Pony Nujazz - Old Hat, New Manehattan смотреть онлайн

Pony Nujazz - Old Hat, New Manehattan

First things first, the video uploader really butchered the quality of the original mp3, so if you dig what you're hearing, definitely download the mp3 below for a proper experience!

Le Mp3 (sans intro) - http://www.mediafire.com/?2zsvss59dd0wcdr

So what is this thing called pony jazz? There certainly is a lack of it in the fandom from what I have seen. If any of you noticed, though I have been composing almost exclusively in a classical idiom, one of my truest and deepest musical infatuations is with jazz and especially, "nujazz." That is precisely what you are going to find here.

The theme is simple: a musical anthem to the most underrated city in Equestria and the REAL city from which it got its name. The sentimental piano solo intro represents the old city of Applejack's recollection before things pick-up with a bit of funkier modernity around the halfway mark. I highly recommend headphones, a good subwoofer, and much relaxed head nodding. All instruments with t