Quayola. Strata.: strata #3 by quayola. 2012, Strata 3 - Quayola with music by Plaid (HD), "Strata #2" (2009) by Quayola, Digitalife 2 - Quayola - Strata #4,

Quayola. Strata.

"strata #3", 2009 hd video, stereo sound, video player 6 min 44 sec loop Edition of 6, 1 AP Exploring French Neoclassical art and architecture, "Strata #3" takes as its subjects two ceiling frescoes located in the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux in France, specifically focusing in on Jean-Baptiste Robin's Apollo and the Muses agree to the dedication of the temple built by the city of Bordeaux (approx 1780). The video installation was commissioned in 2009 by the Evento and Lumin for the Bordeaux Biennale,
yet another unknown, on some nice piece of visuals...
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"Strata #2", 2009 HD video, stereo sound, video player 7 min 5 sec loop Edition of 6, 1 AP The subjects of "Strata #2" are the gothic windows and architecture of two Parisian cathedrals: Notre Dame and Saint Eustache. The work was commissioned in 2009 by Arcadie and the Festival Némo, which hosted a premiere of the video installation inside the Saint Eustache cathedral. Informed by his experiences growing up in Rome, and spiritually detaching from the city's rich tradition in architecture, the work is
Strata è un progetto nato nel 2007 che comprende una serie di film, stampe e installazioni. In geologia il termine definisce una formazione composta di diverse sedimentazioni corrispondenti a varie epoche....

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Strata is a project born in 2007, which includes a series of films, prints and installations. In geology the term defines a composition of different sediment corresponding to different eras ....

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Красиво.. /Quayola, английский художник итальянского происхождения, свои работы называет многослойными картами, топографическим исследованием культурного наследия Европы /.
Проект Strata – это серия фильмов, графических работ и инсталляций, исследующих невероятную взаимосвязь между цифровой эстетикой современности и образцами классического искусства и архитектуры. Как и в геологических процессах, слои из разных эпох перекликаются друг с другом и создают новые удивительные формы.