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Pendulum - The Tempest

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Live at Brixton Academy
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божественная песьня ;)))
Song: Pendulum - The Tempest | Album: In Silico
Lyrics are on video

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I know i went out of time in certain places, couldn't hear the music, gimme some slack. i tried....
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my 3rd pendulum cover
enjoy and feel free to rate and comment!
gear used:
Schecter 006 Deluxe
Boss DS-2<br/><br/>
Pendulum - The Tempest
This is my cover of The Tempest by Pendulum, I've never put so much work into a music video before, lots of editing, anyway, enjoy the video and check out my other covers, more pendulum covers on my page. If you like my videos please subscribe because i will be regularly uploading videos.
"The Tempest" von Pendulum aus dem Album "In Silico"

Diesmal sollte die Qualität um einiges besser sein. Dies ist ein neuer Upload meines früher...
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видео группы
видео группы
вот почему мне нужна гитара О.о, особенно момент 2:01 тащюююсь =D
Ma prochaine cover sera Comfortably Numb de Pink Floyd, avec les deux solos.
This is a live visual from the December 2010 Pendulum Areana Tour.
All copyrights are owned by their respective owners which may include Pendulum and Immersive. Visuals created by Immersive and Music by Pendulum.
I also have:
Salt In The Wounds
Voodoo People
Hold Your Colour
The Vulture
Propane Nightmares
I will upload if requested by anyone :)
Enjoy :D
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2010 - 2011 Pendulum "Immersion" tour live projection video.

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Uploaded solely for the purpose to share with other Pendulum fans. Enjoy.

часть 1.

Качество картинки конечно пиздец тот ищё...
качество попижже)
17 мая 2009
Концерт в Центре СПИД
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01: Pendulum The Tempest
02: Pendulum The Island (pt. 1)
03: Pendulum Witchcraft
04: Pendulum Blood sugar
05: Pendulum Propane Nightmares
06: The Prodigy Voodoo People (Pendulum remix) больше музыки
Just learned it, so there are a few glitches here and there. Please comment:)

Thanks for all the positive feedback! Making a tab proved to be a bit difficult, so I won't make a tab for this, at least not in the near future. Sorry if I kept some of you waiting.

сори 2:54 и за волосню на гифе:DD
A Drum and Bass remix to Pendulum - The Tempest by Arion. Stay tuned for new music.

"Arion been cold with the flow, turn your bass up, let it blow... GO!"


NOTE: I am not claiming ownership to this material. This is only a remix I made to the song.

I love this song :D

Chart was made by Kaiserg and I

Download it here:

Pendulum Discography Thread:

So I made a fan video about the part of The Tempest that I prefer, and I put that with some scenes from "Witchcraft" "Watercolor" because I tought they would fit well :)

Видео про лучшего бойца планеты Федора Емельяненко! 30 июля он будет драть с Деном Хендерсоном в 7:00 по Московскому времени!
Recorded straight from the game. This is the official version used in the PS2 version of the game. Give me your opinion on the quality and tell me what you think of it. Need to know if it sounds okey or if I should consider another way of recording it.

Like and subscribe! Will have more to come later! Keep your comments clean please. If you don't have anything nice to say about this song or the game, don't say it! All negative comments will be deleted.

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Играл я в первый раз поэтому так плохо получилось сори. Играл в живую лайв.
Это мелодия из Pendulum - The Tempest (КОНЦОВКА) думаю немножко похоже=))
Pendulum, The Tempest, from the album In Silico
ээээээм как бы кавер)
парочка ошибок,но как же без них)
28th May 2010 (most of it before the battery ran out)

its been since 2011 i never made a nfs video & i know i have one here on youtube but thats the 1 from 2010 & i never like the 2011 because i made a...
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Я у мамы криворук
I had to transcribe a piece for orchestra to perform as part of my final exam for the Utrecht Conservatory (bachelor of music in education).
Obviously I picked the Tempest by Pendulum to perform with my study partners.
After about a week of rehearsing it felt great to be able to conduct my own arrangement and show my family and friends the final result.
Great experience! (but kinda confronting to see my own face while conducting ;))

Many thanks to Tijmen de Vries & Nick Janmaat for the great audio and v
My little sister had to transcribe a piece for orchestra to perform as part of her final exams for the Utrecht Conservatory. She picked the tempest by Pendulum to perform with her study partners.
Pendulum, The Tempest, piano cover. played by's a bit long..
Awesome tune by Pendulum remix with 2 FMV's from Warhammer. Tried to keep the flow of the original movies in time with the track
Re-edited due to the fact I liked this part of the song the most so iv desided to cut this part and paste it twice for mine and others benefit.
Pendulum performing the tempest live, and my god is that finale epic!!!! from their live at brixton academy DVD. you can buy it at
Demo mix of The Tempest by Pendulum

Written and produced by Rob Swire
Vocals by Rob Swire
Guitars by Peredur ap Gwynedd
Bass Guitar (intro): Rob Swire
Acoustic Drums: Paul Kodish
Percussion: Paul Kodish/Rob Swire
Most epic finale ever, finale to Brixton academy show in 2008.
строго несудить давно ничего неделал в подобном роде)
сука мышка мешала и музыку не в тему обрезал:D