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Peace - Bloodshake

peace live at manchester soup kitchen (24th oct 2012)

Peace - bloodshake - at New Slang, Kingston

Utrecht 09-05-2013


watch on 1080 for better sound!<br/><br/>
Peace - Bloodshake (Corona Music Live Session) Live at Strongroom.
Contágiate del sonido de Peace en su sesión exclusiva para Corona Music.

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We wanted to create a video in polar opposite to the cinematic. Hectic, Garish and Bold! With Peaces performance central in a chaotic warped realm. The lo-fi concept allowed us to kayak through the rapids of the bands brains, exploring their deepest inner thoughts visually through a series of iconic vignettes. This gave birth to some fine individual performances, my favorite being Harrys deadpan snog with a catfish in a giant cocktail glass. Delicious! Director/Editor - Jake Harmer Production company -