Paul Patfoort Cabrinha 2013: Paul Patfoort Cabrinha 2013 : Let's start again

Paul Patfoort Cabrinha 2013

Please watch in HD.
The winter is over, and the season is starting, the good conditions are coming in so let's start again to have fun in the water!
This video shows 2 kite sessions, in La pointe aux oies and Sainte Cécile (north of France), and the cable session takes place in The Spin, Belgium.

Kites: Cabrinha Switchblade 2013 10 & 7m²
Board : Cabrinha Custom 2013 140cm

Rider : Paul Patfoort
Shot by : Charles Patfoort
Testing the new Cabrinha Switchblade 8m 2013 and the new Cabrinha Custom 136 2013 in the northern France. Rider : Paul Patfoort Spots : Ste Cécile and Wimereux, France Camera : Camille Labarre