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Paul McCartney - Hard Rock Calling

Sir Paul McCartney turned down a cheeky fan's request to autograph their bottom last night - in front of more than 50,000 fans.
The superstar was closing outdoor festival Hard Rock Calling in central London when he spotted the invitation on a placard.
But the suggestion hit a bum note with the musician who said he normally did not read audience signs because they affected his concentration remembering songs.
Paul McCartney performs Live for the Born HIV Free campaign at the Hard Rock Calling festival

June 27, 2010.
Концерт Пола Маккартни в 2010.

Concerto di Paul McCartney in Hide Park giugno 2010.
Paul McCartney - I´m Looking Through You (LIve in Hyde Park - June 27th 2010) festival Hard Rock Calling
финальный номер концерта Маккартни в лондонском Гайд-парке 27 июня 2010

полностью здесь :
Paul McCartney - Band On The Run (Live in Hyde Park - June 27th 2010)

Bruce Springsteen Paul McCartney performing I Saw Her Standing There Twist And Shout live at Hard Rock Calling 2012 in Hyde Park.

Two rock legends sharing the same stage!

Shame about the sound being cut off at the end, this was due to the curfew.