Peace - Bloodshake: Peace — Bloodshake, Peace - 'Bblood'/'Bloodshake' Live, Peace - bloodshake - at New Slang, Kingston, Peace Bloodshake (BBC Radio 6 Music

Peace - Bloodshake

Peace - bloodshake - at New Slang, Kingston

Supporting band for Mystery Jets on 18 May 2012, 02 Academy Brixton, London.
Great band! Love them!

peace live at manchester soup kitchen (24th oct 2012)

Utrecht 09-05-2013


Peace - Bloodshake (Corona Music Live Session) Live at Strongroom.
Contágiate del sonido de Peace en su sesión exclusiva para Corona Music.

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Peace 'Bloodshake' Live at Rise Record Shop, Bristol 28.3.13

watch on 1080 for better sound!<br/><br/>
We wanted to create a video in polar opposite to the cinematic. Hectic, Garish and Bold! With Peaces performance central in a chaotic warped realm. The lo-fi concept allowed us to kayak through the rapids of the bands brains, exploring their deepest inner thoughts visually through a series of iconic vignettes. This gave birth to some fine individual performances, my favorite being Harrys deadpan snog with a catfish in a giant cocktail glass. Delicious! Director/Editor - Jake Harmer Production company -
Peace - Bloodshake (Botanique 9 April 2013)

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