Random Tips!: Randomize tool (Cinema 4d quick tips), Femap Tips and Tricks: Random Color by Property ID, Quick Tip 6 - Make Randomly Colored Brushes in

Random Tips!

See how you can color elements by property ID, and have Femap randomly assign colors based on properties (updated for Femap version 10.3.1).


Learn how to create randomly colored brushes in Photoshop using the Color Dynamics settings.

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теперь я принимаю реквесты и если нучтотокомутонуочень нужно знать как,а не получается и вы у меня это видели на фото, то.. вперёд. отправьте лс или напишите анонимно в том же.. формспринге.
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Title says everything. Enjoy. I hope to do more videos like these.

Sorry for the bad english and for the poor editing. i'm still learning how to properly edit videos on vegas.

Feel free to ask, sugest and complain.

Thx to everyone in AM at playdota.com
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Hey! In latest project i had a lot of clones which need to be placed in straight angle to each other. I tryed to make it with step and random effector, but it was very hard to setup, so i thought why just not use formula effector:) I added some subtitles, so i hope it will be easy to get nerd stuff. Also check out other tutorials on my web site philipppavlov.com/tutorials
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Learn how to procedurally randomized the color of many duplicate objects using the same material in this free tutorial from Blender Cookie: http://cgcookie.com/blender/2013/10/03/tip-randomizing-leaf-color/

Blender Theme: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2127530/kt_modo.xml
Settting up a true random animeted engine - With the random effector - and not using the mode "noise" Another tutoial where we combine the powers of mograph and xpresso: vimeo.com/91209619 Feel free to ask any questions. Tutorial and graphics by: https://www.sepluk.com https://www.behance.net/sepluk
теперь я принимаю реквесты и если нучтотокомутонуочень нужно знать как,а не получается и вы у меня это видели на фото, то.. вперёд. отправьте лс или напишите анонимно в том же.. формспринге.

more in-depth than my normal tutorials, but I thought some people might find this interesting.

Basically using multiple resampling chains in live, but zeroing everything first and bringing in parts you like (sort of working backwards)

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