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We offer exclusive real estate deals you’ll want to experience.

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We offer exclusive real estate deals you’ll want to experience.
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Real Estate perform "It's Real" live in the KEXP studio.
Recorded 11/7/2011

Host: Cheryl Waters
Sound: Kevin Suggs
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen Justin Wilmore
Edits: Scott Holpainen
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New Jersey-based band, Real Estate perform their song "It's Real" live and talks about putting on a show at a buffet restaurant in Queens for the Pitchfork TV series +1.

Director: Mark Zemel
Producer: Eavvon O'Neal
Series Producer: Mark Zemel
Editor: Mark Zemel
Sound Engineer Mix: Jeff Curtin
Interviewer: Larry Fitzmaurice
Camera: Will Colby, Nathan Lynch, Mark Zemel John Strong
Executive Producer: RJ Bentler
Special Thanks to: Real Estate Todd P

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'It's Real' is taken from Real Estate's second studio album 'Days' which was released in October 2011. Directed by Weird Days.

The album 'Days' is out now on LP / CD / Digital Download.

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Real Estate perform "It's Real" for the official after party of Pitchfork Music Festival 2014 on Saturday July 19th.

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New York-based indie-rock band Real Estate (minus keyboardist Jonah Maurer) visit the Guardian studio to play an exclusive live version of their love song It's Real, taken from their second studio album Days, which is released by Domino. Frontman Martin Courtney explains the thinking behind the song and its catchy chorus