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Rachel Brice - Salon l'Orient

Malo tanza, mnogo Rachel))))
Here is Rachel first performance from the April Salon L' Orient, Featuring Eric Stern and company providing the Musical accompaniment. Enjoy!
Rachel Brice danced at Salon l'Orient on 12 October, 2010. This is her dance from the first act of the show.

Salon l'Orient is Nagasita's bellydance event. It's currently held monthly down at the Fez Ballroom. Nagasita brings in various bellydance and music acts from a wide variety of sources. All high quality. All excellent entertainment.
This is Rachel Brice's second dance in Nagasita's Salon L'Orient, 12 October, 2010 show. This is a true artist at work.

I would make these videos very differently in the future, given a chance. The base camera would crop much more closely on the actual dance area so people could see a dance artist's footwork. I would keep the focus on the closeup camera much better in focus (and not be so "artsy"). And I would record the audio with the low band filter enabled so as to eliminate the "fuzz" from the hi