QORE 3.0 | Endymion & Kasparov: QORE 3.0 | Endymion & Kasparov смотреть онлайн

QORE 3.0 | Endymion & Kasparov

QORE 3.0: http://events.q-dance.nl/2011-11_05-november_qore/
Minimixes: http://events.q-dance.nl/2011-11_05-november_qore/minimix/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=151750608236460

Kasparov produced one of the sound tracks for QORE 3.0 and Endymion will perform with live video sync for the first time.

Hardcore and the Heineken Music Hall.
It is a combination that will raise the pulse of the true hardcore followers. The Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam will be the background to the first edition of QORE 3.0 on Saturday 5 November 2011. This is Q-dance's vision on hardcore in the year 2011.