Reconstruction: Depeche Mode - Stripped (Kaiser Complex Reconstruction Remix), reconstruction crash Robert Kubica rally di Andora 2011, Reconstruction gives


The "Portal No Escape" (USA, 2011) and the "Le sniper"by Yoann Garel (France, 2012) short movie scenes

"Портал не уйдешь" (США, 2011) и "Снайпер" Йоанном Гарель (Франция, 2012) короткие фильм сцены
Forensic analysis has revived the features of a prehistoric skull buried near the UK's most iconic monument

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3D facial reconstruction of a young male dated -2500 years from "iberic" period (Spain). The skull was pierced with an iron nail as part of a ceremonial practice. The views were done working on a 2mm cut CTscan, Zbrush, Cinema4D and VrayforC4D. Due to the amount of hair strands each frame had a 45mn render time on a Mac Pro 12 cores with 24GB Ram in HD 1080p format. (This Vimeo video is only in 720p). Reconstruction done for the MAC Ullastret/Catalonia/Spain (Archeological Museum of Catalonia).
We present an approach that takes a single video of a person's face and reconstructs a high detail 3D shape for each video frame. We target videos taken under uncontrolled and uncalibrated imaging conditions, such as youtube videos of celebrities. ECCV 2014
Реконструкция волос от компании Helen Seward и академии "Преображение"
Музыкальное телевидение 90-х -
Музыка , радио , телевидение -
Reconstruction of the defense of the fortress in 2016
Реконструкция обороны Брестской крепости 2016
Реконструкция эпизода Великой Отечественной войны на историческом фестивале "Сибирский огонь). Финал боя. 12 июня 2016.
Reconstruction of World War II episode in the historic festival "Siberian fire). The final battle. June 12, 2016.
"Good Times" by Manic Drive (David Thulin Remix) off his upcoming album, Reconstruction OUT APRIL 23rd For more information visit: SUBSCRIBE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:

Manic Drive appears courtesy of Bema Meda / Whiplash Records
Pick up their latest album, EPIC on iTunes:

Hrazdan stadium reconstruction
Voskresenie Dance Theatre
Dance-performance "Reconstruction"
Musik - Chris Lancaster
This trailer is a preview of the full-length operation available at

This presentation, featuring Daniel B. O'Neill, MD, demonstrates his technique for arthroscopically assisted reconstruction of the ACL deficient knee using a patellar bone-patellar ligament-tibial tubercle bone autograft. In-depth discussion on surgical indications, contraindications, graft selection, fixation options and postoperativ
David Bradley and Reece Shearsmith recreate Doctor Who's very first regeneration.
Beating heart. 3D reconstruction of a three-day-old beating zebrafish heart and the surrounding vasculature. Endocardium is depicted in cyan, myocardium and blood cells in red. Ventral view, with the head facing up
Technique: Custom-enhanced single-plane illumination (light sheet) microscopy
Образовательные видео на
Eleven Jesus Culture songs reconstructed and remixed. Featuring songs from Jesus Culture like "Pursuit" and "Your Love Never Fails", Bryan Torwalt's "He is the Light", Katie Torwalt's "King of All the Earth" and Derek Johnson's "I Belong To You". Available on iTunes on March 11, 2014!
Link to project page & press release:

This paper describes a method for scene reconstruction of complex, detailed environments from 3D light fields. Densely sampled light fields in the order of 10^9 light rays allow us to capture the real world in unparalleled detail, but efficiently processing this amount of data to generate an equally detailed reconstruction represents a significant challenge to existing algorithms. We propo
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Интро видео к фильму о реконструкции бизнес центра “Домино” на Подоле.
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Back in 2006 we came up with the idea to make a video that reconstructs the Bullmastiff breed history, and it turned out to be a fun and creative day in the woods.

The Bullmastiff in the video is CH Librrani's Astrox and the video is made by Librrani with great help from friends.
here it is!
The brand new edition of my buggy.
After some hard work in the shop the whole winter/spring its finally done with my new custom made heavy duty shockabsorbers.
Extensive reconstruction has also been done to the frame. so now its ready to withstand bigger jumps and harder hits;)

Tell me what ya think folks!!

We know how it is with steak. Everybody has fierce opinions about where to buy it, how to order it, and the best ways to ...
Peter Bellion is a veteran investigator of the Victoria Police MCIU (Major Collision Investigation Unit) assessing many hundreds of fatal crashes. He has advised on a number of TAC campaigns.

On this occasion he fronts the camera to reinforce the Wipe off 5 message with a graphic demonstration of how a car driving just 5 km/h faster can impact on the severity of injuries sustained by a vulnerable road user such as a pedestrian..

This was one of the most complex commercials ever made in Aus
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Well, I decided to reconstruct this cutscene, this is the first version of it, because just yesterday I started to create it, I still have some tinkering to do. :P

Note: I'm not part of the team I.G.A.S, I clarify because some people think that!

I hope you like it!

Съёмки военной реконструкции проходили в Крыму летом 2014 г. для документального фильма "Часовые памяти. Город-Герой Севастополь".
Режиссер-постановщик: Сергей Мерзляков. Операторы: Александр Бахланов, Алексей Коровин.

Полную версию фильма смотрите здесь

Музыка: Armin van Buuren PresGaia - Aisha (Mat Deyo Reconstruction Intro Mix)

Trance, Музыка, Трек, Транс, Клип, Видео, Нарезка, Транс музыка

Альбом Trance:
Описание фильма:

Двое — мужчина и женщина — встречаются в Копенгагене, проводят вместе восхитительную ночь и затем отчаянно пытаются освободиться от рутины будней и рискуют всем ради возможности быть вместе…
music - Gesaffelstein – Destination video material - (jamala - confused)
Hudson River Ditching Jan 15, 2009

В следствие ракового заболевания, мужик лишился носа. Дабы не ходить "без лица", ему провели реконструкцию носа, но она прошла совсем неудачно. Ткани начали отмирать...

Тогда врачи обратились к не самым традиционным идеям - к помощи медицинских пиявок, чтобы обеспечить отток крови и помочь организму.

И это помогло.
Short version of the video depicting the four historical stages of Trakai castle, Lithuania, for the Trakai museum information booth.
"The Roof of the World", оригинал

More News And Informations
Spokesman - Acid Creak
Label:X-Stream - X-STREAM 002
Format:Vinyl, 12"
Released:28 Jul 1994

A Acid Creak (Pierre's Reconstruction Mix)
B1 Acid Creak (DJ H.S. Contact Mix)
B2 Skittish Sky
Técnica de enxertia óssea em maxilla atrófica região anterior, com enxerto homólogo particulado, para future reabilitação com implantes.
Basically I tried to reconstruct and put all the scenes in a kind of chronological way, adding sounds to make the trailer more realistic. I absolutely love Suicide Squad and I wanna see it no matter what! Hope you enjoy!

Program: Sony Vegas 13 with my colorings.
Fandom: Suicide Squad
Characters: Harley Quinn, principally, with the Joker.
Song: Hit and Run - LOLO
European Urology - Surgery in Motion - 2013-07 - July 2013

Title: Surgical Reconstruction for Male-to-Female Sex Reassignment

Authors: Bastian Amend, Joerg Seibold, Patricia Toomey, Arnulf Stenzl and Karl-Dietrich Sievert
Средневековые очки из дерева со шнурками для ношения. На видео очки сделаны из граба, покрыты морилкой и лакированы.

This is frame based on eyeglasses we've noticed on medieval painting (circa 1438-1440).
Follow the link to view original:

Materials: European hornbeam, Brass rivet.

Our workshop -§ion_id=17335328
КАЛИНИНГРАД: зал ТА в "МАУ ДО СДЮСШОР по силовым видам спорта".
залы РОССИИ -
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Устроили high level на Тверской.
РЕКОМЕНДУЮ – мода. – видеоупражнения. – видеоуроки причесок. – видеоуроки макияжа. – дети и пушистики. – книги и фильмы. – мода. – love. – работы художников. – английский. – видео с операций.
This is an example of a method I am working on to automatically segment and render computer tomography data of real patients. The data was segmented using particle cloud generation with the x-particle plug-in inside Cinema 4D. The cloud was subsequently meshed with the DPIT mesher. The resulting meshes were then rendered on the GPU using the Octane Plugin inside Cinema 4D. - самое полезное медицинское сообщество

The gold standard for mandibular reconstruction is microvascular tranfer of fibula either bone only or skin-bone(osteocutaneus). 2 cases of such procedure done with satisfactory result.
This is a MCL reconstruction with Semi T Graft with anatomical pointer and surgical techniques. - Научно-технические разработки и футурология
#inovideo_movies_in_danish #danish #датский
Reconstruction (2003)
Фильм на датском языке

Смотреть онлайн в Группе или на нашем сайте:
Well It's finally here! The "long awaited" end of the world Teamtage.

It was in the works for quite a long time mostly because we had difficulties finding an editor for a trailer so we ended up getting poopendecken to make it. Most parts of the teamtage were finished a long time ago and others were finished recently which means you may see some of our former members in it as well and not so many of our newer members. We hope you can overlook that tiny detail.

We really hope you will enjoy it.
Two intra maxillary sinus implants were removed. After this, we performed the reconstruction simultaneously. At the same time we removed the anterior implants who showed a severe periimplatitis.
The sinus reconstruction was made with Ti mesh and microfixation. The implants position avoided the anterior zone and the position selected was the lateral and posterior region, including the grafted sinus.
One of the world's largest dinosaurs has been digitally reconstructed by experts from The University of Manchester allowing it to take its first steps in over 94 million years.
The Manchester team, working with scientists in Argentina, were able to laser scan a 40 metre-long skeleton of the vast Cretaceous Argentinosaurus dinosaur. Then using an advanced computer modeling technique involving the equivalent of 30,000 desktop computers they recreated its walking and running movements and tested
its loc
Virtual reconstruction of the Große Deutsche Kunstausstellung (Great German art exhibition) 1937-1944 in the Haus der Deutschen Kunst (House of German art), Munich, Germany. New extended version featuring all 40 exhibition rooms.
Visit the 3D model:
3D Showcase by Mainstream Netservice:
Ютуб крайне несправедливо обделил славой это видео
The documentary film documents the construction of a new health care center by international volunteers in the city of Kobane (North Syria/Western Kurdistan) that was destroyed by the fascist IS to 80 per cent.
177 brigadists of ICOR from 10 countries constructed the health care center together with local construction workers. With that they set a signal for the return of more than one hundred thousand people to their home city who had fled the city.

Документальный фильм о строительстве волонтёрскими силами больнице в Кобани (Рожава). Стройка была организована Международной координацией революционных партий и организаций (ICOR)
The animation shows a fly through the Roman Temple Courtyard at Aquae Sulis and is part of the interpretation onsite at the Roman Baths Museum, UK.
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Реконструкция моего выступления на фестивале Trance Universe в клубе Театрь, Москва, 01.04.16 →
Tel: +375292173462 (MTS)
+375447903270 (VELCOM)
Release TBC
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небольшая реконструкция части материала, который я играл 28го октября)

(Go to 4:10 to skip the prelude
Go to 7:51 for photographer and two others getting shot at
9:56 for gunman in the crowd
11:14 for the headshot)

Look at my blog on with conclusions about the victims and what happened here.

On May 9th 2014 there was a confrontation between the Ukrainian army and a civilian crowd on Lenin street, Mariupol, Ukraine. The soldiers had shot several unarmed protesters with one person dead.
Many videos
Whitney Houston - I Look To You (Bruno Ramos Reconstruction Private Meet) by VJ Alex Ritton & DVJ Alex Andrade
Шедевр независимого кино. Лауреат премии «Золотая камера» Каннского кинофестиваля, за лучший полнометражный дебют.
Оригинальное название: "Reconstruction"/Дания/2003 год выхода
Жанр: психологическая драма
Реж.: Кристофер Боэ
В ролях: Николай Ли Каас, Мария Бонневи, Кристер Хенрикссон и др.
Первая попытка залить реконструкцию DVD-клипа. Деинтерлейсено bob'ом в полуавтомате, деквантовано шейпингом транзитного энкода с выравниванием по оригинальной квантизационной сетке, оригинальный AR сохранен, звук предположительно выбран из ac3-трека 5.1.
Ритуалы красоты KERASTASE для абсолютного здоровья Ваших волос!
Hi friends, I just want to show you my last progress with RE1.5.

As you can see, I reconstructed the small cutscene of Leon in HELIPORT, also I make stable almost all the rooms to you could kill zombies with the magnum or the shotgun!!!

New patch soon!!<br/><br/>
AvK presents - In The Mix (Mixed by Alex van Kyden) - Part 1, Overdrive Reconstruction →
Реконструкция моего сета с вечеринки BOBINA - 10 лет проекту | Saxon...
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создание эскиза-реконструкции старого каменного здания в Калуге. matched photo, моделирование, немного vray, экспорт картинок и верстка скетчей в photoshop.

результаты этого и других опытов этой серии можно посмотреть тут:
La Bayadere (Reconstruction by Sergei Vikharev) at the Mariinsky Theatre, February 23, 2003.
Nikiya: Daria Pavlenko;
Solor: Nikolay Tsiskaridze;
Gamzatti: Yekaterina Osmolkina.
Режиссёр: Christoffer Boe. Сценаристы: Christoffer Boe; Mogens Rukov. Возраст: зрителям, достигшим 12 лет.
В главных ролях: Klaus Mulbjerg; Nikolaj Lie Kaas; Maria Bonnevie; Krister Henriksson; Nicolas Bro; Peter Steen; Ida Dwinger; Malene Schwartz; Helle Fagralid; Mercedes Claro Schelin.
Двое — мужчина и женщина — встречаются в Копенгагене, проводят вместе восхитительную ночь и затем отчаянно пытаются освободиться от рутины будней и рискуют всем ради возможности быть вместе…
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The "Portal No Escape" (USA, 2011) and the "Le sniper"by Yoann Garel (France, 2012) short movie scenes

Full info: This animation is based on all currently available data concerning the US Airways Flight 1549 crash landing on the Hudson River (Cactus 1549). Satellite imagery, elevation models and robust GIS mapping methods are utilized to create a vegetation model, terrain model and ground clutter (3D buildings). Of all available audio tracks, only two are used, La Guardia Tower and New York TRACON Departure controller po
canal de la animacion:
After the Autobot and Decepticon war, the two factions now settle down to a peaceful life, hoping for a new start. However, some just won't let that happen.
love this song!!!!
From the album State Of Trance 2009 by Armin Van Buuren :)
Worst driver 2k15. I do it better when not recording (yea, i believe...). Worst graphics. My dear Radeon, if you read this, know, that I love you xD.
Edit: it rendered not in 50 FPS :c
Out now on Microfunk Extended.

Extra deep and extended dub techno track by Grad_U, known from releases on Echocord and his own RedScale. In contradiction to the original, this remix progresses very smoothly, which makes it perfect for playing at the background and creating meditative atmosphere. Have a nice journey!

Follow us:
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Armin van Buuren vs. DJ Tiesto - Yet Another Suburban Train (Armin Bootleg Reconstruction)
One day we decided to reconstruct the famous basketball scene from Escape from L.A. movie featuring Kurt Russell. Here you can see the result.

It might not be the best Kurt's movie but the scene is decent taking into account all the shots were actually made by the actor (even the almost full court shot).

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Недавно мы решили воссоздать знаменитую баскетбольную сцену из фильма Побег из Лос-Анджелеса с Куртом Расселом.

Это не лучшая работа
Vídeo destinado aos profissionais da área odontológica. O intuito do mesmo é didático e informativo, não de causar choque ou impacto.
Something different
Компьютерная симуляция участка крысиного мозга. Она представляет собой симуляцию 31 000 клетки головного мозга, которые связаны между собой 37 миллионами синапсов. - информация об исполнителе
데킬라 샷

-More Info-
공식홈페이지 :
분자요리 전문 쇼핑몰 : http://xn--hg3...
Над видео работали: Mary & Nadiasarafan
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Narrated in reconstructed Ancient Greek, by Ioannis Stratakis
"Xenophon accompanied the Ten Thousand, a large army of Greek mercenaries hired by Cyrus the Younger, who intended to seize the throne of Persia from his brother, Artaxerxes II. Though Cyrus' mixed army fought to a tactical victory at Cunaxa in Babylon (401 BC), Cyrus was killed, rendering the actions of the Greeks irrelevant and the expedition a failure.
Stranded deep in Persia, the Spartan general Clearchus and the
С этого ролика к игре Metal Gear Solid V началось моё знакомство с композитором и исполнителем Майком Олдфилдом.
A portrait of the recently reconstructed Domstraat in the city center of Utrecht in The Netherlands.To improve walking and cycling and to discourage driving even further.
See also blog post:
Surgeons: Szymon Przywitowski, Rafal Nowak
from Ortognatyka Wroclawska

I step - harvesting cranial bone graft
- preparing
- infiltration with vaso...
Hanbyul Joo, Hyun Soo Park, and Yaser Sheikh
Carnegie Mellon University
Project website:
Pre-order new album Unicorn on iTunes (limited territories) and get instant download of this track +Make It Last & Feeling Good Tonight (Radio Edit)
Видео из группы LOVE STORY
Двое — мужчина и женщина — встречаются в Копенгагене, проводят вместе восхитительную ночь и затем отчаянно пытаются освободиться от рутины будней и рискуют всем ради возможности быть вместе…
20.04.1999 День, вошедший в историю национальной трагедии Соединенных Штатов Америки. Трагедия, которая унесла жизни 15 людей (именно 15, включая Эрика Харриса и Дилана Клиболда). Данный документальный фильм очень ярко и подробно реконструирует произошедшие события.
Информация о Военно- Исторических реконструкциях(фестивалях)!
In recent years, sophisticated image-based reconstruction methods for the human face have been developed. These methods capture highly detailed sta...
Самые крутые и короткие ролики из аниме только у нас!
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Присоединяйся! [[club80682837|AC]] [club80682837|Anime Coubs] | [club80682837|アニメコーブ]
Автор: By Ginti

Теги: #amv, #anime, #sin, #byginti, #амв, #аниме, #nurarihyonnomago, #song, #video, #anime, #animevideo, #valtverreconstructedftwithoutmyarmor.
Performing Lost Songs: a documentary on the research process behind
Cambridge researcher Dr Sam Barrett's reconstruction of music lost for
1,000 ye...
Data from both the Philae lander and Rosetta orbiter experiments, as well as simulation results based on Philae’s mechanical design have been used to reconstruct the lander’s attitude and motion during its descent and touchdowns on Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko on 12 November 2014.

The new animation presented today, one year after Philae touched down on the comet, focuses on Philae’s dramatic two-hour flight from Agilkia to Abydos.

More details in the Rosetta blog:
Подписывайся на Инженерный Журнал [Engineering Magazine] все самое интересное тут: .. Полезные статьи, темы, видео, опросы и т.д. Так же у нас есть много научной полезной литературы:
Реконструкция сражения 1941-1942г
Подборка находок поисковых отрядов и черных копа ...
Ссылка на инстаграм \ Reference to an Instagram :
Ссылка на партнёрку с хорошим доходом :
Ссылка на группу в ВК : EEVIDEO
Ссылка на группу в ВК : поисковый отряд "Ополченец"
#eevideo #eehistory

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Самая лучшая в мире реконструкция
26.11.2014 Drnje-Koprivnica, Croatia
This is reconstruction of the game Hotline Miami by Dennaton Games.

For detailed info check out:

Video montage - Ivan Vizhlecov ( from DOOMEYE (

Monumental Torment Official Pages

If you want to take a skype guitar lesson - mail me:

Also, check out my mathcore/tech death one-man band project
►BANDCAMP https://seimugenhoutai.
Non-profit-videocollage-tribute to Spanish Horror movies and German Gothic Culture of the 90s
"The Macra Terror", оригинал

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Dieter Bohlen adta felfedezettjének a C. C. Catch nevet. A két betű az énekesnő két keresztnevének (Caroline és Catherina) rövidítése, a „Catch” pedig fantázianév. 1985-ben, Caroline születésnapján került az üzletekbe C. C. Catch első kislemeze, az I Can Lose My Heart Tonight. A dal nagy sikert aratott, az addig jószerivel ismeretlen énekesnő Európa egyik új popcsillaga lett. A folytatás 1986 elején érkezett: a ’Cause You’re Young című kislemez, illetve a Catch the Catch című album. A kislemez a jugoszláv é
WARNING: There is a LARGE AMOUNT OF BLOOD present during the procedure shown in the video. Please view with caution if you do not like to see a lot of blood.

The patient presented with ameloblastoma at the right quadrant of the mandible. Partial mandibulectomy was performed followed by reconstruction with bone graft harvested from the patient's iliac crest.

Note: The camera's memory card ran out of space after the partial mandibulectomy was completed. Therefore, the remaining parts of the procedure ar
Check out Kristinia DeBarge's video "Sabotage" below to see where the original inspiration came from! Thank you MsLovelyApple123 for the request! XOXO

Реконструкция проходила в рамках исторического фестиваля "Времена и эпохи"
Подпишись, если понравилось видео
Страница VK
Все исторические реконструкции здесь
"The Tenth Planet", оригинал

Watch and learn how to create a bold Reconstructed Retro hairstyle with tips from Vidal Sassoon expert stylist Michael Forrey.

For a step-by-step guide to creating this hairstyle go to http://li.nk/here.

Watch more Vidal Sassoon hairstyle How-To videos:
Brazen Braids
Pumped-Up Pixie
Wanderlust Waves
Faux Hawk

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Bone Grafting for Dental Implants:
It is not unusual for the patient to present for a consultation at the oral surgeon’s office and be informed at some point in the discussion that he or she may require a “bone graft” in order to maximize the outcome of dental implant surgery. While this sounds pretty scary at first, the truth is that bone grafting in the oral cavity today is a routine, predictable and painless procedure.
Система ухода за волосами Reconstruct Previa на основе кератина и коллагена
At age 31 I suffered a severe hand injury due to an explosion resulting from my own ignorance in trying to construct a "better smoke grenade" for skydiving. Bad idea. In this video I describe the outcome of the accident, the surgical reconstruction, the rehabilitation, and some of the things I can do with my hands.

This video is meant to satisfy the curiosity of subscribers to my channel who watch me detail RC airplane construction techniques on the bench, prominently showing my weird hand. I hope this
"The Power of the Daleks", оригинал

This is a single shot, unedited, additional map test for GTA V of ''Rehab Island'' Reconstruction map, work in progress, created by Adam JazzBaby w...
(Language: english & french). Left tympanoplasty with total ossicular chain reconstruction using a Vincent-Grace Alto TORP with band for epitympanic incus ankylosis. Combined technique of malleus relocation and silastic banding. Dr Robert Vincent, Causse Ear Clinic, Colombiers (Béziers), France
"The Highlanders", оригинал

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"The Evil of the Daleks", оригинал