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Periphery - Icarus Lives!

by ©●•Karpich™••٠®
Directed by: McFarland & Pecci ( Produced by: Ian McFarland Production Co.: Killswitch Productions (

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Drop G#, на этот раз полностью софтовая запись.
не садись накуренный за барабаны)
Compilation of 2 versions of Icarus Lives. Enjoy!)
Music by Periphery-Icarus Lives!
All rights belongs to respective owners.
Dallas, TX. House of Blues. Summer Slaughter festival. July 25th, 2012. I love how the crowd is jumping at the beginning.

Thanks to my man TheTerrorBeyond for hooking up the audio!

Luke Holland, 18 years old, from Peoria, Arizona! Giving Halpern some credit, covering Icarus Lives. Filmed and edited by Greg Mitchell at ForeverRecordings, audio edited by Paul Vickery.
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Periphery - Icarus Lives!
Djentin' with mah 8. As i watched this from the computer i noticed something :

1. My Stam1na-shirt is SERIOUSLY getting small
2. I still make those retardish faces when I play
3. My improsolo SUCKED
4. There are mistakes boohoo :¨¨¨¨¨(((

But it's all good.<br/><br/>
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Guitar play through of Periphery's song Icarus Lives! There's a few mistakes in there, but it's the best run through I got on video so far.

I used an Rg2228 and a Mesa Roadster. There's no pedals or anything, so it's fully analog, and it seems to me to fit in the mix with the other guitars digital tone.
To hear the tone I used by itself, go to the last 10 seconds of the video, I played a bit over the end. I recorded the guitar separately then added the song in, with the mids cut so my guitar part
Все дружно ненавидим этого чувака и его стафф :D
PERIPHERY Icarus Lives Drum Cover by Liam Manley Periphery Icarus Lives.

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HELLO everyone, I'm Liam Manley (high school senior) and this is a take on one of my all time favorite Periphery tracks. Of course, like always, I added some fun embellishments and fills to make it my own.

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Icarus Lives by Periphery, with Casey Sabol's vocals.


Besieged by falling dreams, hold them tightly
Adorn my wings to thee and use them nightly

I'm neither angel nor a demon spawn
Though some will call me god
Gravity is just a law I've wrought

Hear temptation
Take the sky for all to see
Sheer elation
To write in history

I'm neither angel nor a demon spawn
Though some will call me god
Gravity is just a feeble plot

And when I said I'll never kneel again
What I really meant
Was fucking pull the pin cause time is spent

I'm neither angel nor a demon spawn
Though some will call me god, fuck that

Unite with ravens on their shadow flights
As my nocturnal rite
Gravity is just a mortal's vice and plot

And when I said I never feel or see
Love and sight are last resorts for me

Hello, guys! :) Having fun to making cover of this great song! Hope you enjoy it ^_^
All credits to Periphery of course :)
Thnx for camera and filming to my friends Inna Khyzhnyak and Artem Kuznetsov

Download bass, drums, bass and drums mix and tab here
Periphery - Icarus Lives! (guitar cover) Multitrack and...
One take NO edits. No tabbs all ear. WARWICK BASSES FOREVER!!!!!!!

Wenn euch der Song gefällt,unterstützt die Band und Kauft ihre Musik!!!

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i am sure that i am not superdrummer in the world, but here my vision this perfect song.

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念願のDingwall NG-2を手に入れました。
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Pedals:MXR Basscompressor,Darkglass Electronics MICROTUBES B7K
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Origin GinoBeats.
Couldn't find a HQ instrumental version so I thought I'd upload my own. I'm also in the process of learning this song.. so hopefully I'll do a cover of it sometime in the future!
первое видео ребят. суперская банда. одна из любимых
Cort Z47
Line6 POD HD300
Camera - Panasonic NV-GS300

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Periphery - Icarus Lives (Instrumental) Bass Cover. I use Luthman Bass: presents Icarus lives by Periphery from the Live DRUM CAM ! Check out Matt Halpern as he spits the linear game harder then anyone.
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Bass, drums, bass and drums mix and full tab
bass cover by Max Erofeev
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Abiogenesis drummer Reynoldz performs Periphery's classic "Icarus Lives!" at the beautiful Blackmirror Studios.

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My oriental djent project SEZAAM that u MUST check out below

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Periphery's Icarus Lives! guitar cover. Enjoy. Please rate and subscribe :D

Set up

Schecter Omen 6 extreme fr
Schecter Demon 7 fr
Line 6 spider IV 75Watt
Line 6 Tone Port UX2

Mixcraft 5.2
Superior Drummer 2.0
Ну нельзя было не сделать кавер на эту вещь)
This happened. NYC - Gramercy Theater - 10/20/2013

Sorry for the bad audio and stuff. just my phone.
redid my icarus lives cover, didnt have video before.
Ibanez RGD 2127z 7 string
Roland cube 30x
Line 6 floor pod
comment and stuff...

Cover of Icarus Lives by Periphery, by Chris Dando of Grace The Skies.

All rights and copyright are property of Periphery.
Me playin' Icarus Lives! by Periphery on guitar. Check out my band on and
This tune marked Casey's second recorded performance with the band; what an amazing voice! I opted to play the intro riff without 'chicking' 8ths on the pedal hi-hat for more power. It's all BRUTALLY difficult to play, heh.

Do you guys/gals prefer this angle or the TFO angle?

If you'd like to purchase an isolated drum movie for this, please visit:

Next up is "Though"!

Full drum set transcription:
Hey youtube!

Finally i got it! This is my last video for this year. It took me a while to make it, cause my cam fucked up. There was a white frame every second, you know, like in my other videos, but more white frames. I was a bit pissed about that and had to record some of the videos again. Some parts continue having that crappy white screen, not every second, but more than usual. Sorry for that, i definetly need a new cam xD.

Well, this video is a cover of an amazing Periphery song (check them out, these guys are amazing) called "Icarus Lives". Why this song? Cause i love it and i want to show you my new guitar: Ibanez UV-777. I hope the Bodom fans wont kill me, cause i sold my Alexi 600 for this guitar. But i dont regret anything, cause the Universe is just an amzing high quality sevenstring. The best of all is that i got it for 1000 bucks on second hand market. New it would cost about 2500. So, im really happy with it as you can see.

This song was a bit hard for me,

Дело было на местном музыкальном сейшне )
Серия драмкэмов Мэтта Хэлперна [club79929773|2015.03.02 | Live in Novosibirsk]

Matt Halpern ([club3283052|Periphery]) - Intro [#BBAdrumcam]
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I do not own this song or the album cover. Enjoy!
RXYZYXR drummer Tema Mamay playing drum cover of Periphery - Icarus Lives!

ну вот как бе мой не совсем ровный кавер)
Это мой первый кавер на песню Icarus Lives, не без косяков, но всё же.<br>-Schecter hellraiser c7<br>-Toneport gx<br>-Pod Farm 2<br>-Cubase
This was recorded on Matt and Nolly's visit to BIMM Bristol, UK (07.11.14)
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снимал вечером, поэтому картинка говно
PERIPHERY "Icarus Lives" Official Video

New Song From The Band Periphery
Album: Periphery

Download Music Video At.

Myspace Page

ALBUM NOW OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*NOTE - I do not claim credit for this song all rights belong to periphery!*
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( This is a cover, i have not made the originals. )

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Original song:

everything you hear , is a resoult of listening carefully to the song =O) I had no Original BPM's or chords.

*The sound's recorded with "Pro Tools"
*Video edited in Sony Vegas 10.

live@Koleso club, 21/02 2016 (кавер-песня на гр. Периферия)
Periphery- Icarus Lives! LIVE at Revolution in Amityville, NY
This is my humble tribute to probably one of the most innovative metal bands and guitarists of this decade.
Because of the mix the tapping parts and the solo were especially hard to figure out, even slowed down. It might not be really accurate but it sounds really similar.
Oow yeah! And that's pretty fun to play... :)

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i love this band!! i have been following their guitarist/mastermind misha for years. anyway enjoy this epic tune.
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I just sort of went for it with this one and I couldn't be bothered to learn the (epic) guitar solo so I just improvised. This band is amazing.

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Matt Halpern and Mike Malyan from Monuments Jam On Icarus Lives! together as one big jam! so sweet! enjoy.
Took the two versions of the song, dumped them into Garageband and panned it 20 percent left and right, like the versions of Light and The Walk before it. Very interesting to listen to...

Wanna help me win a Produced Single, a Music Video, and a Photoshoot!? &lt;br&gt;If you do, just click on this link and vote! &lt;br&gt;There's no fee, no registration. Literally two clicks, it's dirty simple! &lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Decided to do another cover!&lt;br&gt;This one I decided to tailor much more to my own style, rather than just mimic the song on an acoustic!&lt;br&gt;Hope you enjoy it.
Thursday, February 17th 2011 Vienna, Austria (Chelsea)

LXD The League Of Extraordinary Djentleman Tour feat. PERIPHERY / MONUMENTS / THE SAFETY FIRE

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Это видео - своеобразный вызов самому себе.

В первый раз когда я опубликовал это видео,
меня почти забанили за использование
оригинального трека.
На этот раз я использовал midi-версию с
VST пресетами.

*All COPYRIGHTS goes to it owner*

Bass - Warwick Streamer Stage 1
Processing - TSA Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp
Как играть рифф на семиструнке Periphery - Icarus Lives!
Строй Drop Ab
Гитара Ibanez K-7

Periphery - Icarus Lives!
Minsk, 26-02-15

video by I.D. Photography
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Periphery Icarus Lives Alex Markides FOH Playthrough, live in Tokyo at Saitima Arena at Loud Park 2014

Live Board Audio with Audience Mics.

The Audio is a Left and Right feed from the Avid Profile i was using. The PA was 12 Clair i-5 and 12 i-5B's perside plus 8 BT218's Perside.

Audio was tracked using Protools HDX

October 19, 2014
всем добра :3
вот собственно тест моего акса, как и обещал)

кривовато мб сыграл

Cover начало...как есть...и похуй!
Periphery live on 8/12/09 at the Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY.

качество говно и вокал старый
Periphery - Icarus Lives! (Live at Tele-Club Ekaterinburg 03-03-2015)
Видео - Ирина Чередниченко
Жгу прог метал на электроакустике
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Icarus Lives! - Periphery

Recorded with an iPhone 6

This was shot on the first night of Periphery's "Juggernaut Tour" with Nothing More, Wovenwar, and Thank You Scientist

Filmed at Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, NC
View of Matt Halpern (Periphery Drummer) playing " Icarus Lives " live @ Trees in Dallas, TX.

Thanks goes out to Alex, Matt and Tree's staff for letting me capture this footage! You guys always rip it up solid in the Big D!

This video's purpose is to show that you can achieve any tone you like by having the right tools and the knowledge to use their full abilities! In this one I made Periphery 's song Icarus lives just with Peavy MKIII Revalver and Superior Drummer / Metal Foundry
All instruments where played or programmed by me!

Link for Guitar / Drums Presets:

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The making of Periphery's "Icarus Lives!" music video.

Directed, Edited and Shot by:Christopher O'Coin
Production Co.: Killswitch Productions (

No copyright infringement intended.

All rights reserved to Sumerian Records and Periphery
Frak The Gods @ Martini Ranch - Scottsdale, Arizona

Periphery - Icarus Lives 8-bit version.

Josh from 'Voices From The Fuselage' ( playing Icarus lives by periphery on the banjo
learned by ear, not the whole song, love this song! songsongsong...
Periphery dewd, Periphery!

Periphery's "Icarus Lives!" live in Toronto, November 17th 2010. Make sure to check out the other videos from the same show! Enjoy!

Periphery killing it in Stockholm with the song "Icarus lives!".
Enjoy, ladies and djentlemen!

1st Beat Breakdown - Chorus (Accented 16th notes) at 0:16
2nd Beat Breakdown - Displacement Groove at 2:37
TRANSCRIPT (from my website):
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*A full drum transcript will be available to download free from my website very soon (I wrote it myself).
This is a Drum Cover Video and Drum Lesson to Periphery's single Icarus Lives from their 2010 self titled release and is the copyrighted property of its owner(s). (I actually used the version from the Icarus Ep)

I've also included a Drum Lesson (beat analysis of the main accented crash/ghost note snare part featured in the chorus) and the beat displacement of
Icarus Lives! by Periphery (Sumerian Records) rhythm guitar cover. I do not own any copyrights to this music. Playing my friend's Dean Vendetta 7 string. Not bad for a lower line guitar. Plugged into my Mbox 2 Mini with PT 8.0.5 using the SansAmp plugin.

Matt Halpern and Periphery live at The Courtyard Cafe in Knoxville, TN
Summer Slaughter Tour 2013
July 31, 2013
Song title - "Icarus Lives"

For a list of the exact cymbal set up used in this video, watch the fade out and wait for a listing.

Audio captured with a Zoom Q3HD
Video captured with two Go Pro Hero 3 Silver cameras