Parkour Brazil: Parkour in Brazil - Red Bull Art of Motion São Paulo 2011, I still can do parkour - part 1 - Isis Ribas Brazil, Episódio 1 - Evolução / Эпизод

Parkour Brazil

On a thrill-filled night in South America's largest city, top international free running stars were joined by a selection of Brazil's best to compete on a challenging course that included jumps of up to 4 meters down as well as sprints straight up walls without any help. They also crossed multi-meter wide gaps with back flips and other daredevil tricks. Ryan Doyle, who won the competition, was quite literally over the moon with the victory -- on a fantastic night illuminated by a bright full moon.

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But I still need to do a surgery to recover me 100% .
Parkour e free running
Cido, Matheus - Parkour Toledo - Paraná

Паркур и свободный бег
Сидо, Матеус - Паркур Толедо - штат Парана (Бразилия)
England vs Uraguay game, Parkour, Black Attenborough. I did it all!
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