Pocahontas (sub): Pocahontas - Just around the Riverbend(Polish w/subs & translation), Pocahontas - Just Around the Riverbend (Hebrew+Subs), Pocahontas -

Pocahontas (sub)

Pocahontas is (c) Disney.
I started this loooooooong time ago and ended few days ago, but uploaded today, because I'm a lazy ass

I like this version, but I prefer Edyta's voice in Colors of the Wind than here, but I really like the part with the master of the dream ^^.


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פוקהונטס - מעבר לנהר (עברית)


מה שאהוב עלי בנהרות,
הם לא עומדים במקום אחד,
המים כל הזמן זורמים קדימה.
אך בני אדם כנראה שונים,
ויש לכך מחיר.
יציבות מבקש

Requested by Elyse..since..for ever XD
and she sent the aud and the vid..*but she can't wait till I finish writing the whole des. :P*

The line with the *..is cursed -.-'..I didn't undertsand it nor my friends did..and one of them is Egyptian lol
So, who ever figure it out, feel free to tell and I'll post it here.

Not a fan of this song, but I adore the chorus, Grandma Willow and of cours Pocahontas voices.

Grandma Willow is by the great Egyptian actress Amina Rizq (RIP)
"Savages" in Spanish from Spain. It took me 3 hours to subtitle and translate it; I hope there are no mistakes, but if you see something wrong, tell me.

"Bárbaros" en español de España. Tardé 3 horas en subtitularlo y traducirlo; espero que no haya ningún error, pero si veis que algo está mal, decídmelo.

Disclaimer: Disney owns "Pocahontas" and its audio, I do not. No copyright infringement is intended.
Pocahontas - Savages
ポカホンタス - サベジズ
Pokahontasu - Sabejizu

Pocahontas ポカホンタス: 土居 裕子 Doi Yuko
Ratcliffe ラトクリフ: 佐山 陽規 Sayama Haruki
Chief Powhatanポウハタン酋長: 福沢 良一 Fukuzawa Ryoichi

Thanks for watching!

Pocahontas belongs to Disney
I like this version ^^ It's very powerful. And you better be grateful for the lyrics because I was about to scratch my ears of trying to hear them!!! *is threatening everyone*
I love how Pocahontas's father really sounds fatherly and kind. Just sounds like an indian if that is possible :P The same goes for Kekata that witchdoctor?
Ratcliffe also sounds evil and the chorus is acceptably strong.
And I've always liked the icelan
All rights belongs to Disney!

any criticism is welcome :)
© All rights belong to Walt Disney Pictures.

פוקהונטס - צבעי הרוח (עברית)


אנחנו פראים בעיניך,
בחצי עולם ביקרת,
זו כנראה עובדה.
למרות זאת לא אבין,
אם ה"פרא" זו אני.
דווקא מה שחשוב,
איך לא תדע?
לא תד