Prie Dieu: 【東方アレンジ】ハートフェルトファンシー ~ Prie a Dieu【Demetori】, Prie Dieu : behind the scenes, Demetori - Heartfelt Fancy ~ Prie a Dieu

Prie Dieu

“Prie Dieu” explores a world where insects are connected to a divine power by delicate threads. No insects were hurt during the shooting, all threads were done during post-production.

Best experimental video at Vimeo Festival + Awards 2012, New York

Music by
Amon Tobin – Surge (16 bit Remix)
Gregorio Allegri – Miserere.
» Song title: Heartfelt Fancy ~ Prie a Dieu
» Arrangement by: Demetori
» Album name: le Grimoire De reve
» Circle name: Demetori
» Release Dat...
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Очень красивая карта и музыка.
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