Rebbie: Rebbie Jackson -Yours Faithfully-, Rebbie Jackson on "The View" ABC-TV Show USA January. 27, 2011., Rebby ✈🏀🎶 on Instagram: “He's too nice and


Ребби Джексон появилась на американском ток-шоу и говорила о Майкле Джексоне.)
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“He's too nice and accommodating! Always smiling! #강하늘 #kanghaneul”
“《널 사랑하겠어》by #강하늘 #kanghaneul singing "I choose to love you"”
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Музыка, как стиль жизни...

Композиторы - Джермейн Джексон, Джеки Джексон, Тито Джексон, Рэнди Джексон, Джени Гриффин
Текст - Джермейн Джексон, Джеки Джексон, Тито Джексон, Рэнди Джексон, Джени Гриффин
Rebbie, how about we tried to intervene and horn in on Michael's concerts because he shut us out? If Michael was an addict, then why did the family wait till AFTER he was dead to disgrace his name and legacy? What they are all doing is trying to discredit Michael so they can steal HIS estate from his children. What a shameful family! :(

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Rebbie Jackson being interviewed about her brother Michael on "The View", an ABC- TV Show.. Jan. 27, 2011

Rare performance of Rebbie Jackson singing Fever from the Jacksons TV Show. I do not claim ownership of this video. It is for promotional purposes only. Full Video can be found on The Jackson Street site.
A nice song done by Rebbie Jackson from R U Tuff Enuff!
Track 1 from Carl Nelkin's CD Irish Heart-Jewish Soul
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Duet with rebbie and michael jackson.
"fly away" song, write by MJ for his sister, and sing by MJ solo.

From "Reaction" 1986
This song is produced by one of her brothers, Tito Jackson.

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Very gorgeous and funny MICHAEL in 1976 at Variety show
Rebbie Jackson Today Show Interview and Unseen Plans for film from MJ. Does she know something about the hoax?

Your love
Is like a ragin' fire, oh
You're a snake
That's on the loose
The strike is your desire

But when the centipede is hot
You're bound to feel the fire, huh
And when the centipede is hot
You're bound to feel the fire

I feel, oh, yeah
A longin' for your touch
Like you crawled
Into the bathroom window
To give him all your love, ho

Like a centipede that's hot
The fire is in your touch
Just like a centipede you've got
A lot of lovin' to touch

Don't you know
In the quiet of the night
Is when the snake
Is in the crawlin'
And the moon
Starts to glow then disappear
When the time is really right
Is when the centipede is crawlin'
You'll be crying
In the night so many tears
And you're crawlin'
Like a centipede


You came, oh
To strike him
With your touch
Like you crawled
Into the bathroom win
A request of Rebbie Jackson Sweetest Dreams from R U Tuff Enuff album.
Paris Davis talks with Michael Jackson's brother Tito Jackson and his sister, Rebbie Jackson, about the new documentary, Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon which is out on DVD and Blu-ray now.
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- In an exclusive interview with Eyewitness News, Michael Jackson's sister Rebbie and her daughter Yashi Brown discussed the personal struggle close to their hearts. Interviewed 2/2/2011 by Miriam Hernandez Rebbie talks about the Pick Up the Phone Tour and her reasons for headlining this years tour.

Plaything MusicVideo, from R U Tuff Enuff Album