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“First off we #TRANSM1T love and prayers to our people in Paris - This video And its message is what the world needs as far as Artistic and creative…”
“"We not in America, we're in Paris." "All my niggas from Paris."😎 video #repost from @j.williams2💜#quai54 #quai54wsc #WeWearJordan #LesTwins #Larry…”
“I love hearing Neal to speak in French ! As he's at present in Paris, it would be a great opportunity to hear him speak French 😀(and Peter also in the…”
Paris Is Kissing is a poetic dance tribute to the city of love and light with passionate choreographies. Our dancers decided to kiss while dancing, without ever unlocking their lips. This is a testament to the French capital’s strength in the aftermath of the Paris attacks of last year : love is stronger than anything. Throughout the video, you can listen to the very romantic cover of the song « Dans Tes Yeux » originally by Anis, sung by Tiwayo.

One of our New Year’s resolutions is to move no matter what and we seriously hope that 2016 will be the year of dance for all of you. Присоединяйтесь к нам)
f(x)에프엑스 ♡~
Anti World Tour 💙 30th of July 2016
Nina Ricci Love In Paris
Сюжет: Продовження фільму «Дев'ять з половиною тижнів» - десять років по тому. У Парижі, на аукціоні творів мистецтва, Джон зустрічає красиву, дуже сексуальну Лі і бачить на ній хустку, яку колись подарував Елізабет.

Джон наполегливо допитується у Лі, як йому відшукати колишню власницю хустки, і в той же час намагається забути про неї в обіймах самої Лі та її подруги Вероніки. Але спогади про Елізабет тягнуть його сильніше, ніж найвитонченіші сексуальні ігри.
Arcade Fire news & tour info -
Part 12 of 14
Arcade Fire - Crown of Love. Live in Paris, 2007.
Olympia, Paris, France 2007-03-20▼
Важнее всех побед-победа над собой!
видео: Елена Харламова
С Мишей и Катей мы познакомились на свадебной выставке. Впервые я увидела Катю, когда она стояла напротив нас и смотрела наши ролики, с умилением и восторгом! Я сразу поняла - это наша невеста! Позже мы встретились с ребятами уже у нас в студии и понеслось... Сложно теперь называть их просто клиентами, теперь они наши друзья! И как может быть по-другому, если мы были рядом с ними в самые ответственные и лучшие минуты - снимали их волшебный день свадьбы от сборов до банкета, а после еще и улетели вместе на самолете, жили в одной гостинице, снимали их путешествие!!! Для нашей компании эти эмоции незабываемыe! И сейчас, в этом трейлере вы увидите Париж, эмоции и настоящую любовь! Смотрим?
Кросавчег блін!
EXCLUSIVE - We spotted the couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West walking in the streets of Paris holding hands on her way to the Balmain Store. Kim ware a beautifull Balmain dress
Paris, France on Monday April 14, 2014

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Olga and Georgiy, France, Paris, Spring 2013. Photographer Aleksey Dybrovskiy

We spotted the legendary singer Mariah Carey arriving at her hotel, the Peninsula in Paris. She was surrounded by a huge crowd of fans and kindly to the time to sign some autographs and pose for some pictures with them

Paris, France. Saturday, June 6th, 2015
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We spotted Courtney Love, Russell Westbrook, EXO member Kris Wu, Jaime de Marichalar, Kris Jenner and her boyfriend Corey Gamble, Peter Brant, Harry Brant and more attending the Givenchy Men Fashion Show in Paris.

Paris, France. Friday, June 25, 2015
At Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy

The FORMATION WORLD TOUR 2016 Stade De France 21/07
Starring: Bella Hadid, Taylor Hill, Adwoa Aboah, Sara Sampaio and Anna Cleveland.
When Giles does Couture it's nothing short of breath taking. For his debut at Couture week in Paris, somewhere on the Rue de Rivoli, with the wand of make up artist Pat McGrath and Phil Poynter behind the camera, watch the behind the scenes video starring Adwoa, Bella, Anna, Taylor and Sara exclusive to LOVE below.
Getting married in February in paris isn't a piece of cake! Loretta Edward braved the freezing city of light on their beautiful and intimate wedding day, however they were surrounded by their warmest families along this day. It was a wonderful snowy filming day and we wish to the happy couple the very best! - Maya Lénaïc

There was no catwalk on the venue yet the "Fondation Louis Vuitton" in Paris turned into a true fashion show for the night, thanks to model Natalia Vodianova, Wednesday (6 July) in Paris.

Vodianova, model and founder of charity Naked Heart Foundation, held her fifth Love Ball in the prestigious and architectural work "Fondation Louis Vuitton", in order to raise funds for children in need. A bidding auction was organized a
Courtney Love late at night on Instagram live in her Hotel Room in Vancouver Canada, where she is currently filming a movie about the Menendez Brot...
Drunk in love & Niggas in paris before Drake's concert @ParisBercy 24/02/2014
We spotted the ex One Direction member, Zayn Malik, enjoying some Fashion and the love of his fans in Paris.
The British heartthrob can be seen getting out of his hotel, the George V Palace, swarmed by a crowd of fans, the young singer then went to the Louis Vuitton headquarters, there he took the time to reward his most devoted fans by posing for some funny pictures with them, hugs and love were shared, since his departure from the Teen Pop band he seems very relax.

Also there caught in the mayhem, a very
Luis y Andrea - Love bachata in Paris
(Live Original Version)

{Music Clip}
Super funky tune from OWSLA's Kill Paris, complete with retro roller disco video featuring some of the best skaters in the world and Kill Paris rocking a keytar. Perfect vibe for the spring sunshine!

Directed, shot and edited by: Thor Wixom (
Produced by: Tyler Winegar and Thor Wixom

Kill Paris feat. Marty Rod & Alma - Falling in Love Again (Kill Paris & Bees Knees Keytar Mix)

Kill Paris
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One Tree Hill Les Freres Scott star Shantel Vansanten took a tourist tour of Paris with boyfriend Jon Fletcher. After going to an antic boutique in The Montmartre area, they took a walk in the Pigalle area to end up at Notre Dame Cathedral where they bumped in friends

Paris, France. 24th September 2015
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We spotted Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in love in Paris. After a visist at Balenciaga Headquarter, the couple went back to their hotel where they show PDA. Kanye grabbing Kim in his arms and one more time caressing her bump Paris, France on Friday March 6, 2015
Izabel Goulart & Kevin Trapp are loved up as they step out in Paris
Izabel Goulart rocks double denim as she steps out with her stylish beau Kevin Trapp in Paris.
Слайд-шоу +фотомонтаж
INFINITE HD | ∞ Russian Speaking Inspirit ∞
*(Check out the song’s English translation after the jump)*
This is what happened when we asked our dancers to kiss and never unlock their lips while they perform, as a tribute to the wonderful city of love, Paris.

One of our New Year’s resolutions is to move no matter what and we seriously hope that 2016 will be the year of dance for all of you.
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Потрясающе красивые виды Парижа в атмосферном видеоролике
James Bay - If You Ever Want To Be In Love - 30th of May - Paris Showcase
PLEASE DO NOT CREDIT - EXCLUSIVE - We spotted the King of Pop’s daughter Paris Jackson and her boyfriend Michael Snodd enjoying their young love ...
Kristen Stewart and Soko looked very much in love walking in the streets hand in hand of Paris

Paris, France 15th March 2016
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Мой любимый, родной. единственный, мой самый замечательный человек! Я так счастлива, что мы рядом, что мы вместе, что мы с с тобой столько преодолели. Я очень рада, что пройдя столько преград мы смогли сохранить нашу любовь.Спасибо тебе, любимый, что ты терпишь мои капризы. Я за многое тебе благодарна, и я очень горжусь тем, что у меня такой замечательный муж. Ты не перестаешь меня удивлять. Спасибо за каждую минутку, что ты рядом! Нам хорошо вместе, а будет еще лучше! Я у тебя самая счастливааая!!!
После свадьбы в Ростове-на-Дону Любовь и Андрей решили устроить себе небольшое торжество и в городе любви. Проехавшись по всей Европе, нашли видеографа в Париже. Посмотрели на Эйфелеву башню с Трокадеро, прогулялись по саду Тюильри, в Лувре вспомнили свой первый танец. И уже вечером собрали целую толпу на мосту Александра III, где подвенечное платье нашей героини вызвало такой же ажиотаж, какой бывает, пожалуй, только на Неделях моды, и то не со всеми коллекциями. Еще раз поздравляем вас, ребята, будьте счастливы! :)

#фотографвпариже #свадьбавпариже #париж #paris #video #love #любовь #фотосессиявпариже
An amazing vacation through Europe ending with a brass band, flash mob marriage proposal on Pont des Arts bridge in Paris.

Special thanks to Les MaKaBes Band (Flash Mob), Haowen Tian (Video Editor) and Ngo Vann Deth, whom without, this amazing day would not have been possible!

One Love, One Life!
короткое лав стори в Париже
C'est dans l'intimité de sa chambre d'hôtel que nous l'avons rencontré avec son guitariste et compagnon Darrel Higham.

Ils nous ont interprété deux titres, dont le second que nous vous diffusons aujourd'hui «Love Tattoo».
Super Junior Heechul, Leeteuk, Eunhyuk Shindong - Pokerface, Single Ladies & Crazy in Love Live Performance - SMTOWN Paris
Produced by Art Event organization
Made by Slam Pictures
director: Vyacheslav Matishynets
editor: Vyacheslav Matishynets
actors: Lesya Demchyk & Parviz Bakinskiy-Rzayev
Съемка и монтаж: Алексей и Екатерина Полищук.
организация свадьбы Андрей Крапп
L'ambiance avant le concert de Drake à Paris Bercy / Beyoncé - Drunk in Love
In between shooting the Valerian movie, Cara Delevingne and girlfriend Annie Clarke aka St Vincent went for a little Parisian tourist tour. After leaving the Chanel store rue Cambon they walked to the Maison Michel store. They then went to modern art museum to do some arty shopping to finally end up at Monsieur Bleu restaurant
Paris, France. 3rd February 2016
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Kill Paris killing it at Smart Bar in Chicago, playing a brand new unreleased Tracked called Falling in Love Again.

Кузьмина Мария
Головина Катя

#май #фотосессия_в_Париже #Франция, #фотограф_в_Париже, #профессиональный_фотограф #отдых_в_Париже #фото_Париж #тольятти #самара #фотосессия_Тольятти #inspiration #happy #travel #adventure #smile #Paris
Sparse, moody & melancholic this track is reminiscent of shane’s
first release, Accepting Tranquility , produced by Mercury Prize
winner Talvin Singh and release on Island Records in 1997,
The vocal rhythms featured on the track are called bol. Bol
are tabla rhythms. Tabla is a classical Indian drum brought to attention by pioneers like Talvin Singh , Zakir Hussein. Before a tabla player begans to play , she learns to vocalise the rhythm first

Download: Here

Video - Mayur Narvek
Arno Cost - When In Paris 10 – Rising Love special with Norman Doray - May 14th 2015

00:33 - 1. Till West & DJ Delicious - Same Man
03:05 - 2. Oliver Heldens - Melody
06:09 - 3. Robbie Rivera - Sex
11:24 - 4. Merk And Kremont - Get Get Down
14:40 - 5. Chris Lake Ft. Kaleena Zanders - California
19:12 - 6. Arno Cost & Norman Doray - Rising Love (Ft. Mike Taylor)
SISTAR ☆ (씨스타) представляет:
Hip-hop studios in Dance Centre Myway. Kiev, Ukraine.
Choreography by Arsen Kovtun (Арсен Ковтун).
Dancers: Arsen Kovtun (Арсен Ковтун), Anya Teslya (Аня Тесля).
Music: Kill Paris Feat. Marty Rod & Alma - Falling In Love Again.
Не забываем поменять качество в правом нижнем углу на = 720

Платье от Свадебного салона "Мечта Невесты"
спец для инны!!!!!!!!!!!
Я всегда буду твоим,
Ветром в тени, песней кита в морской пучине....
"Could You Be Loved" (Bob Marley Cover) by Groundation, Nahko and Medicine For The People, and Naâman - April 15th 2015


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we spent a couple days in paris. it was beautiful :)



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Когда мы говорим "песни", подразумеваем - "любовь", когда говорим "любовь", подразумеваем - "песни". Музыка и сильное чувство связаны неразрывно... Самые романтичные и трагичные любовные истории Парижа в обрамлении лирических мелодий:
1. Ален Делон и Роми Шнайдер,
2. Эдит Пиаф и Марсель Сердан,
3. Арлетти и Ханс Сёринг,
4. Джонни Холлидей и Сильви Вартан,
5. Жан Маре и Жан Кокто,
6. Серж Генсбур и Джейн Биркин.
First song of the movie. Sung by Gene Kelly. Dance sequence featuring Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron. No Copyright infringement intended. For viewing purposes only.

Романтическая история Дениса и Анны в Париже
Love story Denis and Anna in Paris

00:10 love story
Gigi Hadid and boyfriend Zayn Malik very much in love at Laperousse diner Tommy Hilfiger after party in Paris.Wearing all Tommy Hilfiger outfits - True flow comes from within, and we don't know anyone more in tune with their own flow than...
Самые крутые и короткие ролики из аниме только у нас!
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Присоединяйся! [[club80682837|AC]] [club80682837|Anime Coubs] | [club80682837|アニメカブ]
Автор: SRline

Теги: #sakurasounopetnakanojo, #amv, #anime, #killorcurefromparistoberlin. — Подпишись и путешествуй с нами!
Carrie bursts out at first as Mr Big comes into her life whenever he wants , but then in Paris ,she understands that he has changed and she is with him again...

Nous avons rencontré Connan Mockasin dans le 18ème arrondissement, à la Galerie Chappe plus précisément.

Comme il faisait un temps magnifique, ce qui est encore trop rare en ce moment, nous nous sommes au plus rapproché du soleil en installant Connan et son percussionniste dans l'entrée de la galerie. Vous ne verrez donc pas dans nos images l'exposition sur TRON ... Désolé !

cr. choikisu net on your side
➩ 24K | Choeun Entertainment▼
Любовная история в Париже.
feat. Lenny Kravitz

Courtney Love and daughter Frances bean Cobain at 2016 Givenchy fashion show at 2016 Paris Fashion week in Paris

Paris, France 2nd October 2016
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f(x)에프엑스 ♡~
Sweet moments by Olga Garan
Photo & Decor by Olga Garan
Корейська хвиля українською |KWU|
The Symphonic French Disco Anthem - that sold 8M+ copies and got Jean-Marc Cerrone his 1st Grammy Award™ in 1977 - in its eargasmic Dimi The Wiz 2.0 version! 🇫🇷
Justin Bieber était à Paris le 1er Juin 2012 (pour la Saint Justin).
Il a chanté plusieurs chansons aux NRJ Music Tour 2012.

Une information
Justin Bieber performing “Let Me Love You” ♪ live in Paris (France) at The AccorHotels Arena on – Tuesday, September 20th 2016 during The Purpose Tour 2016. 【 DAY ONE 】: FULL CONCERT 1st DATE IN PARIS ▶ PICTURES FROM THE SHOW ▶ FULL CONCERT 2nd DATE IN PARIS ▶ (//‿•) Some of the videos are not available on mobiles/tablets due to copyrights so make sure to watch on a desktop/laptop. Hope you can get to a computer and watch them ! I was lucky e