Professor Longhair, Big Chief: Parkour & Freerunning - Professor Longhair Big Chief, Professor Longhair- Big Chief, Professor Longhair, Big Chief , МЕГА

Professor Longhair, Big Chief

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This is a cheeky little video that we shot over a few weeks in Cambridge this summer. Phil picked out the soundtrack and we edited it together one night.

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Ampisound:"Это развязное видео, которые мы снимали в течение нескольких недель в Кембридже, этим летом."
Приз зрительских симпатий лично от меня.

Драйв. Драйв. И еще больше драйва. И фана. Уж очень задорное музыко.

Паркур в Оксфорде
Тренируйте тело ))) с молоду!!!

HQ (YouTube):
Professor Longhair - Big Chief
Professor Longhair, Big Chief - Starring Kie Willis and Phil Doyle OFFICIAL Parkour and FreeRunning

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Phil and Kie use parkour as they run across the rooftops of Cambridge, UK. Phil chose a classic jazz tune to accompany the footage, and we edited it together in one night.

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Professor Longhair - Big Chief - Part 1
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Absolutely jawdropping early proto funk 45 - one of the best tunes to ever come out of New Orleans. Listen to this if you don't know it! Wild rollicking piano playing and heavily syncopated drumming. Truly essential uptempo stuff that always sends the dancefloor into a frenzy!

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Professor Longhair plays Big Chief, rare recording from the 1973 Montreux Jazz Festival.

(I have been searching a long time for a live performance of Fess playing this tune -other than the version with Earl King and Dr. John- and finally found this one which I guess completes the other Montreux footage on youtube. Since it hasn't been uploaded here previously, I just had to register an account and upload it so that others may enjoy this gem.)

I have listened to lots of versions of this song performed by different pianists on youtube and in my opinion (maybe beacuse i grew up listening to his recordings) nobody comes even close to playing this piece as well as Fess does .
There is just something unique to his playing style, how he fully masters the rythmic components of each tune he plays and the richness in note variations but still keeping a 100% pure blues feel to it. That's what takes it to a whole different level, it's "raw" but polished at the same time but t