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PinkiePieSwear - Flutterwonder

PinkiePieSwear - Flutterwonder
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

Создано Picrolla
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
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"nenhuma violação de direitos autorais é intencional"
Copyrights go to PinkiePieSwear!
Fixed that there isnt any white screen anymore :(
1080p HD FTW!

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BMA Deleted Music Collection:
[This song utilizes the artist's master track stems for an authentic Rock Band gameplay experience.]

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PinkiePieSwear is a fantastic musician and a very nice guy, he's helped me out here and there and I have always loved his music. For all of that help, have an orchestral remix of the fan-favorite Flutterwonder (Even if I still think Sunshine and Celery Stalks is better, Applejack for the win). I originally arranged this piece about 4 days prior to uploading so I could get some feedback, I then would write what would eventually become the Ovation of the Night. Now that that project was taken care of, I neede
It's a Remix of a Remix of a Remix!
Download Here:

Basically, I was inspired by UnderpΩny's piano part in his version of the song and I love PPS's original, which is based off of Daniel Ingram's "So Many Wonders".

UnderpΩny -
PinkiePieSwear -
Daniel Ingram's Original -

I do hope you enjoy it! I know I enjoyed making it! I'm especially proud of the 3rd, transitional, and final stanzas of the song. I remixed the audio I had to create new verses. I do hope you enjoy those deviations from the norm!

The audio in this video was remixed.... again. Hahaha. Yes, "Remixception" once more. Either way, The mediafire
Read description, please!

(Link to HQ MP3 download below)


I always wanted to dance to FlutterWonder and put it in my DJ sets, but it wasn't dancefloor friendly enough.

This is my take to remedy that.

Version with radio-friendly length.

DJ-friendly version here —

MP3 320kbps download —

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.

Remixed with permission from PinkiePieSwear.
Original here — Find the download button (:

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Well today I discovered "Pony Music"
And Heard this track here -
I was stunning, It was amazinig
So basicly heres what I done with it
Ive just layered some of my own samples and stuff over the top
But you can still
Original Song: So Many Wonders -

To everyone requesting lyrics for the song: There are no lyrics. What she is "saying" is totally up for interpretation. Feel free to post your own version of what you think she's saying!

I ripped vocals out of So Many Wonders and HOLY CRAP Fluttershy's voice is pretty! <br/><br/>
yay! \;D/
easy and fun map - :3


My EP "Hardstyle Ponys":


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*** READ INFO ***

Original song "Flutterwonder" by PinkiePieSwear
Remixed by Sterrezo & Flyghtning
Produced by Flyghtning
Graphics from MLP:FiM (c) respective authors

Download link:
Game - Osu!
Map - PinkiePieSwear - Flutterwonder

Подпишись на наш паблик :3
A Thing,I MADE A THING .3.
Made a remix cause I love this song and PinkiePieSwear Music Style c:
Remixed with some similar samples and vocal chops. It was hard to do the vocals in particular but eh I did it ;v;.
Edit: 2 Days of getting in EQD ;v; :
PinkiePieSwear - "Flutterwonder" :
Daniel Ingram - "So Many Wonders" :


Download :
Download (no vocals) :

12/28 EDIT: OMGOMG!!! Derpy Hooves Studio found this! Check it out - it's the second video down!

12/29 EDIT: AWW, YEAH - EqD found it, too! thanks you guys!

Well, i suppose i'll make my fabulous debut with this track, which is a remix of PinkiePieSwear's Flutterwonder, which can be found here:

other meritable mentions are TaisiKP and Underpony, whose own versions (linked with the annotations) influenced me to make my own. it is a beautiful song.

this, as my first song, is dedicated to the MLR community, who had welcomed me with open arms.

320kbps download is available here - it's better quality than soundcloud, and there's no d/l limit:

BUT, by all means, follow my soundcloud, and receiv