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Pyx Lax

Live sto Lykavitto
oti aksizei ponaei ki einai dyskolo...
Pyx Lax (Greek: Πυξ Λαξ), was a Greek rock band. Originally formed in 1989, and had a critical and commercial success in the Greek music industry for fifteen years, before being dissolved in 2004.. The band mostly recorded in Greek, but also made some few recordings in English.Most of their English-language songs were included in their last album Haroumeni Stin Poli ton Trelon (2003), in which they collaborated with internationally famous artists, such as Eric Burdon, ("Someone Wrote 'Save Me' On a Wall" wi
Pyx Lax Mono gia kini mi mou les
Πυξ Λαξ & Κατσιμιχαίοι - Ανόητες Αγάπες (Συλλεκτικό)
Πυξ Λαξ - Πούλα με - Μπάμπης Στόκας
Για ήχο με διαχωρισμούς δοκίμασε και αυτό το λινκ:
Πυξ Λαξ : Να Χαθώ Στα Βήματά Σου

Δε θα ψάξω να βρω αφορμές
που σκοτώνουν τη νύχτα,
δε θα ψάξω να βρω εραστές
που δε θέλουν να χάσουν..

Αγκαλιά σου θα με βρει η αυγή..
αγκαλιά σου θα με βρει η αυγή..

ena ekplhktiko kommati ton pyx lax..efxomai na sas aresei to videaki afto..einai apo ta kalytera tous kommatia...filakia

Μου γράφεις δε θα 'ρθεις για διακοπές
χρωστάς μαθήματα μου λες
Φωτογραφίες στέλνεις απ' το Λούβρο
και άλλες με τον γάτο σου τον τούρκο
Ο τούρκος να πηδάει στα σκαλιά
και ύστερα παιχνίδι να σου κ

from the album "Pausilypon" (1997)
Lavrentis Mahairitas accompanied by Pyx Lax
lyrics by Isaak Sousis<br/><br/>
Αν ακους αποψε
Στίχοι: Φίλιππος Πλιάτσικας
Μουσική: Φίλιππος Πλιάτσικας
Πρώτη εκτέλεση: Πυξ Λαξ
Eric Burdon & Pyx lax - Someone wrote (save me ) on the wall.
Album...Pyx Lax (charoumenoi stin poli ton trellon...Joyful in the city of the insane..)
Video....The last scene of the movie VENGO


Babis Stokas (Greek: Μπάμπης Στόκας) is a Greek singer and songwriter. He was a founding member of the Entekhno/Rock group Pyx Lax (Πυξ Λαξ), to which he participated as a lead singer, lyricist, and composer from 1989 until the dissolvement of the band in 2004. Since then he is performing as a solo artist.Stokas released his first personal album, Poulia tis Nychtas, in 2001, while Pyx Lax were still active.

After Pyx Lax were dissolved in 2004, he formed his own band, called "The Gamma plan", in collaborat
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"Riza Trio" is an acoustic cover band formed in Thessaloniki, Greece. Hello World!!

- Thomas Vliagkoftis-Vocals, guitars
- George Doulkas-Guitars, vocals
- Apostolos Papapostolou-Percussion, vocals
Pyx Lax Live @Oaka 2011
Epapses Agaph Na Thimizeis
Hmoun Kai Egw Ekei DvdRip
Pyx Lax - Ena paidi pou perpataei me ta xeria (The last concert of the band at Lycabettus hill theater)
Poula me - Pyx Lax - Zorikoi Kairoi
Πυξ-Λαξ - Έπαψες αγάπη να θυμίζεις
Pyx Lax - Asti na leei (The last concert of the band at Lycabettus hill theater)
Ilias Makridis was playing keyboards in the group Tsopana Rave. This was his first solo single featuring the vocalist of Pyx Lax Mpampis Stokas.

It was released in 2003 but became a hit only one year later when it was chosen as the theme song for a popular TV serial.<br/><br/>