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Perfect Creature

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Триста лет люди и вампиры жили рядом. И вот однажды смертельный вирус из тайной правительственной лаборатории вырвался на свободу и заразил безумием одного вампира. Но это грозит привести к жестокой войне, кровавой бойне между людьми и вампирами, если полицейская Лили не остановит безумца…
Идеальное создание / Perfect Creature (2006)
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“"The perfect creature, rarely seen." {sorry, I had to}

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Viewer’s movement and expressions are mimicked by an animal’s head which is overlaid on the viewer’s reflection. From the viewer's perspective the animal image appears directly on top of their own. Made using FaceTracker library from Jason Saragih (, ofxFaceTracker addon by Kyle McDonald ( openFrameworks ( Unity3d ( Blender3d (blende
2007 г.

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At a stoplight, Curt (Richard Dreyfuss) has a chance encounter with the woman of his dreams -- a mysterious Blonde (Suzanne Somers) in a T-Bird.

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Cast: Suzanne Somers
Director: George Lucas
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This is probably the most underrated vampire movie of all time. Set to crushcrushcrush by Paramore.<br/><br/>
perfect creature: trailer in italiano<br/><br/>
Secretariat was just the perfect racehorse in beauty, physique, temperament, athleticism.
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Emmy Rossum, star of the fantasy romance adventure Beautiful Creatures talks about the movie, the books and the joy of enpowering young women.
PERFECT CREATURE imagines a world where vampires and humans peacefully co-exist.

The result of a genetic mutation initiated by an ancient virus, the vampires are known as The Brothers. Superior in mind and body to their human counterparts, they are the custodians of genetic science and protect humanity from disease. In return for a dedication to preserving human life, The Brothers ask humanity to share only one thing: their blood.

With old prejudices, fed by the superstitions of the mythic
Жанр: ужасы, фантастика, фэнтези, боевик, драма
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Дюгрэй Скотт Саффрон Берроуз Лео Грегори Скотт Уиллс Стюарт Уилсон Крэйг Холл Робби Магасива Лорен Джексон Питер МакКоли Глен Дрэйк
Overview of the relationship between the protagonists of Glenn Standring's film "Perfect Creature" (2006) Heavy spoilers for the film.

Okay, I promise I'll stop spamming your subs box after this. But I just recently got my copy of this movie back from a friend, and I really wanted to make a vid for it.

Music: "Numbness for Sound" by Howie Day