Pope John Paul II: Без страха Жизнь Папы Римского Иоанна Павла II (2005) | Have No Fear: The Life of Pope John Paul II, Папа Иоанн Павел II (2005) | Pope John

Pope John Paul II

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Фильм рассказывает историю жизни Кароля Войтылы, позже папы Иоанна Павла II, от рождения до смерти.
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Действие фильма начинается в день покушения на жизнь Папы Иоанна Павла II, 13 мая 1981 года. Затем действие переносится в 1938 год, когда Кароль Войтыла в Вадовицах первый раз выступает как интерпретатор поэзии. Но большую часть фильма занимает период понтификата Иоанна Павла II, его влияние на дела, связанные с религией, и на политические изменения, происходящие в мире.
Video I took of the last official in season home game for McCallie. Hopefully we will have another home game if we make the playoffs, but you never know.
Video I took at the last official home game of the season at McCallie. Hopefully we will have another home game if we make the playoffs, but you never know.
Video I took at the last official in season home game for McCallie.
4/2/2005 President's Statement on the Death of Pope John Paul II
Last video I took at the last official home game of the season at McCallie. Hopefully we will have another home game if we make the playoffs, but you never know.
Last video I took at the last official in season home game for McCallie.
Clip from Grassroots Fillms' "Fishers of Men" - http://www.grassrootsfilms.com - This will be displayed in the Prayer Vigil for the Beatification of John Paul II in Rome, April 30th, 2011
Andrei Fursov (Андрей Фурсов) - Russian historian, sociologist, writer, organizer of science.
On 2nd April 2005 Pope John Paul II died after a prolonged struggle with ill health. Thousands of pilgrims queued for the chance to see him lying for public viewing at Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vatican in Rome, Italy.

On Friday evening in St. Peter's Basilica, the body of Blessed Pope Innocent XI was transferred from the space below the altar of the Chapel of St...
Saint John Paul II - Oil Portrait by Janusz Migasiuk.
Oil painting on canvas 24x36 inch. Captured most of the creation process.

Link to the photo ...
This film's timeline begins with the death of Pope John Paul I on September 29, 1978, and then flashes back to Karol Wojtyła as a young man growing up decades earlier in Wadowice, Poland. The storyline then returns slowly back to 1978, covering Wojtyła's early life, family relationships, his political involvements fighting against Nazism during World War II and struggling against post-World War II Communism in Poland, and his relationship and involvement in the Roman Catholic Church as he becomes a priest,

3:00 Israel is joining the lie
6:30 The Roman Catholic Church plans to unite the separated brethren with the current Catholic Church
13:10 About John Paul II
16:30 With demonic power will give life to the body of John Paul II
22:00 John Paul II was the first ecumenical leader able to gather many religious leaders

Please pray for NICOLE so God continues blessing his daughter with more revelations.
Sand art by Ilana Yahav - Sandfantasy
Music by the great composer - Vito Terribile

This movie was created for the beautiful music of maestro Vito Terribile "ANIMAE MUNDI".

Ilana and Vito will open the event in the Vatican "The Papi People" by performing live. On the occasion of the canonization of the two Popes, John XXIII and John Paul II.

Animae Mundi will be performed live throughout the 2014 tour of the show: I Suoni del Silenzio Co-Esistenze. www.isuonidelsilenziocoesistenze.co
Верхо́вний архієпи́скоп Йо́сип Сліпи́й (у світі Йо́сип Коберни́цький-Дичко́вський; *1892, Заздрість — †7 вересня 1984, Рим) — єпископ Української Греко-Католицької Церкви, кардинал Римо-Католицької Церкви; з 1 листопада 1944 року Митрополит Галицький та Архієпископ Львівський, з 23 грудня 1963 року Верховний Архієпископ Львівський — предстоятель Української Греко-Католицької Церкви.Під час першої радянської окупації Західної України (22 грудня 1939 року) митрополит Андрей Шептицький, за згодою Папи Пія XII,
http://en.romereports.com Soon, the smiling image of John Paul II will once again, adorn the facade of St. Peter's Square. He will officially be recognized as a saint of the Church, making him an example for Catholics around the world. But in his 26 year pontificate, it can be easy to overlook some of the key points that marked his life and his Papacy. Here are a few examples.

Visit the official website of the Beatification of John Paul II - http://www.karol-wojtyla.org - ©riproduzione riservata

Pope Francis has declared Popes John Paul II and John XXIII saints, in front of a crowd of hundreds of thousands.Pope Francis declares John XXIII and John Paul II Saints Pope Francis declares John XXIII and John Paul II Saints Vatican declares Popes John Paul II and John XXIII saints Vatican declares Popes John Paul II and John XXIII saints

He praised his two predecessors as "men of courage" at the Vatican service, the first time in history that two popes have been canonised at the same time.Vatican
Another video I took at the last official in season home game for McCallie.
Music and Arranged by Piotr Wiza
Lyrics and Vocal by Graham Crawford
On February 27, 2013 at around 6:30am, Luis R. a devout Catholic and a resident of Fort Myers, Florida, was looking at the Vatican's Webcam page of Pope John Paul II tomb, when he noticed a bright light fill the entire room, then shrunk to form what appears to be a human figure made of emanating light in the center of the screen, the ghostly light did cast a shadow of the cross which was placed over the tomb of the pope on the painting hanging on the wall, he immediately started sa
Video tribute to mark the occasion of the beatification of Pope John Paul II, the Great Mercy Pope.
A tribute to Pope John Paul II the Great from the faithful of the Co-Cathedral of Saint Thomas More, Tallahassee, FL. My prayer is that you are compelled through this labor of love photo montage to be propelled out into your spirit of influence to make REAL change: METANOIA... bring hearts to the fullness of the Truth of Christ in love!

Jezu, ufam Tobie!

Photos are from:

- http://easterncatholichymns.homestead.com/popemass.html
- http://easterncatholichymns.homestead.com/popemass2.html



Over a million people jammed St. Peter's Square and surrounding streets Sunday for the beatification of Pope John Paul II, a celebration to honor one of the most adored popes as he moves a step closer to possible sainthood. (May 1)
Solemn High Mass at St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City celebrated by Pope John Paul II for the Feast of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul on 29th June 1985.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791):
Mass No. 15 (or 16) in C major, "Coronation Mass", KV 317
I. Kyrie
II. Gloria
III. Credo
IV. Sanctus
V. Benedictus
VI. Agnus Dei

Kathleen Battle, soprano
Trudeliese Schmidt, mezzo-soprano
Gosta Winbergh, tenor
Feruccio Furlanetto, bass
Pope John Paul II, speaker

(-ONLY VIDEO-) It\'s official. Pope Francis has declared John XXIII and John Paul II as saints of the Catholic Church.
Watch inspiring Quotes of Pope John Paul II.

He was Pope from 16 October 1978 to his death in 2005. He was the second longest-serving pope in history.

On April 27th 2014, Pope Francis declared Popes John Paul II as Saint. Watch the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XG0DDhiskh0
Pope John Paul II
This morning the casket with the remains of Blessed John Paul II was placed in the Chapel of St. Sebastian in the Basilica of St. Peter's. The wooden casket was placed in its permanent location last night in a ceremony attended by the College of Confessors and the Chapter of the Basilica, together with nine cardinals, and archbishops and bishops. John Paul II's postulator, Monsignor Oder, also attended and among the religious was of courseSister Tobiana  and other nuns of the papal apartment. After an initial pause for prayer before the Altar of St. Peter, and singing the litany of canonized popes, the procession arrived at the altar of Saint Sebastian. The brief ceremony ended at a quarter to eight i ...

Pope Benedict XVI has signed off on the miracle needed for the beatification of Pope John Paul II. The ceremony will take place May 1st. (Jan. 14)
A tribute in words and pictures to Pope John Paul II. Poem "A Letter From Heaven" by Ruth Ann Mahaffey as read by CFRB Toronto CJAD Montreal radio host, Father John Walsh
A loving tribute to His Holiness Pope John Paul II.
This is polish television version of the film, but in English.
A video of John Paul II the former pope of the Vatican.
"Fight the real enemy!"
October 3, 1992
Рік випуску: 2004
Жанр: Документальний / Біографічний
Випущено: Італія / Discovery Networks Europe / Brando Quilici Productions
Переклад: Дубльований, рос.мова.
Режисер: Брандо Куілісі
Тривалість: 00:47:10
Не бойся: Жизнь папы Иоанна Павла II
Original link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USY9q8VN13c

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Coverage of the announcement of the new Pope October 16, 1978<br/><br/>
A slideshow I made. Dedicated to the memory of the Servant of God John Paul II. Ionnes Paulus II, ora pro nobis.

Over one million Irish people gather at Dublin's Phoenix Park for an open-air mass with His Holiness Pope John Paul II. The crowd bursts into a rapturous applause when the Pope's helicopter comes into sight. It's believed to be the largest gathering of people in Ireland's history - September 1979. Music is by Frank Patterson.
In honor of the fifth anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul 2, the Sacred Music Society presents Mozart's K 626 Requiem performed in context with the Traditional Latin Mass.

Main Celebrant, Fr. Mich Beachey

Conductor, Uwe Lieflander

Performed and filmed in Chapeau, Quebec.

Choirs - Sinfonia Sacra, Sparrows Choristers, and the Sacred Music Society.

Produced by Wilderland Film Studios
John Paul the Second, A saint. I hope you watch this video and look not just at the visits to heads of State, but also the tender kiss given to a little girl who gives him a gift, probably her own toy. And the near tears of gratitude for the tender gift. The man seen praying quietly at the tomb of David in Jerusalem. The man who calmly, quietly and with always reverence to God and unwavering belief in the beauty of the soul of man, stood toe to toe with one of the most powerful nations to ever exist and brought that nation to its knees with prayer and a Mass.

His belief in the beauty of the soul of man, that part that echoes and mirrors the divine, not that part that causes us to sin, is evident in his forgiving the man who shot him. And it is evident in the joy at that mans conversion to belief system of love, not hatred.
From May 13, 1981, here is the CBS News on an assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II. Taped from WJKW-TV8, Cleveland.
Concert honoring Pope John Paul II
Castel Gandolfo, September 9, 2002
interruption league match because of the death of Pope John Paul 2, after between Lech Poznań and

Томас Кречманн в роли Папы Римского Иоанна Павла II<br/><br/>
His October 1979 visit to Washington, DC and the CUA Campus

Pope Francis declared his predecessors John XXIII and John Paul II saints in front of more than half a million pilgrims at St. Peter's Square in the Vatican.
Retired Pope Benedict XVI also attended this historic ceremony.

John XXIII, who reigned from 1958 to 1963 and called the modernizing Second Vatican Council, lived through both world wars.

John Paul II, the Pole who reigned for nearly 27 years witnessed the devastation of his homeland in World War Two and is credited by many with helpin