Party - Pinkie Pie's Song: Preview: Pinkie Pie's Christmas Party Song, Pinkie Pie's "Buttering Up Party" Song

Party - Pinkie Pie's Song

Sorry everyone with my holiday travels, computer acting up, and the amount of work I am not sure I can get the My Little Pony Christmas Carol visual novel done for Christmas Day. But since a lot of others have contributed so much I don't want their talents to go to waste. Here is a scene from the Ghost of Christmas Present's arc. The story and music is still rough and in the editing phase. This part of the story is where Trixie is taken to observe Pinkie Pie's Christmas Eve party, much like how Scrooge was taken to his nephew Fred's party in the original story. Pinkie sings a song from an old animated version of the Christmas Carol I grew up watching. I thought it would be fun to have Pinkie sing the song, since it's upbeat and catchy. The original song was written by Megan Cavallari which this arrangement done by BreadKing and Pinkie Pie's singing done by the talented Bailarina The song might sound a little w

Well, Twilight, she can't help it. Pinkie's always bubbly. Jeez.


Twilight is my bestest friend, whoopee

Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie...

She's the cutest, smartest, all around best po-nee

Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie.

I bet if I throw a super-duper fun par-tee

Twilight Sparkle: Pinkie!

She'll give her extra ticket to the gala to me!

Twilight Sparkle: PINKIE!!!