Rah Rah - Prairie Girl: Rah Rah - Prairie Girl /// Berlin Sessions (Bonus), Rah Rah - "Prairie Girl"

Rah Rah - Prairie Girl

Rah Rah - Prairie Girl
Location: Immergut Festival

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Excessive instrument-swapping, the blow-up letters R, A and H bouncing on top of the heads of the audience and some of the finest indie rock made Rah Rah´s performance at this years Immergut festival one of the most exciting shows of the weekend.
Music video for the song "Prairie Girl" from the forthcoming album "The Poet's Dead" by Rah Rah.
Available October 2nd digitally and October 22nd physically in North America on Hidden Pony Records.
Directed Shot by Brendan McCarney Mike Gillespie
Edited by Mike Gillespie
Animations by Jeremy Fisher

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