Pony Symphonic Poem - A Doctor in Ponyville смотреть онлайн

Pony Symphonic Poem - A Doctor in Ponyville

Le Mp3 - http://www.mediafire.com/?loka2b0nhtyq1sr

Once upon a time, Twilight Sparkle happened upon a very strange pony; an impossible, wonderful, terrible pony. He rode in a blue box which had seen the universe and called himself "The Doctor." This is NOT his story, but is the music for the trailer!

I have been wanting to do a piece about Doctor Whooves/Whoof for the longest time! And now that I have my new orchestra, I decided it was about time. This is a brief but energetic symphonic poem which combines the MLP theme with the opening theme of Doctor Who as well as the "I am the Doctor" vamp from series 5. This is the first completed orchestral work I have done with my new instrument package. My goal was to compose a piece which Bronies could appreciate without necessarily being initiated "Whovians" and vice versa. Tell me how I did in the comments!

Oh, also some very special and thankful recognition to Fantastic-Pickles for being the only one I