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Rachel Brice - Drum solo

The one and only Rachel Brice for the first time in Athens!
An amazing drum solo at the end of the show!It was fantastic!the whole show was really great! Enjoyyyy! :D

Percussion: Immortal Sirius

July 16 2010<br/><br/>
Improvisation in Drum Solo performed by Rachel Brice during her Show in Athens in July 2010 / percussion by Immortal Sirius

Drum Solo by Rachel Brice
from Bellydance Superstars DVD
Rachel Brice en un solo de derbake by Tobias Roberson

Rachel Brice in The Exotic Art Of Bellydance!

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Rachel Brice performs a drum solo.

The Indigo perform with Le Serpent Rouge in Bellingham Washington Nov. 6th 2010 at the Wiled Buffalo Rachel Brice, Mardi Love and Zoe Jakes
Rachel Brice doing a drum solo at The Rex Theater in Pittsburgh during the weekend of The Indigo Intensive hosted by Zafira Dance Co. I was able to capture a chunk of this fantastic drum solo!