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Questions - Learn English Grammar

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Learn about Wh Questions

Question tags are those small questions that we add to the end of sentences, aren't they? They cause problems for even the most advanced of student, don't they? This video English lesson gives you all the rules you need to never make a mistake with question tags again, doesn't it?
• This kids English video teaches: "What color is it? Is it [color?]" questions. is a comprehensive kids English learning course, with more children's English learning videos, kids educational games, basic children's English quizzes & tests, virtual pets, and much more.
• A fun and effective way to Learn English Grammar - 3rd person description using colors.
• Join an experienced EFL teacher in "Question & Answer".
• Each English lesson is part of a complete beginners English Course
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Do you want to learn English? Don't you want to learn English? Negative questions can be very confusing, even for native speakers. In this lesson, I teach you how to ask these questions, and how to answer them. Aren't you glad that I can teach you these things?! Of course you are. That’s why you subscribe to my channel, isn't it?
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English Grammar - learn Questions in the past simple tense

Are you ready to master questions in the most used tense in English?
Where did you go? ...