#Portal Loop: Portal 2 - BG_Menu5 (loop), Portal Infinite Loop, [SFM] Atlas from Portal 2 playing on Steam Controller animation loop, Portal Loop, Portal

#Portal Loop

by Igor Kuznetsov
AfterEffects+Trapcode (form, shine, starglow)
It's like when you're falling in your dream, and you can't wake up cause there's nothing to break the fall.
I use it on my twitch channel, http://www.twitch.tv/ackotherobot

by Коля Худалла
Video by TAS - http://www.facebook.com/tasvision Music mixed by Whitebear: Occult - Kuru, David Starfire - Big Chillum (Whitebear Remix) Whitebear: https://www.fb.com/whitebear.aus Occult: https://www.fb.com/OccultICU David Starfire: https://www.fb.com/davidstarfiremusic http://www.ttaass.com --- if you want to use any of my video material just get in touch with me --- --- you are not allowed to use this for commercial purpose without the permission of the artist --- --- contact & inquiries: mai
AfterEffects+Trapcode (form, shine, starglow)
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