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Petebox - Where Is My Mind

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а исполнение *-*
The combination of beatbox and guitar playing. Very original and unusual.
Beatboxer The Petebox, beatbox and guitar
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Guitar lessons - Here's my new vid - a cover of a song by one of my favourite bands. The track is made live using a guitar, beatbox, voice and an RC-50 loop station. The reverb on the vocals at the end is off a Kaoss Pad which only features at the end for the reverb effect (u can see 2 but that's to do a different track we filmed after!) There's nothing prerecorded or added post recording, it's all live! Filmed by Simon Ellis htt
20.10.2012 // Loop Fest // Moscow // Club Pravda //<br/><br/>

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Live footage of Where Is My Mind from a show at Proud2 in London, 12/03/2011 and is the first time i've played the track live.

Equipment list:
Voice, Guitar, Microphone, Loop Pedal, Effects Processor, Sansamp, Focusrite compressor

This is all made live - no pre-recorded sounds at all
Original Video:

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Perm, June 18, Perm fest, The one man band fest
Пермь, 18 июня 2014, фестиваль битбокса
Без битбокса, но с лупером и с немножко дилеем (спасибо Жеке)
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
I'm in Delaware

The Petebox with "Where is my Mind" on Woodstock Festival 2012 , Poland.


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