Pete Johnson: Sixth Avenue Express : Pete Johnson & Albert Ammons, Albert Ammons & Pete Johnson - Boogie Woogie Dream, Albert Ammons & Pete Johnson

Pete Johnson

Sixth Avenue Express : Pete Johnson & Albert Ammons

Recorded and played 2 times by Eeco Rijken Rapp

Enjoy the video!
Видео группы ◄ Дуэйн Джонсон - Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson ► ✔

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, wasn't all too impressed with Intern Pete's interviewing skills... Check it out above!
WARNING:Things get a little rude towards the end!
And so we continue our odyssey into the complete 4 record 78rpm album set "8 To The Bar: Two Piano Boogie Woogie For Dancing" (recorded in May June, 1941) by Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons on Victor album P-69 with side 7: "Foot Pedal Boogie".

Some more easy walkin' - again, wish they'd miced the two pianos equally. ;)

Two key figures in the development of jazz. They got poor treatment. They were allowed on some of the top radio shows, such the 'Camel Caravan' with King of Swing, Benny Goodman, just as long as they did not speak.

New York February 17, 1944

Pete Johnson : Dive Bomber played by Eeco Rijken Rapp

Enjoy the video!

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Recorded: Vocalion Studios New York, N.Y. December 30, 1938

Big Joe Turner - Vocals
Pete Johnson - Piano
Demarcus Cousins serves lattes, teaches yoga, drives a cab and sings Prince's "Purple Rain" in his "One Fan At A Time" campaign. #VOTEDMC


Special thanks to Mayor Kevin Johnson, Vivek Randive, Pete D'Alessandro & Temple Coffee.

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01. The Request
02. Lirazel
03. Witch
04. Alveric's Journey Through Elfland
05. The Rune Of The Elf King
06. The Coming Of The Troll
07. Just Another Day Of Searching
08. Too Much Magic
09. Beyond The Fields We Know

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Der Bunte Vogel, 28. April
Kenan Özdermir - b
Levent Özdermir - d
Philip "Ralf" Heermann - h
Malte Wollenburg - g
Filipe de la Torre - g

We've got The Blues for you tonight. 19.30 Uhr.
Oder oben das Pokal-Halbfinale!! 20:30
Beides bei uns im BuVo.
Fabulous piano duet by Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson with Boogie Woogie Dream from 1944. The girl is a very young Lena Horne!
Rocket Boogie 88 Part ll - Pete Johnson & a hot Sextet, LA 1948. Pete - Piano. Jewell Grant - Alto. Maxwell Davis - Tenor. Herman Mitchell - Guitar. Ralph Hamilton - Bass. Jesse Sailes Drums. Copyright Arhoolie Records. This track upload for fair use and educational purposes & introduction to Pete Johnson's great piano and Boogie Woogie. Hot band too.
Live-Performance of one of the best pieces from Pete Johnson, played by the Austrian Boogie-Master Hannes Otahal, recorded live at "Boesendorfer" in Vienna on 1997-04-04

This tune is now available on the album of Hannes Otahal:
Boogie Woogie Reminiscences - Remastered
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The video was taken at the First Hungarian Boogie Woogie And Blues Night. It was the first warm up song :)
I hope you'll like it.
Are you thanked, М.Е. ? ;)
From 'Boogie Woogie', 1988, Storyville Films