RDB: "Дрифт Мацури" 21.09.2013 (RDB team, Е30, JZX90), RDB Окей Октябрь 12 2, RDB Окей Октябрь 12 3, RDB Окей Октябрь 12, RDB DRIFT CRASHES , RDB 24.08.12,


Merci à @Lynx_by , une fan de Russie qui nous a fait cette vidéo sur "Un Monde À Changer" interprété par Nyco Lilliu!

Электропоезд ЭД9М-0118 (приписан ТЧ-4 Ростов С-КАВ) сообщением №6510, Ростов-Главный — Таганрог-2 следует по перегону Морская - Таганрог-I, Ростовская область, Северо-Кавказская железная дорога. 20:06 18.06.2014.
Ignite your passions with this darkly romantic corset from the Corsets by Baci Collection. Featuring delicate, black floral lace laid over deep, crimson satin, this corset features steel boning boned and a center front busk closure, self-lacing detail at the back, waist defining ribbon trim and removable garter straps. Rich, black satin trims the bust and hem lines, as well as defines the shapely piping.

Baci Lingerie Worldwide:
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iTunes Download: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/sardar-ji-feat.-jessie-k-single/id1006379706

Song: Sardar Ji feat. JessieK
Music: SurjRDB (RDB Rhythm Dhol Bass)
Album: Sardar Ji (Single)
Lyrics: Harjog Singh (RDB Father) & Kaamaaljeet Singh
Music Label: Three Records
Mix and Mastering by: Eric Pillai
Video Directed by: David Zennie
Video Produced by: Youssef Ali E.A.G
Special Appearance by: @SinghStreetStyle

Sardar Ji is the brand new upcoming solo track vocalised by Surj
Дебютный танец! 14.01.2012г.
Singh is Kinng King Title Song with lyrics
Feat. Snoop Dogg, RDB and Akshay Kumar
Performed: IIFA 2008


Yaari hai jaan ehna di
Vakhri hai shaan ehna di
Hasna pehchaan ehna di
Sab milke kehnde ne

[ Singh is Kinng
Singh is Kinng
Singh is Kinng
Hun har koi jaane

Singh is Kinng
Singh is Kinng
Singh is Kinng
Duniya de Raaje ] x2

(Snoop Dogg)
Ferrari's Bugatti's and Maseratis
Snoop D O double G life o
подписывайся - http://vk.com/cars_empire
http://www.fileserve.com/file/YaEUAZF download here
See this Instagram video by @rdbmano • 2,505 likes
See this Instagram video by @rdbmano • 3,237 likes

Velos ECU Tune

Meisterschaft Exhaust with EDV controls.

Электропоезд ЭД9М-0063 (приписан ТЧ-4 Ростов С-КАВ) сообщением №6510, Ростов-Главный — Таганрог-2 следует по перегону Морская - Таганрог-I, о.п. Михайловка, Таганрог, Ростовская область, Северо-Кавказская железная дорога.20:09 12.06.2014.
Aloo Chaat
Электропоезд ЭД9М-0224 (приписан ТЧ-4 Ростов С-КАВ) сообщением №6310 Таганрог-2 — Успенская следует по перегону Таганрог-II - Марцево, участок о.п. Красный Котельщик - о.п. Мебельный Комбинат, Таганрог, Ростовская область, Северо-Кавказская железная дорога, 20:12 24.06.2015.
International Urban - Bhangra Group RDB Go Large With New Upbeat Track -- 'We Doin It Big'
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Download: http://bit.ly/TcS4I3

The UK's defining Urban Bhangra music pioneers RDB will thrill their fans across the globe with their exclusive new track -- 'We Doin It Big', which will exclusively be available for pre-release download from ITunes on the 1st of November 2012, before its official launch on 10th November 2012.

The positive, upbeat t
Больше ассортимента в моей группе - https://vk.com/exqujoy
Exclusive: Presenting the behind-the-scenes look of Tamanche Pe Disco - the party song this winter. Have a look at Bollywood ace choreographer Ganesh Acharya get the adrenalin going as he makes Saif,Sonakshi, Jimmy and RDB dance to his tunes.
Bullett Raja, starring Saif Ali Khan , Sonakshi Sinha, Jimmy Sheirgill and Vidyut Jamwal releases on 29th Nov. Its a Fox Star Studios presentation and a Moving Pictures and Brandsmith Motion Pictures production.

For all updates log on to :
Электропоезд ЭД9М-0207 (приписан ТЧ-4 Ростов С-КАВ) сообщением №6087 Таганрог-2 — Ростов-Главный, отправляется с о.п. Красный Котельщик, перегон Таганрог-II - Таганрог-I, Таганрог, Ростовская область, Северо-Кавказская железная дорога.01.05.2014.
Электропоезд ЭД9М-0224 (приписан ТЧ-4 Ростов С-КАВ) сообщением №6084, Ростов-Главный — Таганрог-2 отправляется с о.п. Михайловка, перегон Морская - Таганрог-I, Таганрог, Ростовская область, Северо-Кавказская железная дорога.21:20 14.06.2014.
Видео группы
~♥~♥~Akshay Kumar♡Акшай Кумар~♥~♥~
Загружено специально для группы http://vk.com/siddharth_ru

Речь Сидду на праздновании 10-летия RDB (25.01.2016)
Tombee Cattaruzza
Manu Auvy
Lydia Elattar

Three Records presents the much anticipated track by RDB Daddy Da Cash feat. T-Pain!
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iTunes Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/daddy-da-cash-feat.-t-pain/id774950450

Song: Daddy Da Cash feat T-Pain
Artist: RDB
Music: RDB
Lyrics: NS Chauhan
Music Label: Three Records
Video Director: Sumit Bhardwaj
Executive Producer: RDB
Editing & VFX: Harkirat Singh Lal
Color Grading: Chintu Dhillon
Artwork: Kalikwest

Watch 'Sharabi' Full Song with LYRICS in the voice of Surj RDB, JessieK, Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani from the movie Happy New Year exclusively on T-series.
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И я там был...
iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/yaadan-single/id568913092

Title: Yaadan
Artist: RDB feat Harjog Singh
Singers: Manjeet Ral, Surjeet Singh, Harjog Singh
Written by: Harjog Singh
Music Composed by RDB (Kuldeep Ral)
Record Label: Three Records
Film - Aloo Chaat,
Singer - RDB, Nindy Kaur
Artist - Aaftab Shivdasani, Aamna Shariff ans others
Music Label - T-Series
"Мир Индийского кино" / Bollywood
Наша команда Russian Drift Band
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I thought it would be cool for you guys to see the RDM field stripped and reassembled right at SHOT show. Im sure there will be many of these assembly videos as people buy them, but here is one of the first. Enjoy

royalty free music by http://www.incompetech.com
Обзор и подключение Цифрового приемника Rolsen RDB-521 к двум телевизорам: через кабель-тюльпан к LG и с кабелем HDMI OXI-N v.1.4 к FHILIPS.
Пока в нашем регионе транслируются только 10 цифровых каналов.
Электропоезд ЭД9М-0091 (приписан ТЧ-4 Ростов С-КАВ) сообщением №6087 Таганрог-2 — Ростов-Главный, прибывает и отправляется с о.п. 1283 км, перегон Таганрог-I - Морская, Ростовская область, Северо-Кавказская железная дорога.18.06.2014.
dar metal fest
Это неловкое чувство когда на тебя летит слива))

Get ready to groove on the tunes of TAMANCHE PE DISCO from movie Bullett Raja starring Saif Ali Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Jimmy Shergill, Vidyut Jamwal and Others. The music is composed by RDB while lyrics are penned by Raftaar

Buy from iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/in/album/bullett-raja-original-motion/id732809408

Music: RDB
Music Label: T-SERIES

Tata DoCoMo Endless Music offers you latest Non - Stop songs, Unlimited Ring
Zeke and Lefthand head down to Georgia at Iraqveteran8888's range with Chad Enos of Kel-Tec Weapons. The get to shoot the upcoming CMR 30 in .22 magnum and the RDB Bullpup in 5.56.

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All Footage and Property of Talking lead and audio and music is my own and or royalty free per the Creative Commons License.
Movie created with iMovie.
Music created with Garage Band.

The content of this video is
RDB Ogyrec-Samsonov

AR500 Steel Targets: https://www.shootsteel.com

Chad Enos escaped for a few days from the Kel-Tec facility in Cocoa, FL to come up to the range and bring the newest rifles that Kel-Tec has to offer for 2014. These two rifles perform well and show a lot of promise for the final production models. The RDB and M43 are going to bring bullpups down to a more affordable level. No pricing is set in stone as of yet but they will come in well under a Tavor price point from

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➨ Приятного просмотра
I've been testing the new Kel-Tec RDB for a few weeks now and have put over 1,000 rounds through it. The RDB stands for "Rifle Downward-Eject Bullpup" and it's truly unique in design. The RDB is chambered for 5.56mm and Kel-Tec has been working on it for a couple of years. Get ready, the RDB is about to hit shelves soon.

Kel-Tec: http://www.keltecweapons.com/our-guns/rdb/rifle/
Copper Custom:
Challenge Target: http://www.challengetargets.com/
Full30: http://www.full30.com/
OpticsPlanet: http
Электропоезд ЭД9М-0094 (приписан ТЧ-22 Минеральные Воды (МВПС) С-КАВ) сообщением №6311 Нальчик — Минеральные Воды отправляется со станции Виноградная, Станица Александрийская, Ставропольский край, Северо-Кавказская железная дорога.11:13 31.05.2016 г.
Three Records presents...

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iTunes Download: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/singh-is-kinng-original-motion/id671000336

Our friend Brian at Homeland Guns: https://www.facebook.com/HomelandGuns Was able to get us one of the first production Kel Tec RDB's on the market to play with. So far the new RDB is a winner, we had no real malfunctions except one magazine failed to lock the bolt open on the last round. The RDB is fully ambidextrous with a bolt release & selector on both sides of the gun and a truly ambi magazine release, similar to the Tavor mag release. The new bullpup also has a charging handle that is non-reciprocatin

Новинка от компании Kel-Tec: охотничий самозарядный карабин RDB-C Hunter...
Je vous laisse découvrir "Saboteurs" mon dernier clip en Feat. avec RDB Gang.
Produit par Jay Jay & Lama ( Eddie Hyde X RPTG )
Réalisé par Soulskuad
Directeur photo : Moun Sorah
Bridge Refrain : Mas
Couplet: Eff Gee x Sekel x Melo Mendes
Mixé & Masterisé par Kezo au Grande Ville Studio
В ролях: Акшай Кумар
Download: http://bit.ly/deewani-nindykaur

Toronto, Canada -- After releasing her first two singles, Akhian and 2 Seater, Nindy Kaur is set to release her third video & single, Deewani. When asked about her video, Nindy Kaur stated, "The concept and idea of the video was to be bright, colorful, and very retro. We tried to showcase that funk in the song through the music as well."
Shot in the beautiful Toronto, the video was directed by Jason Matos, whose creativity was also depicted in 2 S
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hindi songs new Singh is Kinng feat RDB, Snoop Dogg, Akshay Kumar from movie Singh is King (2008)

Music Director : Pritam
Co-starring : Katrina Kaif, Neha Dhupia, Sonu Sood, Om Puri, Jaaved Jaffrey, Kirron Kher.
Director : Anees Bazmee, Producer : Vipul Amrutlal Shah
Singer : RDB, Akshay Kumar, Snoop Dogg


Yo, what up this is big snoop dog,
Represent tht Punjabi,
Aye yo, Hit'em with this..
RDB, DPGC, Akshay and Snoop D-O double G..G
Oh yeah, singh is king, this is the thing,
Did yo know what I mea
Blitz feat RDB - Kiss (Chumma) - Available on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/get-blitz/id395850692

First single from Blitz's album "GET BLITZ"
* Hindi lyrics written by Parichay*
*Video by Electric Mango (Umar)

Электропоезд ЭД9М-0200 (приписан ТЧ-4 Ростов С-КАВ) сообщением №6508, Ростов-Главный — Таганрог-2 следует по станции Таганрог-I, Таганрог, Ростовская область, Северо-Кавказская железная дорога. 18:34 14.06.2014.