Pinkie's Adventure: Pinkie Pie's Adventure 1 - Возвращение злой Эпплджек, Pinkie Pie's Ferris Wheel Adventure, PINKIE PIE'S ADVENTURE 2 - LUIGIKID IS IN THE

Pinkie's Adventure

Прохожу очередную крипипасту посвящённую My Little Pony.
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What's going on my dedicated bros?
Welcome to Pinkie Pie's Adventure Part 2, another free indie horror game made by my friend InsanePinkiePie! This...
What's going on my dedicated bros?
Welcome to Pinkie Pie's Adventure, another free indie horror game made by my friend InsanePinkiePie! Well, what ...
Thanks you so much to EqD for the feature! And to everyone who views, comments and likes. ♥ *DOWNLOAD LINKS AND INFO BELOW* *Facebook: *

Well... this was an interesting one. And my first real foray into the animation world. The song was essentially going to just be a standalone thing, before I decided to add an actual video to accompany it and give it a bit of context. While the teaser of this tune has been up on my SoundCloud for a few days now, I
Backstory time!
So, I started this song a few days ago, after reading a greentext on 4chan that was just absolutely adorable.
Here's the writer's pastebin:

I decided to write a song about the cute little story and got Pinkie Rose and Wuten to do some voice work for me
Follow these two beautiful fuckers:
Genre: Glitch Hop
Tempo: 105bpm
Key: D#min

Song Produced by Redd

Thanks for Luigikid for helping me out :D
Pinkie Pie's Adventure 3 is the sequal for Pinkie Pie's Adventure 2 and it was created by InsanePinkiePie...
We go on an advanture with Pinkie pie, in our journey we go with apple jack into the dark forest, what can go wrong?
200 video :D
Luigikid gaming -...
Greetings knights of the Great Legion! Time to go on a journey as we take control of Pinkie Pie to meet Applejack. Friends and foes will meet us on...
MP3 (Karaoke):

Chocolate sweets are very very good
I can eat them every single day
Black licorice is so misunderstood
I could go for a tasty parfait
With extra cream!

Wait this song is about Pinkie Pie
Oh hey that's me!

Greetings Knights of the Great Legion! Time to investigate who was behind all of the weird shit we have been through in Pinkie Pie's Adventure like...
Greetings knights of the Great Legion! Here it is! The second installment in the Pinkie Pie's Adventure saga. Now with 20% more loops and a guarant...
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Luigikid -
Finally part 2, and Luigikid...
Ну какбы...
Приятного просмотра:)


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After some months of delay, the 2nd round of my new GMod Tennis with TheInvertedShadow is finally done!

Hope all this effort I managed to put into it paid off despite the parts where I got lazy. I'm also starting to get the hang of animating ponies with the Stop Motion Helper addon, so with all that, I'm pretty proud with this end result. I hope you all enjoy.

Also, small fun fact: This is the first video I ever made since GMod Monsters Poop a game of hide and seek to use transitions. Boy, it'
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Let's go on an adventure... :D

So yeah, another YTPMV done.
And this one is another Kirby one. :D
Also just a little notice. If you tend to hear the samples differently it's probably because i always use layered samples,
and for the visuals i just use which of the samples that looks the best.
Also, i used a still image because it's easier to mask. :P (Yes i am that lazy)
And i heard 8/1 is Kirby's birthday so, Happy (Almost) Birthday to one of my favorite game franchise, Kirby! :D
Anyways, enjoy. :)

EDIT: I've been featured AGAIN!

Round 3 with AwesomeCasey795.

Now featuring Vannamelon as Pinkie Pie, AstroBoyGF as Fluttershy, and the talented but very underrated DaWillstanator as the Unicorn.
Special thanks to Benno950 for the Fluttersnail model as well.

Ссылки на игру "Pinkie Pie's Adventure" 1


"Pinkie Pie's Adventure 2"
Round 5 with BriefCasey795.

...In all seriousness, though, apologies for this taking months to finish. But A) I was occupied with a ton of other projects that were nearing completion, and B) I wanted to make sure everything was right with this video. As you'll notice, I was trying to better improve my lipsyncing and fight scenes to some extent. Stop Motion Helper's still a bit tricky for me.

But by God, I love this final product. Literally the longest Tennis round I've e
Прохожу очередную крипипасту посвящённую My Little Pony.
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Pinky's first trip out! This is Medic's Wifes Truck... on a couples trail ride.. lol

Howdy y'all!! Two months of inactivity but I finally have a video for all of you.
Sorry my tardiness but school has had me quite busy lately, anyway, ENJOY!!
Thanks to Adecoy95 and LittleshyFIM for the clips
their channels

After quite a long while of delay, Part 4 of my GMod tennis with TheInvertedShadow is here at last.

Sorry to keep you all waiting, but hey, having SIX different voice actors for this with different schedules, plus a whopping THIRTEEN MINUTE VIDEO = long making process. Hope this was worth the wait, though! (I feel like I half assed some bits, though... ._.)