не понравилось видео не надо высказываться по этому поводу... просто удали отметку!
Red performing "Breathe Into Me" Live @ the Rock Allegiance Tour. Check out my page for more videos from the show.

RED performing the song Breath Into Me in Neshville
By Guilherme

28 апреля@Milk, smal stage
Red - Breathe Into Me Live HD WinterJam 2011 Greensboro NC
RED - Breathe Into Me
video by I.D. Photography
Second show in Belarus!
Minsk, 25-08-16
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2014 - Run And Escape Tour - The Underground - Cincinnati, Oh
August 9, 2014
Camera - Nikon COOLPIX P510 16.1 MP CMOS Digital Camera with 42x Zoom
Watch in HD!
Официальный Клип Breathe Into Me группы RED
BLR, 04.11.2013 (RE:Public club)

Shooted by Lumia 920
by Sonny
Performance by Red "Breath Into Me" from Mojoe's in Joliet 03-12-15
RED - Breathe Into Me
Live at Re:public
Minsk, 04-11-13
Red - Breathe Into Me<br/><br/>
Red performing Breathe Into Me at Creation Festival Northeast

Milk Moscow (small arena)

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Музыка: Red – Breathe Into Me
Аниме: Эрго Прокси
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здесь собраны лучшие AMV. Присоединяйтесь к нам, собирем коллекцию вместе^^
Приятного просмотра)

Аниме: Легенда Араты
Музыка: Red – Breathe into Me