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Protest the Hero - Bloodmeat

С Острова Клоунов с приветом.
Thanks to PTH - guys, you are best
Местами лажал, но оно не страшно.
Я плодотворно провёл те 2 дня, что у меня эта гитара.
Отдельное спасибо Ярику Светличному за мотивацию :)<br/><br/>
ну так норм вроде
забываем традицию играть каверы с умными лицами
Paiste Black Alpha Cymbals Slipknot Edition
Me jammin' Bloodmeat. There's some neato swell tapping. RG7321 ftw! Just to clarify, that is the Ibanez RG7321 (7 string)<br/><br/>
мая ариджинал баа!!! =)))
Бешеная энергетика! Канадцы решают.
развеем традицию играть каверы с умными щщами)))))))
Привет, меня зовут Руслан. Я играю на барабанах в группе Laws for Rhinos и люблю записывать кавера на песни которые мне нравятся. Это кавер на мою любимую группу - Protest the hero, hope you like it.
Представитель: Павел Исаев

Видео записано для конкурса в группе "MusicDream"
Группа MusicDream:

Запилил на днях кавер любимой группы. Они просто бэст. НЕТ бэст оф зэ бэст. НЕТ НЕТ бэст оф бэст оф зэ бэст.
ЗЫ Скоро заберу гитарко из ремонта и еще че нить запилю.
I'm playing cover of bloodmeat/protest the hero on 2 guitars

Мой первый кавер)))
Они професионалы!И поетому играют спид-эмо метал
Просто они прекрасны
Не с чем сравнить
Они одни такие)
Под это мыть посуду-самое то!
Красивый техничный металкор с элементами прогметала и великолепным вокалом =)
Крайне рекомендуется к прослушиванию +)
приношу извинения за косяки и не идеальность видео.
дадут деньги,дам качества=)
Официальный клип.

Небольшая просьба : при добавлении видео к себе в видеозаписи, не убирать ссылку на группу. Спасибо.

So after a year and a half we decided that we love this song so much that our shitty old cover in Jordan's garage wasn't cutting it. So here it is, done with Pro Tools 8 and the Metal Amp Room plug in. As always, hope you guys enjoy. Let us know what you think!

Check out the vids of our original songs which are available on iTunes.

Artist: Jordan K. Rush
Album: The Three Reigns

Any support you can offer will help us make this band thing happen sooner
Всё таки всё подобрал =)))))))ЫЫЫ
стрёмный кавер на охеренную песню
Watch more video in our channel !!

Hey everyone, This is a dual cover of Bloodmeat. It is a pretty fun song to play with many tapping parts which took a while to get down. I totally hit like half a second early at the very end so it kind of sucked haha. I played this song with my friend Nick who is in a band with me. We are hoping to record some of our originals pretty soon so be on the look out.

This was recorded into pro tools using pod farm, if you would like the setting feel free to ask!
нихуя не видно, нихуя не понятно, но всё же выкинул....можете начинать поливать меня грязью xDD
Дали фотика погоняться :)
Сильно не ругайте
Зафигачили с другом кавер !!!
Eric Sheppard, 25 years old, from South Shore, MA area! This is my cover of Protest The Hero's "Bloodmeat". They are a huge influence of mine. I am using my DW Platinum Series kit. Thanks for checking out this video!

Protest The Hero - Bloodmeant
from the 2008 release Fortress
is the copyrighted property of its owner(s).

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This is my first one (hopefully not the last one=) video.Thanks for watching!

1.Why bass track is so quiet?
All low frequencies were cut from original track (I use Transcribe) and then i record new bass track by myself.
I don't do it very loud because we all listen the music,not only the bass.If you think it is too quiet try to use headphones or good loudspeakers.
2.Why you play so bad?
Shit Happens.
3.Arif don't play this song like you. (You don't say!=)
I'm not Arif.

Я Вконтакте:
Shredders Delight presents:
A cover of Protest the hero's "Bloodmeat" from their album Fortress.

Song interpreted by:

M-A R. plays Luke's guitar (left speaker)
Guitar: ESP LTD H-500

Thierry C. plays Tim's guitar (right speaker)
Guitar: Ernie Ball Musicman John Pettrucci signature

Emilien G. plays Arif's bass
Bass: Ernie Ball Musicman Bongo 5 string bass

The song has been learned from Protest the Hero's official tab book for their latest album "For
Roland Cube 80x<br/><br/>
Protest the hero - Bloodmeat (guitar cover by Butters and eAq from Fateful Choice)
Audio: POD Line 6 HD300
Guitars: Ibanez Prestige S5470. Jackson
Video: Iphone 5 :)
Hi! We are guitarists from band Fateful Choice! And we made cover on song Protest the hero - Bloodmeat. We hope you enjoyed. Sorry for mistakes ^-^.
p.s. Check out our stuff :
Protest the Hero - Bloodmeat [Bass cover]

half serious, half messing around
Protest the Hero - Live @ the Magic Stick in Detroit, Michigan 4/11/2012

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Metalcore риффы от группы Protes The Hero.

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Fun-filled Yard - 10.07.31.
Плохо был слышен голос, ну уже как есть...
Olga Buyanovskaya from Bionic Art
Protest The Hero - Bloodmeat
Прошу заценить мой первый опыт!
Гитара - Gibson SG standard
Звучка - emu 0202
Плагин Amplitube 3
(присутствует рассинхрон)
Old request, great song, enjoy

Song - Bloodmeat
Band - Protest the Hero
Album - Fortress
(c)2008 Underground Operations. All Rights Reserved.

Ibanez RGA121
Laney Irt Studio
Bare Knuckle Warpig Alnico V set

простите, что очень слабая яркость

*спасибо Полине Б. за видео девайс )
а еще заходите к Максу
Protest The Hero - Bloodmeat Cover

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you bloodmeat!
The official video for Protest The Hero's Bloodmeat from the album Fortress, released on Underground Operations 01/29/2008.
Protest the hero - Bloodmeat (cover version) iPod + GarageBand + VocaLive
специально на эквалайзере накрутил звук такой как у Арифа (бассиста протестов)
Vídeo by @LBVIDZ: André Hirae, Andréa Alecxandra, Bruno Trindade, Uriel Gaspar e Lucas Miranda.
My name is Roman, I'm from Russia and I'd like to present you my second cover and this time as for video and sound quality I've done my best. I felt in love with the music by this awesome band approximately a year ago and these guys made me take my guitar and play, play, play! Also I'm going to make more covers really soon and the next one will be protest the hero cover again. So... comment and share with friends... may be even subscribe to my channel)
Hope you'll enjoy this video.
Protest the Hero play crowd favourite "Bloodmeat" live at Ritual Nightclub in Ottawa. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO

Kevan was the drummer for Red Lamb for the "Anarchy For Autism" tour with legendary Anthrax guitar player Dan Spitz! To learn more about Kevan and his upcoming projects, follow-
Wanna learn techniques for speed and power around the kit from Kevan, directly? Check out

All rights to this song belong to the original artist. Be sure to check them out on itunes!
Wicked Band, wicked song, but very interesting to play! I've done that all by ear, so sorry for the mistakes.

Produced by Krimh
live @ NSD Open Air 2011, Trier Germany
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Protest the Hero - Bloodmeat bass cover by oper_89

аццкий хит ютюба
Protest The Hero - Bloodmeat 8-Bit version.
альбом Fortress - 2008

заметил, что звук на долю секунды от видео отстает. простите уж ))
Наш кавер на Protest The Hero - Bloodmeat совместно с Валерием Болговым (гр. Тиара)
Master class from MetalBear and cover from his apprentice.
The guitarists of protest show you how to play "Bloodmeat" step by step from there album "Fortress".

Protest The Hero - Bloodmeat & Sequoia Throne - Guitar Cover by Filippo Muratore
This is Protest the Hero playing Mist and Bloodmeat live at The Social in Orlando, FL on 12/3/2013. Rody also does a little bit of comedy in between. Enjoy!
Protest the Hero live at Pulp Summer Slam 2016. Amoranto Stadium, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.
Knust Hamburg. Full song live with crowd storming the stage including air guitar guys *gg*. 03.02.2011.
Извиняюсь за звук,но телефон на большее не способен:)
Ibanez GRG 7221 - Line 6 POD HD500

It's My Debut Cover. Stay tuned!

Recorded on SLS - Stereophonic Lab Of Sound

I don't own this song - All rights belong to their respecting owners(Protest the Hero)
... а Канада... она такая... музыкально безлимитная вовсе. Тут вам и Rush, и Jeff Healey, али Voivod c Gorguts (енто кому посытнее треба), могут хлопчики из Beyond Creation душки потеребить как следует, ну, и вот этим посонам-корщикам, безудержно жарящим прогрессив, пальца во рты класть ненадобно отнюдь. Карочч, на самом-то деле, все пиндосы десятками лет жалостливо ползают за северными соседями на коленках, едва успевая нервно подбирать за собой слюни... каждому - своё, как грится. Подписывайся!, будь прогрессивным<br/><br/> Подписывайся!, будь прогрессивным<br/><br/>
SpectorReBop DLX FM - MXR Bass DI+ (drive mode is ON!)- Line In - Ampeg SVX

and again, my frieands, all the original lows WAS CUT by "Transcribe! v7.20", so all lows U can hear in this track are made by my Spector! Blablabla))
and again and again - this is ONLY! my interpretation of the PtH's song)

and I tried to add to Ariff's riffs(:D) some Luke's the result u can see and hear) I hope u will like it! ;D

So, feel free to check out my band
This is my first cover on my favorite band ! Check this out !
Just a little experiment. Have a nice day!