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Petebox - Where Is My Mind

безуума от этой песни
а исполнение *-*
The combination of beatbox and guitar playing. Very original and unusual.
Beatboxer The Petebox, beatbox and guitar
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Guitar lessons - Here's my new vid - a cover of a song by one of my favourite bands. The track is made live using a guitar, beatbox, voice and an RC-50 loop station. The reverb on the vocals at the end is off a Kaoss Pad which only features at the end for the reverb effect (u can see 2 but that's to do a different track we filmed after!) There's nothing prerecorded or added post recording, it's all live! Filmed by Simon Ellis htt
20.10.2012 // Loop Fest // Moscow // Club Pravda //<br/><br/>

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Live footage of Where Is My Mind from a show at Proud2 in London, 12/03/2011 and is the first time i've played the track live.

Equipment list:
Voice, Guitar, Microphone, Loop Pedal, Effects Processor, Sansamp, Focusrite compressor

This is all made live - no pre-recorded sounds at all
Original Video:

Petebox's Channel:
The Petebox with "Where is my Mind" on Woodstock Festival 2012 , Poland.


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Petebox´ awesome cover of the Pixies - Where is my mind - really got me going today. I have been looking for a track to edit some speedriding we did this winter, and there it was.

Video shows flying from Chamonix, ValFrejus, Zinal and Wengen.

Video by Håvard Flaat, Kristian Moxnes, Alastair Marsh and Jean-Francois (Jeff) Huck.

To watch Petebox cover go to:

You can download the track aswell if you want, super easy, superfree!!!
Perm, June 18, Perm fest, The one man band fest
Пермь, 18 июня 2014, фестиваль битбокса
Без битбокса, но с лупером и с немножко дилеем (спасибо Жеке)
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
I'm in Delaware